Contact Form 7 Database + | CFDB+



Contactic save form submissions to the database from severals contact form plugins and themes.
Includes exports (Excel, CSV, HTML, JSON, Google Spreadsheet…), shortcodes (datatable, value, count, html…), tracking (source, status, usefulness…) and stats.

You can export data to a file (CSV, XLS, Google Sheet, JSON, ODS…) or even display them online.
You can track your contacts and know if they are useful or not, handle or not…
You can see quickly your progress thanks to statistical graphs.
More than 50 features are included in Contactic!


You can receive on Slack a notification as soon as you get a submission on your website

With CFDB+, secure your forms and get stats, quickly and easily!

Contact Form 7 Database + is a fork of the old plugin CFDB (contact-form-7-to-database-extension). If you have this old plugin, update quickly and easily!

By simply installing the plugin, it will automatically begin to capture form submissions from (and more):

  • Contact Form 7 (CF7) plugin
  • JetPack Contact Form plugin
  • Gravity Forms plugin
  • Form Maker plugin
  • Formidable Forms (BETA)
  • Quform plugin (BETA)
  • Ninja Forms plugin (BETA)
  • Caldera Forms plugin (BETA)
  • CFormsII (BETA)
  • FormCraft Premium (BETA)
  • Enfold theme forms

Other form submissions can be saved with the addition of the [cfdb-save-form-post] shortcode on the target submission page.


Contact form plugins are great except for one thing… the ability to save and retrieve the form data to/from the database.

If you get a lot of form submissions, then you end up sorting through a lot of email.


This plugin provides four administration pages in the administration area under the Contactic submenu.

  • OVERVIEW to view and export 100 last form submission data (all forms)
  • CONTACTS to view and export form submission data (by form)
  • SHORTCODES to generate shortcodes and exports
  • OPTIONS to change configuration parameters
  • WEBHOOKS Add your Slack Webhook Url to get notifyed by a message in your prefered channel, when someone submits a form. Once your webhook url save you will be able to create slack bots. (More to come…)


Use shortcodes such as [cfdb-html], [cfdb-table], [cfdb-datatable], [cfdb-value] and [cfdb-json] to display the data on a non-admin page on your site.
Use the short code builder page to set shortcode options.


More info on our website
Documentation, howto and faqs Contactic Documentation (in progress)
Follow us and get exclusive news on Twitter

Screenshot (schermate di esempio)

  • Overview
  • Contacts
  • Shortcodes
  • Options
  • Webhooks



Visit ‘Plugins > Add New’
Search for ‘Contactic +’
Activate ‘Contact Form 7 Database +’ from your Plugins page.
Go to “after activation” below.


Upload the wordpress folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
Activate the ‘Contact Form 7 Database +’ plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
Go to “after activation” below.


Nothing to do if you just want to save contacts form submissions.
If you want to setup, go to ‘OPTIONS’ page in the Administration.


Is there a tutorial?

Refer the Plugin Documentation Site (in progress)

I installed the plugin but I don’t see any of my forms listed in the administration page

Nothing will show until you have actual form submissions captured by this plugin. The plugin is not aware of your form definitions, it is only aware of form submissions.

Where can I find documentation on the plugin?

Refer the Plugin Documentation Site (in progress)

Where do I see the data?

In the admin page, “Contacts”

Can I display form data on a non-admin web page or in a post?

Yes, go to Plugin Documentation Site on shortcodes [cfdb-html], [cfdb-datatable], [cfdb-table], [cfdb-json] and [cfdb-value], etc.

What is the name of the table where the data is stored?


Note: if you changed your WordPress MySql table prefix from the default wp_ to something else, then this table will also have that prefix instead of wp_ ($wpdb->prefix)

If I uninstall the plugin, what happens to its data in the database?

By default it remains in your database in its own table.
There is an option to have the plugin delete all its data if you uninstall it that you can set if you like.
You can always deactivate the plugin without loosing data.


1 Agosto 2019
This is what CF7 database plugins should be! Analytics, exports, Slack integration and lots more! Very cool and highly recommended!
12 Luglio 2019
a lot of usefull options - and a lot of potential for further development of new features
22 Giugno 2019
Thank you a lot, plugin is great! Hope you will continue developing it. It would be very useful to have an option to choose columns on fist screen as it is done on forms pages.
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Changelog (registro delle modifiche)


  • Make source tracking (so the front admin-ajax call) optional in options
  • Add form title to slack bot notifications
  • Fix order bug in transform shortcodes builder


  • Add form data to slack bot notifications


  • Fix security settings roles


  • Save state of datatables on contacts page
  • Hide blocked fields (NoSaveFields option) on contacts page


  • Minor bugfix


  • Improve french translation
  • Improve options design
  • Add Spanish translation


  • Fix enfold form custom html elements labels matching bug


  • Fix 1.3.0 release error missing files


  • New : Add your Slack Webhook Url to get notifyed by a message in your prefered channel, when someone submits a form. Once your webhook url save you will be able to create slack bots.
  • Fix a bug when using CTC_FormIterator class.


  • New : source can now be pushed in cf7 email.
  • Tested every feature, our plugin is WordPress 5.1 compatible.


  • Fix : missing js asset.


  • New : get the source (origin referer) and submit page even on cached pages.
  • Added source (origin referer) and submit page in details modal.


  • Support session-less php servers configurations.
  • Custom admin footer in our plugin pages.


  • Fix submit details modal display issue on mobile in overview and contacts pages.
  • Added date range filtering in contacts page.
  • Remove old options that are now useless


  • Handle multiple emails forms fields to display and dedup in overview page.
  • Added a date range picker in overview page.


  • Fix duplicate email display that may occur in overview page.


  • Limit visible page title length in overview column and bugfix.


  • Saving page title and uri in submitted form data.


  • Saving page ID in submitted form data instead of splitting form name.


  • Added a checkbox option to merge same forms in shortcode/export builder.


  • Stats
  • UI
  • Security