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CookiePro | Simplify Compliance with GDPR & EU Cookie Laws


CookiePro is the most mature and trusted cookie consent tool that is purpose-built for compliance with GDPR, ePrivacy and IAB framework. Now including IAB TCF v2.0!


Use the CookiePro plugin to insert an automatically generated cookie banner & preference center script to your website. Simply copy and paste the main script tag provided in your CookiePro account into the plugin script box – no need to edit your website code.


Sign up for a CookiePro account to retrieve the cookie banner script. We offer different editions, so you can scale your cookie consent needs with your business.

Visit to start creating an account with complete features and access to CCPA, GDPR, and IAB TCF templates. In need of only an IAB TCF v2.0 script? Visit to create a FREE script without having to create an account.


  1. Scan your website and review your cookies categories
  2. Style and configure your banner and preference center
  3. Block cookies using a tag manager and/or JS Rewrite
  4. Copy and paste CookiePro script into WordPress plugin
  5. Save the configuration to publish the cookie banner


CookiePro is the most mature and trusted cookie consent tool that is purpose-built for compliance with GDPR, ePrivacy and IAB framework.
* Automatically scan and categorize cookies on your website
* Customize your cookie banner and preview before publishing
* Configure consent models by geolocation (Show only in EU)
* Respect prior consent and Do Not Track browser settings
* Granular preferences center and ability to withdraw consent
* Complete records of consent to demonstrate compliance
* Generate and maintain an always up-to-date cookie policy
* Audit website for changes through scheduled website scans
* View previously published versions saved in a script archive
* Leverage built-in templates with multilingual support (50+)


Get up and running quickly with detailed step-by-step instructions and best practices, available in the CookiePro Community. You will need a CookiePro account to access the community.




Email us at
Browse the CookiePro Community for knowledgebase articles, product updates and privacy news.


This plugin allows you to publish CookiePro’s cookie banner and preference center on your WordPress website. Use of this plugin does not, by itself, ensure compliance with legal requirements related to cookies.


This plugin was created by the CookiePro team. CookiePro provides purpose-built tools to help website owners and agencies simplify compliance with global privacy laws including GDPR, CCPA, and ePrivacy and is powered by the OneTrust platform. OneTrust was named a leader in the Forrester New Wave™: GDPR and Privacy Management Software, Q4 2018.


8 Agosto 2022
CookiePro does the opposite of what it states. It increases the privacy issues of a website, because it installs a tracker, a third-party script which makes every visitor of your website contact a domain/website under USA jurisdiction. If you're in EU/EEA, avoid this plugin and stop transferring personal data to the USA!
30 Novembre 2020
CookiePro offers certain things for free that other GDPR Plugins charge for (like a region-based cookie banner)
28 Agosto 2020
Why offer a plugin that can't be activated? The download is followed by a complicated and unsuccessful registration process ...
13 Marzo 2020
I have been trying some of the plugins with 1M+ installs and unfortunately they need some manual work in order to be GDPR compliant. With this plugin however, I was able to be GDPR compliant within few minutes. The plugin requires that you create an account with the CookiePro so it can automatically scan your website for all cookies used and make a list of them. Then you copy the script over to the plugin and DONE! You can inform the visitor of detailed cookies used and provide the possibility for them to selectively disable cookies. How wonderful is that?
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Changelog (registro delle modifiche)


  • Google non-personalized ads script is removed
  • Google analytics blocking script and it’s functionality is removed


  • Injected CookiePro script as high as in head tag