Drag and Drop Multiple File Upload – Contact Form 7


Drag and Drop Multiple File Uploader is a simple, straightforward WordPress plugin extension for Contact Form7, which allows the user to upload multiple files using the drag-and-drop feature or the common browse-file of your webform.

Ecco una piccola DEMO.


  • Convalida del tipo di file
  • Convalida la dimensione del file
  • Ajax Uploader
  • Limita il numero di file caricati.
  • Limit files size for each field
  • Can specify custom file types or extension
  • Manage Text and Error message in admin settings
  • Trascina e rilascia o sfoglia file – Caricamento multiplo
  • Support Multiple Drag and Drop in One Form.
  • Able to delete uploaded file before being sent
  • Send files as email attachment or as a links. (see note below)
  • Supporta più lingue
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Cool Progress Bar
  • Compatibile con qualsiasi browser

Note: On Free version, all uploaded files moves to a temporary folder (“/wp-content/uploads/wp_dndcf7_uploads”) then attaches the file to the mail and sends it. After that “Drag & Drop File Upload” removes the file from the temporary folder 1 hour after the submission. ( same process with the default “file” upload of Contact Form 7 – See here )

⭐ Funzionalità Premium

Checkout available features on PRO version.

  • Image Preview – Show Thumbnail for images
  • Adjust Auto Delete Files – After Form Submission
    • (1 hour, 4 hours, 8 hours , days, months etc)
  • File zip (file compresso)
  • Salva i file nella libreria multimediale di WordPress
  • Cambia la directory di caricamento di WordPress
  • Cambia cartella di caricamento
    • Contact Form 7 – Campi
    • Generated Name – Timestamp
    • Cartella casuale
    • By User – Required Login
    • Cartella personalizzata
    • Dynamic Folder – user (name, id), post (id, slug), cf7 fields
  • Send to email as individual attachment, ZIP archive or as a links
  • Chunks Upload ( Break large files into smaller Chunks )
    • Able to upload large files.
  • Max Total Size ( of all Uploaded Files )
  • Parallel/Sequential Upload ( No. of files to simultaneously upload )
  • Change Filename Pattern ({filename}, {cf7-field-name}, {ip_address}, {random}, {post_id}, {post_slug}, etc.)
  • Ottimizza automaticamente le immagini
  • New – Color Options (Filesize, ProgressBar, Filename etc)
  • New – Disable Button to Prevent Duplicate Submission
  • New – Image preview on email
  • New – File Remote Storage (Google Drive, Amazon S3, FTP, Dropbox)
  • Resize Image (ie: 800×800)
  • Sicurezza migliorata
  • Optimized Code and Performance
  • 1 Month Premium Support

Pro version is also compatible with:

  • Contact Form 7 Add-on – Arshid
  • Database for Contact Form 7- Ninja
  • Advanced Contact form 7 DB – Vsourz Digital

You can get PRO Version here!

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  • Generate Upload Field - Admin
  • Form Field Settings - Admin
  • Uploader Settings - Admin
  • Email Attachment- Gmail
  • Email Attachment As links - Gmail
  • Multiple Drag and Drop Fields - Front


Per installare questo plugin vedi sotto:

  1. Carica i file del plugin nella directory /wp-content/plugins/drag-and-drop-multiple-file-upload-contact-form-7.zip o installa il plugin direttamente dalla schermata dei plugin di WordPress.
  2. Attiva il plugin attraverso la schermata ‘Plugin’ in WordPress
  3. Go to “Contact > Drag & Drop Upload” for the settings.
  4. See Tutorial


Come posso inviare feedback o ricevere assistenza con un bug?

For any bug reports go to Support page.

Come posso limitare la dimensione del file?

To limit file size in multiple file upload field generator under Contact Form 7, there’s a field File size limit (bytes).

Please take note it should be Bytes you may use any converter just Google (MB to Bytes converter) default of this plugin is 5MB(5242880 Bytes).

How can I limit the number of files in my Upload?

You can limit the number of files in your file upload by adding this parameter max-file:3 to your shortcode :

Example: [mfile upload-file-344 max-file:3] – this option will limit the user to upload only 3 files.

How can I Add or Limit file types

You can add or change file types in cf7 Form-tag Generator Options by adding jpeg|png|jpg|gif in Acceptable file types field.

Esempio: [mfile upload-file-433 filetypes:jpeg|png|jpg|gif]

How can I change text in Drag and Drop Uploading area?

You can change text Drag & Drop Files Here or Browse Files text in WordPress Admin menu under Contact > Drag & Drop Upload.

How can I change email attachment as links?

Go to WP Admin Contact -> Drag & Drop Upload settings then check “Send Attachment as links?” option.

To manage mail template, go to Contact Forms edit specific form and Select Mail tab. In Message Body add generated code from mfile. ( Example Below )

Corpo del messaggio: [your-message]

File Links 1 : [upload-file-754]

File Links2 : [upload-file-755]

Note : No need to add in File Attachments field.


