All 404 Redirect to Homepage


By this plugin you can fix all random 404 links appear in you your website and redirect them to homepage or any other page using 301 SEO redirect. 404 error pages hurts the rank of your site in search engines. This smart plugin is a simple solution to handle 404 error pages.

Come usare il plugin?

1. After installing the plugin go to the plugin control panel from settings menu.

2. Put the link where the plugin should redirect all 404 links in the text box.

3. Select the plugin status to be enabled.

4. Click the button Update Options to save the from.

5. Go to 404 URLs tab to see the latest 404 links discovered and redirected

Please make sure than the page you put above in the control panel to redirect all 404 to it is a valid link. If this page is not valid it will be considred as an 404 link and will result in redirect loop. In case of redirect loop you can simply disable the plugin and check the page is valid or not.

Screenshot (schermate di esempio)

  • Opzioni del plugin.
  • Latest 404 links Redirected.


Estrai il file zip e rilascia il contenuto nella directory wp-content/plugins/ della tua installazione WordPress, quindi attiva il plugin dalla pagina Plugin.


13 Giugno 2020
This plugin is much what I am looking for. The problem I was facing is resolved
10 Giugno 2020
How can this plugin have passed inspection by WP? After installation and activation I couldn't log on wit wp-admin. I always got redirected to my home page. I had to go to the server directoyr and deactivate it to gain access to my backend again. Can't believe it. This has to be the WORST plugin EVER. Don't install it. I'd rate it with ZERO stars if I could. No sirve para nada!! No funciona! Funktioniert überhaupt nicht! No marche pas!!
25 Settembre 2019
Does just what it shall do.
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Changelog (registro delle modifiche)


  • New GUI


  • Bug fixed


  • Bug fixed


  • fix upgrade message issue in the plugins page


  • PHP 7.2 compatibility


  • add the ability to hide message


  • PHP 7.x compatibility – Fix deprecated class issue


  • bug in calculating the broken links count (this was affecting the error message)


  • PHP 7.x compatibility


  • Fix deprecated class issue


  • Fix soft 404 url’s


  • Fix for issue that may cause infinite redirect loop


  • Support Handling all 404 error pages when using default permalink structure.