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3 Settembre 2016
The plugin seems to work. I like also the fact that you need to browser upload folders one by one before deleting. It's much easy to organize a cleanup job. interface needs improvements, especially some feeback on screen when pressing the "delete all selected" button. You know images are deleted only rescanning that folder (and if you have a lot of images it takes a lot of time) or checking via FTP . A working "select all" checkbox option also very needed, but this edit solve the issue preselecting all unlinked images: another nice improvement could be a way to preview listed images Anywaym, it's overall good, it works and it helped me cleaning more then a website (while others plugin failed).
3 Settembre 2016
My WordPress install has around 33,000 images that are orphaned, across dozens of directories. With this plugin you have to go into each directory individually, none of the ones I tried found any. Fairly useless IMHO. DNUI works significantly better for searching, though DNUI has its own problems - deleting is problematic.
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