Clinked Client Portal


Clinked – The white-label client portal for business.

Clinked is simple and secure client communication and collaboration tool which integrates with your website using a simple widget.
You can manage, share and discuss content for your projects & teams, while keeping track on activities and timelines.

Clinked makes client and team collaboration easy no matter how small or big your organisation is.
You can start collaborating, sharing files, organizing tasks & events within minutes.

It is free for 3 users and you can downgrade/upgrade cancel anytime. See our pricing at


  • Share files in your own branded client portal
  • Easy to use – set-up in minutes
  • White-label platform – including customized URL, web and mobile app
  • Everything in one place – Files, Notes, Chat, Tasks, Events
  • Secure bank-grade security
  • No set up costs, only pay per user after 3 users


  • Store files in folder structures, including Google files
  • View files and videos instantaneously without downloading the files first
  • Files & folders can easily be moved and copied to other folders and sub-folders
  • Keep track of latest file updates and related comments via the Activity Streams
  • Get notifications when specific content & activities are updated via the Following functionality
  • File version control enables you to access and restore previous versions of documents


  • Activity dashboard on individual project/group and account levels
  • Task management – including assigning, status and approvals
  • Universal search, finding keywords inside any files
  • Integrate comments & discussions with shared content
  • Notifications via email, push notifications & RSS


  • Real-time Group Chat
  • Notes (Wiki — online editor)
  • Task Management & Progress
  • Events & Team Calendar & iCal integration
  • Discussions forums
  • Version History
  • Reply by email
  • Threaded comments / Feedback
  • @mention messaging
  • Tag Cloud


  • 256 bit SSL in transit & AES encryption at rest
  • FISMA and FIPs certified


  • Generated login form
  • Shortcode on a page – Admin Interface


If you don’t already have an account visit our website and sign up for a free trial.

From your WordPress dashboard

  1. Visita ‘Plugin > Aggiungi nuovo’
  2. Search for ‘Clinked’
  3. Activate Clinked Client Portal from your Plugins page.
  4. Include the shortcode [clinked-login-button portal_url=""] in the desired page, where portal_url parameter is your account login page URL.


  1. Download Clinked Client Portal plugin.
  2. Upload the ‘clinked-client-portal’ directory to your ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory, using your favorite method (ftp, sftp, scp, etc…)
  3. Activate Clinked Client Portal from your Plugins page.
  4. Include the shortcode [clinked-login portal_url=""] in the desired page, where portal_url parameter is your account login page URL.


4 Gennaio 2019 1 risposta
The shortcode does not work so this plugin does nothing. Pity
26 Settembre 2016
“I would like to define Clinked in one sentence, i.e. Ease of use –never seen before features –up-class interface -speedy and secure. Aside this, there is nothing which I wish more to have. On the recommendation of my business partner, got must-have software which I can’t forget how amazingly it has sorted out so sensitive and complex issues of my business. Also, its customized pricing for my organization is pretty awesome. This is actually a professional way to access and share files with control and I can highly recommend Clinked to anyone.”
3 Settembre 2016
This is a master product. We have a large customer base and 1000s of employees all across the country. Clinked has allowed us with project management, team collaboration and file sharing. It has helped us to easily interact with both our internal teams and client, through which we can manage projects, share and work on documents, schedule and modify tasks and events and communicate in a highly secure Cloud environment. A product that can be honestly recommended to everyone.
3 Settembre 2016
At our consulting firm, we manage a myriad of clients on a daily basis, with each having their own particular needs. Because we have teams assigned to each client, as well as multiple departments within our company, being able to ensure that we have transparency in our organization and efficient communication can be a challenge. However, our firm recently decided to utilize Clinked, and we couldn’t be happier with the results! We use Google Docs quite extensively, and Clinked allows us to seamlessly integrate it with their software. Furthermore, real-time messaging between different departments within our firm has improved greatly as a result of Clinked’s file sharing and social integration features. Perhaps my own personal favorite feature is their Universal Search function, which allows us to use Clinked’s own search engine to find previously sent content or discussions, an issue which has plagued us in the past. This is collaboration at its finest! [ Signature moderated ]
3 Settembre 2016
I’ve only been using it for a few days and already I’m amazed at its performance. I’ve already invited one of my client to test this app and so far he is pleased. This is now my go app for all my client needs. Will update as I progress.
3 Settembre 2016
Clinked had been indeed helpful in the last few days; I and my team mates had to complete an assignment in one of our major course that which is taken by a principled professor but connecting after school hour was a major setback. We tried Skype but nothing seems to work until we came across Clinked; a software that enabled us to connect remotely and share files, data and personal information with ease and even in an encrypted format, its interface is user friendly and their customer care line was there for us to call each time we needed help on understanding one of it features. I look forward to having an advanced version that will allow video communication. Thanks!
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Contributi e sviluppo

“Clinked Client Portal” è un software open source. Le persone che hanno contribuito allo sviluppo di questo plugin sono indicate di seguito.




  • Added Clinked login shortcode and widget.


  • Tested with WP5.


  • Fixed description.
  • Updated a logo.


  • Aditional attributes to customize the login form.


  • Unable to login when ‘^’ in password or username


  • Login button for Clinked portal.
  • The login form is depricated, please use the button instead.