14 Ottobre 2021
I’ve used this plug-in for a few sites and it works great! The developer is really responsive and helpful too. A lot more than any other plug-in developers. Thanks so much!
2 Ottobre 2021
Really easy to use, had it set up and working in just a few minutes. A really handy extension for CF7. Thanks!
18 Agosto 2021
Fantastic support from Glen when I was stumped on why my files weren't attaching. He very quickly identified and resolved the issue for me.
30 Giugno 2021
Drag and Drop multifile upload plugin is a very useful plugin and it's working perfectly, I appreciate its author for creating this. Thanks a lot!
29 Giugno 2021
So far really satisfied with its functionality & usability. Just a lil suggestion: in the "class-dnd-upload-custom.php", line 229. maybe can add target="_blank" so user won't have to go to back n forth if they want to preview the image. just IMHO 😉 Overall... really great n easy to customise on the UI
27 Gennaio 2021
Initially, I needed to add a multiple files upload to my WPForms Lite, so I paid for WPForms Basic, which renews at $80/yr. Then I found this plugin for a one-time price of $15. WPForms refunded my money without a hassle (great people!), and I am saving so much money, especially over time. Instead of renewing at $80/yr this plugin is mine for Lifetime! AND their tech support is absolutely AWESOME! I rated it 6 stars out of 5 because I can't believe that their overall rating is only 4.9 out of 5. It should be an absolute 5 out of 5!!!! Can't express how happy I am. Thank you!
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Contributi e sviluppo

“Drag and Drop Multiple File Upload – Contact Form 7” è un software open source. Le persone che hanno contribuito allo sviluppo di questo plugin sono indicate di seguito.


“Drag and Drop Multiple File Upload – Contact Form 7” è stato tradotto in 7 lingue. Grazie ai traduttori per i loro contributi.

Traduci “Drag and Drop Multiple File Upload – Contact Form 7” nella tua lingua.

Ti interessa lo sviluppo?

Esplora il Codice segui il Repository SVN iscriviti al Log delle Modifiche. Puoi farlo tramite RSS con un lettore di feed.

Changelog (registro delle modifiche)

  • Fixed – Unable to delete if errors will show
  • Added “span” & “div” on heading tag option
  • Add spam filtering fixes
  • Added “Disable Auto Delete” option.

  • Add accept types data attributes See Here

  • Fixed German translation (https://wordpress.org/support/topic/german-translation-wrong/)
  • Fixes – Bug on file deletion (Reported here – https://wordpress.org/support/topic/deleting-files-not-yet-uploaded-is-breaking/)
  • Change delete icon instead of using an iconmoon.
  • Minor fixes & Improvement

  • Bug – Fixed validation issue when “CF7 Conditional Fields” plugin is active.

  • New – option to change upload heading tag from h1-h6
  • Change text-domain to actual plugin slug for plugin internationalization.
  • Fixed validation error message for multiple groups. (compatible with CF7 – Conditional Fields)

  • Bug – Fixed Contact Form 7 error notice
    • PHP Deprecated: id property of a WPCF7_ContactForm object is no longer accessible.
    • Reported here – https://wordpress.org/support/topic/bug-notice-id-not-accessible

  • Fixed – Vulnerability (Thanks to @Sysdream Labs team )
    • Removed “supported type” in POST request so other users cannot override through remote access.
    • The issue was, user able to bypass and upload “.phar & .phpt” file extension by modifying “suported type”
    • Those extensions are enabled by default on a fresh PHP/Apache2 installation.
  • Improved – Security (file types condition are based on specified in the admin)

  • Added – Russian translation (Thanks to “Dan Uchvatoff “)
  • Fixed – File counter “of” not translatable.

  • Fixed – PHP Fatal error on server not supporting mb_check_encoding.
  • Fixed – Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to a member function scan_form_tags()
    • When “Accept PayPal Payments using Contact Form 7” installed.

  • Added – Improved sercurity ( Limit the user input to a file name and ignore injected path names )
  • Modified – Email links ( display only the filename )

  • Bug – Quick Fix ( Unable to submit form when acceptance field is set )
    • Issue if “additional settings” section added this line: acceptance_as_validation: on


  • Fixed – nonce issues when using Cache plugins.
  • Fixed – German Translation for ( Drag & Drop File Upload ) text.
  • Fixed – Submit button ( enable/disable ) when acceptance checkbox is added.
  • Modified – File Upload error message ( display error code )


  • Fixed – Removed uploaded files when item Inbound Messages “Permanently Deleted”.
  • Added – Counter of how many files are uploaded ( ie: 4 of 10 )
  • New – Features allow to set Minimum File Upload.
  • ie : minimum upload:2, max upload:10 = [mfile* upload-file-669 min-file:2 max-file:10]
  • New – Added .htaccess file inside “wp_dndcf7_uploads” upload directory. ( prevent from direct access )
  • Options: -Indexes \n \n deny from all \n
  • Fixed – File Attachments bug ( Issues on additional mail when (file attachment) is removed still send the file )

  • Bugs – Fixed unable to submit form ( 500 Internal Server Error in response )

  • Fixes – Minor updates (packed the wrong file)

  • Fixed – Security Issues ( Unrestricted File Upload to Remote Code Execution – Thanks to @Austin )
    • Able bypass and upload file (remotely) by renaming to ie: shell.php% and modified supported_type to jpg|png|php%
    • Solution : Added more security, check/validate file type and created new function ‘dnd_cf7_validate_type’ to determine if file name extension is valid or not.
  • New – Make ‘deleting…’ and ‘remove’ text translatable ( compatible using WPML String Translation ).

