Change the browser tab title when another browser tab is active.

Where is the admin or settings page?

The alternative title can be configured in the Badger section of the WordPress customizer.


  • The browser tab is active.

  • Another browser tab is active.

  • Badger configuration setting in the customizer.


Why doesn’t it work on my site?

If this plugin is not working for you, this could be due to

  • your theme not being built to WordPress standards
  • a conflict with another plugin

Please ask for help on the plugin support page on

The plugin does work as it is designed to on the sites I have tested it on, however it is not possible for me to test on every available theme and with all combinations of other plugins active, or on all possible server setups. If the plugin is not working for you as you expect it to, please read the documentation carefully to check that you are using it correctly and review any existing topics in the plugin support forum. You may find an appropriate solution outlined in a resolved topic if someone has already had the same or a similar issue. If you do not find an answer that enables you to solve your issue, please post a new topic on the forum.

What levels of support are available?

I can offer free support on the plugin support page on when all communication takes place on the forum and a link to your site is provided where I can I can see the issue without needing any password.

If the conditions for receiving free support are not compatible with the level of support you require, non-free support via email is also available. This prepaid support can be requested at:

If you require a customisation of the plugin or any additional features, providing this will be outside the scope of the free support that I am able to provide. A custom version of the plugin can be commissioned as a paid job by sending your request via the contact page.

I am using the plugin and it has saved me time and/or money. How can I show my appreciation?

If you find the plugin useful I would appreciate a glowing five star review on the plugin review page. You can also donate any amount via my donation page where all donations are gratefully received.


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