AiVOOV – Realistic Text to Speech & AI Voice Generator Online


AiVOOV is a text-to-voice tool for audience growth and engagement that allows bloggers and publishers to convert all your articles into a natural, human-sounding discourse in minutes. The tool allows you to automatically convert text to speech and integrate it into your articles for transparent playback aloud.

The text to speech plugin makes it easy for any blog – big or small – to engage and grow the traffic, improve the SEO ranking, attract more visitors and subscribers and ultimately monetize the blog.

Text to speech read aloud audio articles increase the time spent on your website by more than five times and thus improve your SEO ranking, which attracts more visitors and subscribers.


Readers no longer are able to digest long form articles uninterrupted, resulting in drop in visitor engagement. Meanwhile, they are flocking to audio content, spending four hours a day listening.

Make your content accessible on the go – on the commute or in the gym – by converting your content automatically with our natural sounding text to speech software.


These are some of the features this plugin provides:
-Increase the user engagement
-Audio accessibility for your visitors
-Customize the audio widget color
-Grow your subscribers
-Create bulk audio
-Shortcode: [aivoov_player]
-Audio player position
-Elementor widget
-Voice List

The plugin relies on the 3rd party as a service.
Link to the service:
Link to the terms of service:
Link to the privacy policy:


  • Connect to AiVOOV account.
  • Create post with audio when add post.
  • Audio player on post view


1) Install and activate the plugin.
2) Go to AiVOOV to sign up for FREE
3) Copy the authentification code from your account (Profile->API Access) or follow the link for settings section
4) Go to your website WordPress settings and paste the code to unlock features of AiVOOV
5) Turn your articles into natural sounding speech and let your audience listen to your content on the go.


Can I try AiVOOV for free?

Yes, the registration is free of cost. You can sign in and check all features in trial account before purchase any convenient plans.

When do characters get deducted?

Whenever you are creating a new audio post or editing (re-converting) audio post, the characters will get deducted. Editing / Re-Converting an existing audio will deduct the full amount of characters because the full text needs to be converted to regenerate the audio.


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