Questo plugin è stato chiuso il 9 Luglio 2024 e non è più disponibile per il download. La chiusura è temporanea, in attesa di una revisione completa.


3 Giugno 2024
I bought the Pro version only to realise that it doesn’t have the features I need. That’s why I asked for a refund. No reply, neither via the contact form nor by email. According to the website, refunds are possible. Not recommended.
22 Novembre 2023
I ran into multiple problems with the PRO version of this plugin on my multisite page so please beware!! You can only activate license once! So that means if you develop locally and of course use it on a live page (as we usually do) you will need to de-activate the license on live page to test it locally and vice-versa. You will get a message “You can use 1 license in one domain only If you want to use this plugin in another domain please Purchase a License again.” only after you’ve purchased the license. This is not stated anywhere before you buy! If you use it on a multisite you will need to buy a license for each of the managed site. This is also not stated anywhere before purchasing! My client had a page setup as multisite because this is how they set-up multi-language pages. I’ve asked the author for help, he responded and I even gave him access to the page, he said he will look into why you can’t use it on multisite … and then never responded back with a possible solution. And finally after requesting a refund, because I couldn’t use the plugin as intended, the author went completely silent and I had to go through a very long process with the 2Checkout payment processor (they are also unable to do anything to help you, unless you are very, VERY persistent) to get a refund. I’ve not heard from the author since, after sending him multiple messages. Free version works ok and is an altogether nice plugin, but beware of the issues with PRO version!
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