  • Fixed – PHP warning reported here

  • Improved Security – ( Check valid filename & extensions, sanitations, Secured File deletions )
  • New – Allowed non ASCII file name
  • Improved styling on Progress Bar
  • Fixed – Conflict with WooCommerce Geo Location


  • SECURITY UPDATES ( issues reported by : Robert L Mathews )
  • The issues inside dnd_codedropz_upload_delete function, that will execute any POST remotely.
  • Fixed – To accept russian, hebrew Filename
  • Modify Javascript dnd-upload-cf7.js attach the function to window so it can be available to call.
  • Added – Responsive style for Drag & Drop text on mobile devices.
  • Minimum Features – Coming Soon


  • Fixed – Sanitized Admin Option Fields – For Security Reason
  • Added – Filter for wpcf7_posted_data from CF7 to get the full link of the file.


  • Fixed – Browser Compatibility ( Error Uploading files in Edge, Safari and Internet Explorer )
  • Improved – Removed error text if there are muliple error ( File upload validation )


  • Fixed – Multiple Drag & Drop fields in one form ( Validation Issues – Max File not working correctly )
  • Added – Added “deleted…” status when removing file.
    • So that the user know that file deletion is in progress…
  • Fixed – Responsive issues on Mobile < 767px screen.
  • Added – Added ‘/wpcf7-files’ directory inside ‘/wp_dndcf7_uploads’ to temporary store files instead of relying contact form 7.
  • Added – Auto delete files inside ‘/wpcf7-files’ dir 1 hour(3200 seconds) after submission.
    • It was a problem with contact form 7 before that files only last 60 seconds and it will automatically deleted.
  • Improved – Optimized and Improved Php Code & Javascript structure and functionalities. ( removed redundant code, removed spaces, etc )
  • Added – Links going to Pro Version.

  • Fixed – Allow to upload file with the same filename.
  • Fixed – Can’t upload image after delecting (https://wordpress.org/support/topic/cant-upload-image-after-deleting-it/)
  • Fixed – Max-file issue (https://wordpress.org/support/topic/max-file-issue/)
  • Added – a note message when file reached the max-file Limit ( “To inform user that some of the files are not uploaded” ).
  • Added – Better Ajax deletion ( Remove files from the server – Only if Send As Attachment is checked )
  • Optimized – Form send loading time has been optimized ( Improved loading time for large attachment )
  • Fixed – Bug reported by @palychwp ” remove file still send sends with the form (https://wordpress.org/support/topic/file-uploading-is-working-incorrect/)
  • Added – Validate File/Attachment first before the upload start (“some says it’s frustating :)”)
    • (PHP or Server side validation still there for security and better validation)
  • Improved file counting via LocalStorage instead of Global variable.

  • Fixed – Please Update to to fixed disable button issue.


  • Fixed – Improved ( Disable button while upload is on progress )
  • Fixes – Validate file size limit before uploading the file ( https://wordpress.org/support/topic/file-uploading-is-working-incorrect/ )


  • Added – Support WPML using .po and .mo files
  • Added – Added to support multilingual ( using Poedit )
  • Fixed – Prevent attachment from sending to Mail(2) if field attachment is not set. (https://wordpress.org/support/topic/problem-with-2th-mail-attachment-2/)
  • Added – Disable ‘submit’ button while upload is on progress…


  • Added – Multiple Drag and Drop fields in a form
  • Added – Options in admin for error message
  • Added – Option that allow user to send attachment as links
  • Added – Added new folder name wp_dndcf7_uploads to separate files from wpcf7_uploads ( When option ‘Send Attachment as links?’ is check ).


  • Add – Create admin settings where you can manage or change text in your uploading area. It’s under ‘contacts’ > ‘Drag and Drop’.
  • New – Empty or Clear attachment file when Contact Form successfully send.
  • Fixes – Fixed remove item bugs when file is greater than file limit.
  • Fixes – Changed ‘icon-moon’ fonts to avoid conflict with the other themes.
  • New – Added text domain for language translations.


  • Issue – fixed bug when file is not required(*).
  • Issue – fixed error on ‘wpcf7_mail_components’ components hooks when there’s no file.


  • Issue – fixed bug when file is not required(*).
  • Issue – fixed error on ‘wpcf7_mail_components’ components hooks when there’s no file.


  • Add admin option to limit the number of files. (Maximum File Upload Limit)


  • This version fixes on user drop validation.
  • Optimized Javascript File


  • Initial Release