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Dadi Cookie Consent Lite


Dadi Cookie Consent Lite simply helps website ammministrator to block cookies and potentially invasive content of user privacy, submitting the content to the prior consent, but it can not guarantee full compliance with the EU Cookie Law and GDPR. For this reason, constantly check that the website complies with the Eu and GDPR cookie law. It is a task of the website administrator to make these legal checks.

Lite Features

  1. Cookie Policy Page Link in banner
  2. Prevent blocking javascript and iframes
  3. Prevent blocking of all local cookies
  4. Two banners colors available: black and white
  5. Two banners: mini-banner and extended banner
  6. A replacement box for the removed content (only iframes)
  7. Compatibility with Wp Supercache and W3TC
  8. Ajax consent or reload
  9. Set cookie time
  10. Shortcode to consent/revoke in cookie page
  11. Shortcode to wrap content to block (useful in editor post)
  12. Consent on scroll
  13. Consent on navigation
  14. Banners text and labels customizable

Premium Features

  1. Privacy Policy Link in banner
  2. Policies displayed in an ajax popup
  3. Fully extended banner customizable, through wysiwyg editor and shortcodes for consent and policies
  4. Tags italic, underline and strong available in mini-banner
  5. Four color scheme for banners
  6. Banners position (horizontal and vertical)
  7. Banners transparency available
  8. Three ways to display banners: first mini-banner (and on click, extended banner), first extended banner (and on click, mini-banner), only extended-banner
  9. Possibility to select the javascript to keep during the block
  10. Possibility to select the iframes to keep during the block
  11. Deactivation script block
  12. Deactivation iframe block
  13. Compatibility with Wp Supercache, W3TC, Fastest Cache, Cache Enabler, Lite Speed Cache
  14. Creation of unlimited dedicated blocks (services) that can generate cookies, to submit them to a specific request for consent (also using shortcodes). Example (only youtube videos, only Twitter status)
  15. Confirm consent popup
  16. Javascript areas in head and footer (through textarea fields) to bypass block or to customize blocking actions and consent
  17. Available different shortcodes to block or bypass blocking
  18. Filters and actions available to make your code compatible with Dadi Cookie Consent and to extend some features
  19. Noscript feature. In order for Dadi Cookie to work even when javascript is disabled
  20. Message noscript

Credits Engine

  • This plugin use some icons of FontAwesome (v. 4.7), and generate by Fontello. Font Awesome is realesed under SIL license.


  1. Download and extract plugin files to a wp-content/plugin directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the WordPress admin interface.
  3. Customize Dadi Cookie Consent Lite in DCC Lite.
    If you have any questions or problems please make a post here:


There is documentation on Dadi Cookie Consent Lite?

Yes. It is available on the official blog and is still in the drafting phase. In any case: Dadi Cookie Consent

Is it necessary to configure the plugin once installed?

The plugin works even without special configurations. However it is always better to configure it according to your needs.

Is it necessary to indicate a cookie or privacy policy?

Although the plugin is not blocked, if a policy is not indicated, it is required that the Cookie Policy (the page) is indicated in the appropriate section.

Does Dadi Cookie Consent provide standalone features?

Dadi Cookie Consent Lite provide shortcode [dadicc-block-lite]content to block[/dadicc-block-lite]

Are the banners customizable?

Is available i two colors: black and white.

Dadi Cookie Consent Lite works with cache systems?

With Dadi Cookie Consents is compatible with WP Supercache and W3TC.


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Changelog (registro delle modifiche)

= 1.1.1 – 2020/10/31
* Fixed: some little bugs

1.1 – 2018/11/10

  • Fixed: some little bugs
  • Added: box to get premium version

1.0 – 2018/09/29

  • Initial version