Advanced Custom Fields: Image Size Select Field


Field to select registered image sizes within the WordPress dashboard.


This ACF field type is compatible with:
* ACF 5

How to Use

Once activated, this plugin will create a Image Size field type in ACF. This field type will list all registered field types as a drop down within the field group.

To use this field within your custom templates you will use the following code:

$my_image_id   = get_field('my_image_id');    // ACF Image return type set to ID for this demo
$my_image_size = get_field('my_image_size');  // The selected image size (eg. large)

echo wp_get_attachment_image( $my_image_id, $my_image_size );  // Output the image based on the ID, and the Image Size selected.



  1. Copy the acf-image-size-select folder into your wp-content/plugins folder
  2. Activate the Image Size Select plugin via the plugins admin page
  3. Create a new field via ACF and select the Image Size Select type


13 Febbraio 2019
This worked perfectly for me - had to change my code slightly to work with image ID's and a repeater field, but was very easy to do. Thank you for your work!!
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