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Effortless carbon neutral e-commerce

CURBON’s plugin enables you to provide a carbon offsetting solution to your customers at no added cost to your company. The plugin calculates the climate cost of each transaction and utilises verified high-quality carbon credits to eliminate the environmental impact in real time, helping cultivate a climate-conscious consumer culture.

How it works

With this plugin, CURBON is making climate action accessible and cost-effective.CURBON’s plugin sits in your customer’s cart at checkout, where you or the customer can choose to offset their purchases. When a purchase is made carbon neutral, CURBON calculates the emissions of the cart and purchases carbon credits from high-quality carbon offsetting projects. The additional cost to offset ranges between 1.8% and 6% of your customer’s cart, depending on the products stocked in your store.


Zero cost to company, or full company adoption
CURBON’s plugin has two carbon-neutral e-commerce options for your store. The first is a zero-cost-to-company solution where your customers opt-in to offset. The second is a full carbon neutral solution where every product in your store is made carbon neutral upon checkout.

Improve brand awareness
Choosing CURBON means choosing to do things differently. Share your company’s carbon offsetting stats through your communications channels and let your customers know you’re doing your part in working toward a cleaner tomorrow. Taking climate action with CURBON creates opportunities for customer engagement and increases loyalty.

Real, meaningful climate action
CURBON’s projects do more than just protect the planet. Each step of CURBON’s carbon offsetting method is verified by leading international oversight bodies. This means both your company and your customers can trust that every transaction made is working toward a carbon-neutral future.

Key Features

Integrate with a click
Integrating CURBON into your online store requires just a few steps. Add the plugin from the app store and follow the prompts. Once the plugin is installed, customised and activated, you’re all set.

Customise to your platform
Our customisable templates allow you to modify the look and messaging of CURBON’s plugin in your store, to seamlessly pair with your site’s design. If you tell us a little about your store offering, our team will evaluate your emissions to give your customers the most accurate carbon offsetting solution.

Provide carbon neutral checkouts
This is climate action made easy. Once CURBON’s plugin is up and running, you or your customer will have the option to make their purchase carbon neutral with just the click of a button.


  • CURBON Box with Calculated Offset Amount.
  • Expanded View of CURBON Box.
  • Thank You Message when Offset is Added.
  • CURBON Box on Checkout Page.
  • CURBON Box in Minicart View.
  • CURBON Box in Minicart View When Merchant Offsetting is On.
  • CURBON Box on the Cart Page When Merchant Offsetting is On.
  • CURBON Box on the Checkout Page When Merchant Offsetting is On.
  • Onboarding Screen When Merchant Activate the Plugin.
  • Second Onboarding Screen When Merchant enrolls to the System.
  • Second Onboarding Screen When Merchant Makes the Final Payment.


What is carbon offsetting?

Carbon offsetting involves calculating the amount of carbon emissions generated by a particular activity (such as manufacturing a pair of shoes) and then purchasing carbon credits that pay for avoiding or removing the same amount of carbon elsewhere in the environment. Because emissions move through the atmosphere, removing an equivalent amount of emissions elsewhere in the environment has the same net impact as if your emissions didn`t occur. Buying carbon credits that reduce or eliminate greenhouse gases also creates a market that stimulates the creation of additional carbon-removal projects.

What is a carbon credit?

A carbon credit is an instrument representing the reduction, avoidance, or sequestration of 1 metric ton of carbon emissions. Also referred to as carbon offsets, these instruments are used to compensate for an equal amount of carbon emissions elsewhere. Carbon offset projects are verified by third parties to ensure that they reduce, avoid, or sequester the amount of carbon that they claim.

What does it mean for a product to be carbon neutral?

A product becomes carbon neutral when the emissions of the product`s manufacturing and distribution are calculated and compensated for via carbon offsetting projects. Offsetting carbon emissions, in addition to avoidance and reduction, is an important step in climate action.

How does the plugin calculate product emissions?

By harnessing the data and insight developed by leading research institutions, CURBON is able to calculate the emissions generated by the products and services of over 1000 product categories. CURBON calculates carbon emissions and corresponding offsets on a per-store basis, using inputs tailored to the type of activity the merchant undertakes. For complex use cases, CURBON’s carbon emissions team can work with you to determine the best approach.

How much does it cost for merchants and for customers?

CURBON’s e-commerce offsetting service is free to use for merchants. The cost to your customers is between 1.8% and 6% of their cart total, depending on the products being purchased.

What currencies does Climate Friendly Cart Support?

We currently support charging in ZAR


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