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Use All in One SEO Pack to optimize your WordPress site for SEO. It’s easy and works out of the box for beginners, and has advanced features and an API for developers.

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Creato per la prima volta nel 2007, vedi perché AIOSEO è il plugin più scaricato per WordPress.

  • Supporto XML Sitemap – presenta la tua sitemap a Google e Bing e migliora il tuo SEO
  • Supporto per Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)
  • Supporto Google Analytics
  • Supporto per SEO su Tipi di Post Personalizzati
  • URL Canonici Avanzati
  • Redirigi le pagine degli allegati al post genitore
  • Avvisa automaticamente i motori di ricerca come Google e Bing sui cambiamenti del tuo sito.
  • API Incorporata in modo che gli altri plugin/temi possano accedere ed estendere la funzionalità
  • SOLO plugin gratuiti per fornire Integrazione SEO per siti di e-Commerce, compreso WooCommerce
  • Nonce Security incorporato in All in One SEO Pack
  • Ottimizza automaticamente i tuoi titoli per Google e altri motori di ricerca
  • Genera META tags automaticamente
  • Evita il tipico contenuto duplicato si trova sui blog WordPress
  • Per i principianti, non dovete nemmeno guardare le opzioni, funziona out-of-the-box. Basta installare.
  • Per gli utenti avanzati, potete regolare ogni elemento per ottimizzare il vostro SEO.
  • Potete sovrascrivere qualsiasi titolo ed impostare qualsiasi descrizione META e qualsiasi parola chiave META desiderata.
  • Compatibilità con molti altri plugin
  • Tradotto in 57 lingue.
  • 100% compatibile con PHP 7

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  • XML Sitemaps - Out of the box support for XML sitemaps for all major search engines, with automatic submission to ensure search engines can easily crawl your site. Choose between dynamic or static sitemaps for increased performance.
  • SEO Modules Enable or Disable any advanced SEO modules as desired. Our team is constantly adding new SEO modules, so check back often.
  • Extensive support Read our Quickstart Beginner's Guide, Advanced User Guide, Access our Premium Support Forums with a full-time support staff, and watch our excellent video tutorials
  • Custom Post Types Support Out of the box support for ALL Custom Post Types. This is especially handy if you use any forum or e-commerce software, or have had any other custom work done on your site.
  • Easily Access SEO content Comprehensive overview of SEO Title, Description, and Keywords for the entire post/content type. Edit it all from one screen to save time.
  • Additional Pages for XML Sitemap You can easily configure any additional pages to be added to the sitemap in addition to the dynamically generated WordPress pages. This ensures that search engines like Google will see ALL of your website's content.
  • Quick-Edit Quickly edit your WordPress SEO data without having to go back and forth between different screens.
  • SEO Menu All in One offers an extensive array of premium SEO features for free. Perfect for the novice or advanced user.


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Non-Auto Canonical-Links

Seems great. Sadly there is no option to set the Canonical-URLs for each page manually. It does it automaticly and works not very well… I have to search for an other method (or code it by myself…)*

Rest of the Plugin looks great 😉 Thats, why this just an mixed review

I was blind, there is this Option… Sorry about that (Shame on me). Thanks for your hard work! As I said, I like the rest of the Plugin. Plus that it makes perfectly for my use now.

It should not be a support request but thanks anyway for notify me =)


Best SEO plugin. Amazing support.

This is our go-to SEO plugin for all of our installs and we’ve tried all the major ones. We’ve never had a problem installing, migrating or using this plugin. No conflicts with anything in our site whatsoever. Every feature it has works and works well. Both Google and Bing love the XML Sitemaps it generates. While we use additional plugins to add tags, If I had to install just one SEO plugin, All In One SEO Pack is it.

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