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DA Media GigList


DA Media Gig List enables you to create a configurable gig list to display on your WordPress site. It will manage all gigs and venues along with their corresponding details. It provides multiple options to display a configurable gig list to suit your specific requirements.

The plugin creates two new Custom Post Types, one for Gigs and one for Venues.

The Venue post type contains extra fields for the venue address and contact details as well as a Google Maps link.

The Gig post type provides extra fields for the Gig’s date and start time plus a link to a Venue.

The plugin provides options to display the Gig List as an overridable templated page or via a shortcode in widgets, posts and pages. Gigs are shown in date order and may be grouped by either year or month or with no grouping at all.

Also included is an admin page with a simple to use UI to create a shortcode by selecting your choices from all available options in a dynamic set of dropdown fields and date-pickers. This can then be simply copy & pasted into your page, post or widget.


The format of the short code to display the gig list in pages, posts and widgets is:

[damlgiglist group_by="Month|Year|None" list_title="My gig list" start_date="tomorrow" end_date="last day of December this year" limit="10" show_headers="Y|N"]

The group_by parameter will group the gigs by month or year if “Month” or “Year” is supplied as the parameter. Any other value will suppress all grouping.

The list_title parameter can be used to override the plugin settings default. Specifying an empty title remove the title altogether even if there is a value in the plugin settings default title.

The start_date and end_date parameters are used to set which gigs are shown. You can use textual PHP format relative dates – see more information here. If you require a fixed date, it must be specified in the format: YYYY-MM-DD. Any gigs outside the supplied from and to dates will not be shown. The date parameters default to the default dates set in the Gig List Settings admin page if no values are supplied or the parameters are omitted.

The limit parameter will limit the number of gigs shown to the value supplied (i.e. if limit=”5″ then only the first 5 matching gigs will be shown). Omitting this parameter will show all mnatching gigs.

The show_headers parameter will show the column headers in the gig list display when the paramneter is set to “Y” and will hide them when set to “N”.


Since v1.6.0, a widget is now provided with the same options as the Shortcode Builder page, but inside a widget that can be placed in any sidebar area on the WordPress Widgets admin screen.


Since v1.1.0, the plugin now supports theming by overriding the Gig, Venue and Gig List templates (only the post archive template, not the shortcode as of yet). Simply copy the appropriate template from the /inc/templates directory within the plugin to the root of your current theme and adapt it to your own needs or to match your chosen theme. We strongly recommend you only do this with a child theme so that your new template will not be lost when updating the theme.

CSV Import

From v1.7.0, Gigs and Venues may now be imported from CSV files. A “DAMedia GigList CSV” importer is available within the “Tools > Import” admin menu page. The import page also offers links to download sample Gig and Venue CSV files to use as the basis of your own imports. All fields and optional featured images (by loading from a specified URL) can be loaded via tese CSV files.


  • English – default, always included

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  • French: Français
  • German: Deutsch
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  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/plugin-name directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
  3. Use the DAML Gig List->Gig List Settings screen to configure your desired defaults


How do I choose the dates to only show gigs for this year

The Start Date and End Date fields offer many options to set the date limits of the displayed gig list. For this specific option, choose “First day of this year” for the Start Date and “Last day of this year” for the End Date.

Can I group gigs by date?

There are currently three options:

  1. Group by Month (e.g. groups gigs into blocks for January, February, March etc.) Note, the month is displayed alongside the year so that months are grouped individually across multiple years.
  2. Group by Year (e.g. groups gigs into blocks for 2020, 2021, 2022 etc.)
  3. No grouping. All gigs are displayed in one contiguous list.


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Contributi e sviluppo

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  • Initial release.


  • Added start and end date initial values when first activating plugin.
  • Added link to gig page for each item in thgig list.
  • Enabled theming of Gig, Venue and Gig list standard templates.


  • Added website field to Gig custom post type.
  • Added website and email fields to Venue custom post type.
  • Added “limit” paameter to shortcode to enable showing only the first so many gigs.


  • Combined Settings and Shortcode Builder admin pages onto single tabbed Settings page.
  • New option to show/hide the Date and Venue headings in the main giglist display.


  • Option for automatic, default or manual gig post type titles


  • Internal code improvements and typo fixes
  • New options to retain each post type and option data if uninstalling the plugin
  • Custom Field improvements to enhance templating and theming
  • Translation enhancements


  • Added widget with same capabilities as short-code
  • New options on Permalinks admin page to define the URL base for the gig and venue lists


  • Plugin classes are now namespaced
  • CSV import of Gigs and Venues is now implemented


  • Compatible with WordPress 5.7