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In WordPress 5.3, several improvements were made to how images are processed. One of these improvements was the concept of “BIG images”. When an image is uploaded that exceeds the “BIG image” threshold (2560 by default), a new “full” size image is generated. This new image is then used instead of the true original when generating image subsizes to reduce server load.

Prior to 5.3, it was possible for the originally uploaded image to be displayed on the front-end, even when they were not “web ready”. Unnecessarily large images can be bad for performance and wastes bandwidth (which is unfortunate for those with slow Internet, or bandwidth caps by their service plans). This new full size image will now be displayed instead.

There are some scenarios where disabling this threshold would be desired, though. Maybe you run a photography site that
needs to display original images, or your theme has full screen backgrounds.

This plugin disables the “BIG” image threshold and preserves the true originally uploaded image as the full size.

For more information on the improvements to image processing in WordPress 5.3, check out these developer notes on the Making WordPress Core blog.


  1. Upload this plugin to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress


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26 Febbraio 2020
I installed this plugin after googling why WordPress added "scaled" to the filename of my images. I was under the impression this plugin removes the scaling and stops WordPress from adding "scaled" to my filenames. After installing the plugin, it still scaled and still added the words "scaled" to the end of the filename
26 Febbraio 2020
Thank you for making the plugin to revert this "feature". While I get it that large images shouldn't USUALLY be used, there are certain times that they are like in my own client website portfolio. Imagine my shock when I uploaded a 1280x7486 image of a front page of a website to find it got resized down to 2560 long! Ugg had to search it out and found out that this was added to core and I didn't know AND I'm a WordCamp organizer involved in the community. There really should have been a UI tip as to what happened! BTW when I search the plugins within the site for "disable big image resizing" yours didn't come up. I only found it after seeing it in a comment on https://make.wordpress.org/core/2019/10/09/introducing-handling-of-big-images-in-wordpress-5-3/.
21 Febbraio 2020
Thank you so much for this plugin. WP seems to have got stuck in the 'we are all just publishing simple webpages for ordinary devices' instead of realising how much it is used as a CMS and for driving different types of usage. My own problem was loading the entire jpg for the Bayeux Tapestry - long but only 300px or so high. WP 5.3 actually loaded it but at 23px high - without warning! Other more 'normal' images which are too big at least loaded on 5.2 so we could use the original, if not the intermediate versions, but not on 5.3 The point of the Tapestry jpg is that a user can scroll along it - not all shown on the screen at once. Did WP developers think of this?? I spell this out in the hopes it saves others' time.
27 Gennaio 2020
Images are integral to the look and feel of the posts I publish on my website. Not being technical and unable to load images of a certain size I feared the worst...but after reading on forums that many others were receiving the same error message and that this plugin was available I was able to breathe easily once again!! Thank you so much, Jonathan
24 Gennaio 2020
Hi - I was really surprised about this restrictive function. I did notice the fact that my panos were realy 'washed'. Thank you
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