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Captchelfie – Captcha by Selfie


Captchelfie – Captcha by Selfie

Captchelfie (Captcha by Selfie) conducts human check by detecting face on selfie.
It’s more convenient and more secure than standard captcha, although if cooperates with other captcha is present.
Captchelfie supports all WP forms, and contact forms from third parties.
After Captchelfie is passed, visitors can share selfies (linked to you website) in all popular social networks, helping you to gain popularity.
Well, see for yourself =)

* Preview
* Contact Form
* Login Form

* Captchelfie is more convenient and more secure than standard captcha.
* Cooperates with most popular standard captchas (if present).
* Compatible with mobile browsers.
* Allow users to share selfie in all major social networks, promoting your website in the process.
* Works with all standard WordPress forms (Register, Login, Password Reset, Comment).
* Serves most popular “Contact us” forms.
* Configurable, although standard settings will work for all installations.
* This is cool high-tech biometric stuff =)

Screenshot (schermate di esempio)

  • Captchelfie is ready - User is about take Captchelfie
  • Captchelfie in progress - Camera operates
  • Captchelfie passed - User may proceed
  • Face features - just for fun
  • Social Share - User may share the selfie and promote your website


  1. The easiest way is to login to you WordPress dashboard, go to Plugins >> Add New, search for Captchelfie, and click to install. You can also download the zip file from this page and upload it from the Plugins >> Add New > Upload page.
  2. Activate the plugin through the WordPress ‘Plugins’ menu
  3. Configure the plugin ( you may need to get Application Key – it’s free and takes about 5 minutes )


Which standard captchas are supported ?

1.Captcha by BestWebSoft
1.Google Captcha (reCAPTCHA) by BestWebSoft.
Working on others

Which contact forms are supported ?

1.Contact Form by BestWebSoft.
Working on others

How does Captchelfie detect faces ?

It uses cloud biometric services, you will need an application key from, it’s free.

How to get application key?

It’s free and takes about 5 minutes: Get Application Key

Does Captchelfie work on mobile devices ?

Yes it does.

Is Captchelfie available in foreign languages?

Right now Captchelfie has been translated into Russian. Feel free to translate it with Loco Translator, and let us know – we will gladly include your translation into the package.

More Information

For more information, feel free to visit the plugin page.


3 Settembre 2016
I had the same idea. Aww... Good work though
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Changelog (registro delle modifiche)

V1.0.6 – 20.06.2016

Minor errors JS fixed.

V1.0.5 – 14.06.2016

Before sharing images are resized on the fly – better for most social platforms.
Minor errors fixed.

V1.0.4 – 09.06.2016

Admin interface:Pictures of captchelfiers open in new window when clicked
Ajax loading shown when picture saves
Smart social share handling (login pages when shared do soft jump to the front page)

V1.0.3 – 08.06.2016

Fixed non-linux path, tested on IIS
Improved localization handling. Using standard API.BIO JS client v. 0.0.2

V1.0.2 – 05.06.2016

Better picture handling

V1.0.1 – 03.06.2016

Added social capability – sharing selfies

V1.0.0 – 01.06.2016

Initial public release