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Let’s make your Web page visitors Contact you through WhatsApp with a single Click ( WhatsApp chat, WhatsApp group invite Plugin for WordPress )

Mobile devices: Navigates to WhatsApp App.

Desktop (non-mobile devices): WhatsApp Webpage will open in a new tab ( user can chat directly from the browser.

Documentation, Demo, Examples

How easy the plugin is

  • After installing the plugin, add your WhatsApp number (WhatsApp or WhatsApp business).
  • If using WhatsApp group invite/chat add WhatsApp group id.

And there are lot more features
we can change the display style to any predefined style
Can add any image/ GIF.
Can place the styles at any position of the screen.


  • Navigates to WhatsApp Chat
  • Navigates to WhatsApp Group Chat
  • Nine pre-configured Styles
  • Add Own Image or GIF
  • Floating style can position at any place on the screen
    ( At any pixel of the screen, not limited to fixed positions )
  • Hide Styles based on Post type, Post ID, Categories, Device Type
  • Pre-filled Message ( Includes Placeholder to add Web page URL )
  • Animations
  • Shortcodes – with inline content, floating style, Widget Area
  • Shortcode supports WhatsApp Chat or WhatsApp Group Chat
  • Google Analytics – custom event values
  • Google Analytics using Google Tag Manager
  • Facebook Analytics – custom event name, custom parameter name, and value

Google Analytics

Facebook Analytics

or using Google Tag Manager

Nine Styles + own Image

  1. Style-1: Input field, user can enter text and click send to navigate to WhatsApp page with text
  2. Style-2: Plain text with a link navigates to WhatsApp App or
  3. Style-3: image
  4. Style-4: Chip style – combination of image and a text message
  5. Style-5: plain WhatsApp icon – can customize color, height
  6. Style-6: Icon with Circle border
  7. Style-7: Icon with box border
  8. Style-8: Button with text, icon
  9. Style-9: image
  10. Style – 99: Own Image / GIF / Animated image

Initial / Pre-filled Message

Text Pre-fill at WhatsApp chat window, user can start the conversation easily.

To add Web page URL in Pre-filled message add {{url}} placeholder – pre-filled message

by adding the {{url}} placeholder we can understand from which page the user started WhatsApp chat.


Add styles within line of the post content
By default, Shortcodes take value from what saved in your plugin settings pages, can customize using attributes within the shortcode


[chat num=911234567890] – To Change WhatsApp number for a shortcode

[chat style=1] – To change Style

[chat style=2 num=911234567890] – To Change Style, WhatsApp Number

[chat val=’chat to sales team’ num=10123456789] – To change the display text value ( for style-1, style-2, style-4, style-8 )

Add Shortcodes in Widget Area

Add ‘text’ or ‘HTML’ widget in the widget area, and then add shortcode within that widget

Screenshot (schermate di esempio)

  • Global Setting page
  • Global Setting page
  • customize Styles
  • can add shortcodes in Text Widget
  • example - shortcodes
  • Style - 2 - plain link


From Dashboard ( WordPress admin )

  • plugins -> Add New
  • search for ‘click to chat for whatsapp’
  • click on Install Now and then Active.

using FTP or similar

  • unzip Click-to-Chat file and
  • Upload “Click-to-Chat” folder to the “/wp-content/plugins/” directory.
  • Activate the plugin through the “Plugins” menu in WordPress.


WhatsApp Number

Enter the WhatsApp number with country code ( e.g. 916123456789 ) please dont include +
here in e.g. 91 is country code 6123456789 is mobile number

country code +1
number: 6123456789
WhatsApp number: 16123456789

WhatsApp Group Invite/chat

Add WhatsApp group id at plugin settings page.

Position of the Styles

We can change the position values from the plugin settings page.

Add styles at any position of the screen (not fixed to selected positions).

bottom-right corner
-> select – bottom-right position
bottom: 10px
right: 10px

bottom center
-> select – bottom-right position
bottom: 10px
right: 50%


Plugin won’t collect your user data and not using cookies.

Plugin won’t collect your data also.

Get support / Give Support
  • Get support
    if any problem please create a new topic
    or send an email:

  • Give support
    If you like the plugin support the developers by giving 5 star rating

Thanks for showing interest on this plugin.


15 Agosto 2019
download, install and setup in 10minutes. your plugin is awesome!
13 Luglio 2019
one of the best plugin on wordpress
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Changelog (registro delle modifiche)


  • Google Analytics
  • Facebook Analytics
  • Style – 4, simplified

silent release

  • App First option to fix cache issue
  • shortcodes new attribute


  • Initial message – {{url}} placeholder
  • new style – Add own Image
  • Hide Style based on Device in shotcodes


  • New style-9, Green Square
  • Supports Analytics – using google tag manager
  • animations – alpha version
  • style-3 can choose .svg or .png image versions
  • style-4 image size reduced, ~ 2kb
  • performance improvement.


  • can add pre-filled text
  • style-1 – can change button text.
  • setting page link added in plugins page
  • show / hide is now changed to hide on – based on page types


  • improved: code on how to detect mobile device.
  • sticky save button in options page – easy to save.
  • option page – Documentation links.


  • convert plugin to bit of OOP style


  • Initial release.