This plugin provides a simple alternative to Google Maps and displays a customizable map on your website.


The service is based on OpenMapTiles, an open-source map and schema, which is hosted by our agency. We are in full control of the German-based server environment and thus don’t log any kind of personal information. You don’t need a contract in any shape or form and our service is fully GDPR compliant.

The usage of CLICKSPORTS Maps is completely free for private and charitable use. The only thing we require you to do is registering your website domain with us so we can activate the service for your website.

Business customers are charged a small monthly fee to use our service on their website.

Demo & Details

For details about the service, registration, and a demo please check out our blogpost.


  • English – Default
  • German

Screenshot (schermate di esempio)

  • Plugin settings page
  • Map displayed on the website.


  1. Download this plugin and rename the extracted directory to ‘clicksports-maps’.
  2. Upload the entire directory to the plugin directory and activate the plugin.
  3. Settings and shortcode instructions can be found under “Settings, CLICKSPORTS Maps”.


I have a personal or charitable website, do I need to register with you?

Yes, you need to register your domain with us in order to use our map service. It will be free of charge.
Get in touch with us via our website.

I have a business website, do I need to register with you?

Yes, a small monthly fee will be charged. Get in touch with us via our website.

Are there any map themes to choose from?

Yes, we currently provide 3 different map themes and customizable color for the map marker.

I can’t choose any map themes, the select field is empty.

Please make sure the setting ‘allow_url_fopen’ is enabled by your hosting configuration. This is neccessary because all map styles are loaded from our server. Ask your hosting provider for details on how to change this setting.

Can I display multiple maps on a single page?

No, unfortunately this is not supported at the moment. You can, however, display individual maps beyond the global settings on another page.
See the settings page for shortcodes and details.

I tried the full width map feature, but it breaks my layout.

Support for the full width map option heavily depends on your current theme and is out of our hands unfortunately.

Where can I get the coordinates for my desired location?

You can use a service like Nominatim or to get
your coordinates for the map settings.


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Contributi e sviluppo

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Changelog (registro delle modifiche)


  • Added: Route planning link in marker popup using Google Maps.


  • Changed: Loading Mapbox scripts and styles from our CDN instead of embedding them locally (still fully GDPR compliant since we don’t log any requests).
  • Fixed: CSS enhancements for plugin settings page.
  • Fixed: CSS for marker popup that could lead to display errors with certain themes.


  • Fixed: Script error on pages without any map.


  • Initial release.