Beautiful Cookie Consent Plugin – WordPress Plugin


This really lightweight plugin wraps the solution provided by insites ( into a wordpress plugin. You can customize the appearence with json from the wp admin area.
This Version uses 3.1.0 from insites.

This Banner is super responsive and is higly customizable. To name a few options:
1. Customize Colors and Text.
2. It is for all kind of compliance: opt-out, opt-in, info only
3. choose between different themes
4. choose the position on your website
5. choose cookie name
… and there are a lot more.

all options you find here:

To have a quickstart:

Screenshot (schermate di esempio)

  • Admin area.
  • Json config in admin area
  • One variant. There are endless config possibilities.
  • Another variant.
  • mobile variant.


Just install this plugin and go to Settings > Cookie Consent Banner to change the default config and to activate the banner.


Gennaio 23, 2019
This plugin for cookie consent don't use jQuery and i love it because is fast as light! Congrats to Author. I hope author continue to develop and test it in the future wordpress versions.
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Changelog (registro delle modifiche)


  • minor bug fixes


  • fixes for PHP 5.4


New Features

  • you can activate or deactivate the banner now.
  • you see a preview in the plugin settings area now.


  • Improvement: Updated to cookie consent library 3.1. Now dismissOn… functions are working.


  • FIX: Now Really: with an update of this plugin the configuration of the cookie banner is not overwritten anymore.


  • FIX: small fixes and improvements, e.g. admin errors will only be displayed on admin page of this plugin.
  • Improvement: added Icon for this plugin.


  • FIX: with an update of this plugin the configuration of the cookie banner is not overwritten anymore.


  • Improvement: added compatibility in readme.txt


  • First Version of this lightweight Plugin. More to come!