Questo plugin non è stato testato con le ultime 3 versioni principali (major releases) di WordPress. Potrebbe non essere più mantenuto, o supportato, e potrebbe presentare problemi di compatibilità se utilizzato con versioni più recenti di WordPress.

Displet Pop


Displet Pop shows a pop-up window on a specified page load after a specified time elapses, prompting visitors to complete a contact form or other action. Uses a week long cookie to avoid over-pestering. Integrates with Gravity Forms and other form builders, and is very effective to encourage newsletter registration or to display a welcome message to your visitors.

Displet Pop comes with a number of options, including:

1) How many seconds to wait before displaying.

2) On which pageview to display the window to your visitors.

3) A path to restrict the light window to display on. (Ex. “Only display on pages with /idx/ in the path.”)

4) Four separate areas to add text.

5) Six pre-designed light window styles or the option to use a custom stylesheet.

6) Choose whether or not to display the pop-up on handhelds and/or tablets (or not.)

Screenshot (schermate di esempio)

  • A great tool to encourage newsletter registration.
  • Brimming with robust options.


  1. Install from the repository and activate the plugin from the WordPress plugins screen.
  2. Go to Displet Tools > Displet Pop and add your settings.
  3. Go to Appearance > Widgets and insert whatever widget you would like (most likely a contact form) into your new Displet Pop widget area.


Why won’t this work?

It does work. Watch the tutorials here:

This still won’t work. Why?

It does work. Try disabling your other plugins to see if any are conflicting. If there’s a conflict, let us know about it in the support forum, and we’ll fix the conflict if the problem is on our end.

What is this for?

Most likely to encourage newsletter registration or display a welcome message to your visitors.

Where can I find help on this plugin?

On the support forum at

Contributi e sviluppo

“Displet Pop” è un software open source. Le persone che hanno contribuito allo sviluppo di questo plugin sono indicate di seguito.


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Changelog (registro delle modifiche)


  • Added Homepage option to URL paths.


  • Merged forced registration for Gravity Forms (compliments Rion Dooley) & added Contact Forms 7. Added option for multiple URL paths.


  • Changed Mobile_Detect class name to reduce possibility of conflict, added previews of styles to options page.


  • Added disable modes for mobile & tablets.


  • Fixed cookie bug.


  • Improved default styles to better overcome interfering theme defaults.


  • Fixed Contact Form 7 misalignment when not using placeholders.


  • Fixed cookie bug.


  • Added disable mode.


  • New default styles added & URL path option.


  • Added test mode and custom CSS options.


  • Released.


  • Created.