Codup Deals and Coupons


Turn your wordpress site into deals and coupons site. This plugin lets you make(Online code, In Store Code and Online Sale) coupons for your users.


Display Coupons By Categories
Coupons can be shown by categories. Use “codup_dc_categories” short code to show coupon’s categories.
There are category description and coupons which falls into this category shown on single category page.

Display Coupons By Stores
Coupons can be shown by stores. Use “codup_dc_stores” short code to show coupon’s stores.
There are store description and coupons which exists into this store shown on single store page.

Search Coupons
Search coupons by their type, category and store. Use “codup_dc_search_coupons” short code to show
search options on a page.

Other Short Codes
codup_dc_latest_coupons: Used to show 5 latest coupons
codup_dc_ending_coupons: Used to show 5 coupons which will expired soon
codup_dc_popular_coupons: Used to show 5 coupons which are mostly used

Admin Settings

Expire Time: Set coupon expiration date.
Coupon Type: Choose coupon type. Some options are changed based on coupon type.
Is Exclusive: To show exclusive label on coupon.
Used: Do not set this field. This field shows how many times coupon is used.
Affiliate Link: Link of other site, you want to redirect.
Code: Set coupon code. Shows this option when coupon type is “Online Code”.
Printable: Set image link which shows when “Print” is hit. Appears when coupon type is “In Store Code”.
Online Sale: Set site link which redirects to site which has sale.


  1. CMB2 plugin.


  1. Install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress.
  3. After activating the plugin, Add stores and categories from the left panel.
  4. Then go to coupons->Add New, and add new coupon.
  5. Must select coupon category and store.



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