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AeroLeads Contact Us Details


Bored of old textual contact details, that you give on a seperate page that visitors often ignore and move on.

Give your contact details a more prominent space in your wordpress blog, place it in your sidebar. No more struggling with icons/images for various components of your details.

AeroLeads Contact Us Details lets you display contact details in your sidebar. Simply install the plugin, set your contact details in the form, use the widget to place it in your sidebar and Voila it displays your contact details to all your visitors.

You want to embed your contact information in your posts/pages. No problemo!!, Use the shortcodes and share your contact info in your pages and posts.

Designed on Google’s new material-design guidelines, AL-CUD(that’s what we call it), presents your visitors sleek and classy contact details widget.

AeroLeads Contact Us Details is a free addon to AeroLeads and Inboundio Software, which is the next generation Marketing solution and the only white label marketing software on the web using which you can launch your marketing software or agency in just 1 day.

Screenshot (schermate di esempio)

  • AeroLeads Contact Us Details Form.
  • AeroLeads Contact Us Details Sidebar Widget.
  • AeroLeads Contact Us Details Sidebar Widget with Labels.
  • AeroLeads Contact Us Details shortcode display on desktop.
  • AeroLeads Contact Us Details shortcode display on mobile.
  • AeroLeads Contact Us Details shortcode display design 2 on mobile.
  • AeroLeads Contact Us Details shortcode display design 2 on mobile.
  • Custom title for simple shortcode display.


This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.

  1. Upload to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. AeroLeads Contact Us Details is now activated. Go to the AL-CUD menu and provide your contact details.
  4. To add widget, go to Dashboard -> Appearance -> Widgets.
  5. Add the new widget, by dragging AeroLeads Contact Us Details widget, into your widget area.
  6. The default title is “Contact Us”, in case you want to customise the title of the widget, provide it in the form in Appearance -> Widgets -> AeroLeads Contact Us Details.
  7. Embed contact information using the shortcodes in your pages/posts.


I have filled in my Contact Details, but I cannot see it in anywhere on my blog.

You need to include “AeroLeads Contact Us Details” Widget in your sidebar/widget-area. Follow the follwing steps in-order to achieve the desired results

  1. Goto Appearance menu.
  2. Drag the AeroLeads Contact Us Details widget in your widget area.
  3. Provide a title for your widget. The default title is set to “Contact Us”.
What if I want to show a part of Contact Us details?

Just leave the input box empty to remove it completely from your contact details in your widget.

I want to display contact us details in my posts?

Use the shortcodes, as per the design, and embed it in your post/pages to display contact information.

My email isn’t getting displayed?

Your email is pretty long to be placed inside the container. In order to main the UI, your email is safely inserted inside an ‘email us’ text. The user can simply click it and can mail to the saved email address.

I want to change “contact us” text in the simple shortcode?

Insert a new parameter e.g. [alcud design=”simple” title=”your-custom-title”], to replace the “Contact Us” with “your custom title”.


3 Settembre 2016
Just type in the info, copy and paste a shortcode, that's it. Just thought it would be nice to have the option to change the icon or logo from the settings menu, had to do it manually with the help of the developer. Thank you!
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  • Fixed minor styling issues.


  • Bug Fixes and code Optimization.


  • Simple shortcode with the ability to change “Contact Us” to custom title. Email with length’s small enough to fit in, is displayed directly. Minor bug fixes.


  • Added the shortcode functionality. You can choose from available designs to display contact info in your posts.


  • First Release.