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Disqus Conditional JS Load


Disqus is a third-party comment management system. However it loads its javascript code on every page indiscriminately. This code should only be loaded on pages where the comments form is actually going to load. Otherwise your site is wasting cycles including javascript that isn’t going to be used.

This plugin stops the Disqus plugin from loading its javascript on pages or posts where comments are closed. If comments are closed and there are no existing comments already, the JavaScript will be stopped from loading. Note that to avoid breaking the existing functionality, the JavaScript will still load if comments are closed but there are already some comments on a page/post.

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Disclaimer: This plugin is not affiliated with or endorsed by Disqus.

If you need help with this plugin

If this plugin breaks your site or just flat out does not work, please go to Compatibility and click “Broken” after verifying your WordPress version and the version of the plugin you are using.

Then, create a thread in the Support forum with a description of the issue. Make sure you are using the latest version of WordPress and the plugin before reporting issues, to be sure that the issue is with the current version and not with an older version where the issue may have already been fixed.

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  1. Upload plugin file through the WordPress interface.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. Load a page/post where comments are open and view the HTML source — the JavaScript for Disqus should be present. Then load a page/post where comments are closed — it should not.


How do I use the plugin?

Simply install and activate the plugin. It starts working immediately with no configuration required. Pages and posts with comments disabled (and no existing comments) will not load the Disqus JavaScript.

I still see Disqus loading on pages/posts where comments are closed.

Are you caching the page or post in question?

Does the page or post already have comments on it?

Are you using a plugin (such as a caching or optimization plugin) that minifies or combines JavaScript?


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