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With our new platform, you can unlock the full potential of your e-commerce business and significantly increase your conversion rate.

Developed in-house, the technology combines all the tools you need to gather all your data, improve your user journey and grow your business.

Price is contact based.

Try it for free now! Freemium or 10 day free trial.

**Main Retargeting Features:**

★ Multichannel –
Use and combine multiple channels (emails, SMS and Facebook Messenger) to increase profits and reach your customers wherever they are.

★ Dashboard –
Track the ROI of your campaigns and take growth oriented decisions thanks to real-time e-commerce and campaign analytics.

★ Campaigns –
Create special campaigns that are user-centric and gain better engagement. Send targeted and personalized campaigns thanks to different types of triggers: Time, Action or List Trigger.

★ Audiences –
Create static and dynamic lists to target the right people with the right message at the best possible time. Lists make your campaigns relevant and increase your conversions.

★ Automation –
Leverage the power of automation to engage customers through multiple touch points. Map out your customer’s journey with our intuitive and easy to build workflows.

★ Personalization –
Design beautiful emails with our drag-and-drop builder, send timely text messages, and build convincing Facebook Messenger communications with our on-off slider.

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  • Dashboard - sales
  • Dashboard - actions
  • Rules configuration
  • Contact report


  1. Create your Carts Guru account and start your 10-day Free Trial.
  2. Install our Plugin in your Woocommerce store in just a few clicks. It’s super easy!
  3. Set your first retargeting Campaign and start reducing your cart abandonment rate.


24 Aprile 2017
Everything is designed specifically to assist you as an ecommerce or marketer manager to drive revenue with ease. It solved a lot of problems for me. Having used a lot of other email software with WooCommerce to trying to convert abandoned carts, I can only say that Carts Guru as a company knows what they’re doing and are giving you the tools and knowledge to help you grow your revenue quickly. Cheers
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Changelog (registro delle modifiche)


  • Release Carts Guru plugin


  • Improve carts tracking and settings


  • Fix handle of timezones


  • Fix support of php 5.3


  • Add import of data on first plugin registration
  • Add currency support
  • Add payment method support


  • Fix support of php 5.3


  • Add carts recover url
  • Save carts in database


  • Fix saving settings for new users


  • Improve cart tracking


  • WC 2.6.6 support


  • Improve cart tracking


  • WC 2.6.7 support


  • Facebook retargeting integration


  • Improve Facebook Catalog generation


  • WP 4.7 and WC 2.6.11 support


  • Improve product url support


  • Fix PHP warning


  • New catalog query method


  • Fix product variants cart recovery


  • Add support for isNewCustomer and language fields


  • Add support for WooCommerce 3
  • Improve cart redirect
  • Improve carts managment


  • Added coupons managment
  • Create and delete coupons
  • Recover URL with coupon code


  • Added composable products support


  • Improve support for WooCommerce 3
  • Improve isNewCustomer query


  • Add compatibility for Facebook Messenger and Facebook Ads feature


  • Fixing security issue over untrusted content deserialization


  • Change description Page