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Contact Page with Click to Call by MightyCall


Possibly the best “Contact Us” experience for your small business.

The MightyCall Contact page enables you to connect your web visitors & their requests directly to all of your business, not just to an email account. Centralize, delegate & ensure follow-up of your customer requests with MightyCall.

Available in the US and Canada markets.

MightyCall Contact Page At-a-glance

  • Adopts the look and feel of your theme and looks very natural in your design
  • Includes your business name, address, phone numbers, emails and business hours
  • Generates a Google map of your office’s location
  • Optimized for mobile devices
  • Builds directions for those who are on the way to your office so they can estimate the time of arrival, taking the traffic into consideration
  • Allows you to show images of your building, location, parking, etc. in a photo carousel
  • Includes Social Media buttons to make it easy to find you on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or LinkedIn
  • Downloadable vCard allows visitors to easily add your business to their contacts
  • No programming! Simply add it as a contact page or use a shortcode or widget on existing pages

Plus more:

  • Integrated click-to-call lets visitors instantly call your business from their computer at no charge to them (30 minutes included)
  • Contact form makes it easier for your clients to request a callback or email reply
  • Centralized Activity Queue collects all client requests, tasks and interactions in one feed

MightyCall Contact Page is managed through account on To get an account, register with MightyCall. After registration you can get all benefits from MightyCall’s business phone service with local, toll-free or international business numbers and texting capabilities.

Configure Your Contact Form Easily in a Visual Editor

Configure your MightyCall Contact Page in just a few clicks. With the free MightyCall visual editor, you can turn on and off blocks on your contact page, specify your company name, business hours, address, contact information and upload images to show them on your contact page in a carousel. All changes you make in the visual editor are immediately available wherever your contact page is displayed, including your WordPress website.

Add Email, Callback, Social Media And Even Direct Calls Support

Allow your website visitors to contact your business with no friction!

MightyCall Contact Page brings together a selection of the most popular communication channels including email, callback and email request, social media links, and voice calls available directly from your website. Your clients can pick the most convenient channel for the moment whether they are in the office, at home or even walking down the street.

Add Business Phone and Text Capabilities!

Whether your customers are all over the US and Canada, or closer to home, MightyCall has your number. We offer toll-free numbers (1-800/1-888) with any of our paid plans and have local US and Canadian numbers for any area code. To make your number more memorable for clients, how about a vanity or custom number featuring your business name, a catchphrase, or just something easy to remember? We have thousands of numbers that will work for you and your business.

Also MightyCall lets you send vital, short information via SMS/text message from your smartphone or PC. The Business SMS feature (text messaging, texting) allows you to send and receive text messages from and to your MightyCall local (non toll-free) business number. Recipients can reply via their native SMS.

Business phone and Text features require MightyCall subscription to a “Standard” or “Ultimate” plan.

MightyCall Activity Queue

MightyCall allows you to track different types of activities. These include (based on your plan): missed calls, callback and email requests, to do items, missed calls, voicemails, Twitter and Facebook mentions and SMS (text messages). You would be able to see all of these Activities at the MightyCall Activities section, and MightyCall will take care of how long should it take to react to each of them. You can add notes, assign follow-up to your team members and make sure that every request is followed through.

For more information, visit the Plug-in page for the MightyCall Contact Page, email us at or give us a call on +1 (888) 256-8312, +1 (888) 550-7272.


  • Opzioni plugin
  • All-in-one Contact Page
  • Contact Request Form


Plugin Installation for WordPress

  1. Go to your WP Admin Panel -> Plugins -> Add New
  2. Under Search, type in “MightyCall”, click search
  3. In the search results locate the listing for “Contact Page with Click to Call by MightyCall” then click “Install Now” to install the plugin.
  4. After the plugin installation has completed, click “Activate”.
  5. To setup the plugin, click on the “MightyCall” tab that is now available on your left side bar

How do I create a Contact form?

  1. The Contact form is created using the Visual Page Editor on the website. You link the form to the plugin via the provided MightyCall ID.
  2. To get your MightyCall ID signup for Standard or Ultimate toll-plans at
  3. Log into your MightyCall account and complete basic configuration of the Contact form found by clicking on the “Web” menu item.
  4. Click on the “Get Widget Code” button on the top of the screen Contact Us Page editor screen. Click on the tab for “Wordpress Code” to reveal the ID. Click on the “Copy to Clipboard” button.
  5. Return to your WP admin panel and click on the MightyCall tab. Within the MightyCall plugin settings, specify the ID and click “Save Changes”.

How do I use the sidebar widgets?

  1. To install a sidebar widget to the website open the Appearance, Widgets section of the your WordPress Admin Panel
  2. Select the type of the widget you would like to use and drag and drop it to the sidebar panel
  3. Click “Save” button to apply the changes


How do I add a Contact form to a new page?
  • To add the Contact form to a new page open the MIghtyCall plugin settings, select “Add a new contact page” option and click “Save Changes”.
How do I add a Contact form to an existing page?
  • To add the Contact form to an existing page paste the [MightyCallReact] short code into the page source code which is available under Pages section of the WordPress Admin Panel
  • The short code can be also grabbed from the plugin settings page by clicking on the “grab a short code…” option
What is the styles inheritance feature?
  • You can apply your website theme styles to customize your embedded Contact form
  • To enable this feature, open the plugin settings, select “Apply website theme styles…” option and click “Save Changes”
  • Please, note, that this feature may not work correctly for all of the WordPress themes; if you see the form rendered incorrectly, revert to the original styles


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