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Easy Cookies Policy


Easy Cookies Policy allows you to easily inform users that your site uses cookies in compliance with European Cookie law.
No coding is required in order to use this plugin, simply install and activate it. The plugin will enable a notice to the user only once, the very first time that he visits your website.


Generate a warning notice bar on the web, fully customizable style through the settings panel.
Includes a sample cookie law text, 100% valid, which you can use as a template, or you can introduce your own cookie compliance text.
Allows you to generate a cookie policy page just by clicking a button.


  • Available languages: English, Spanish
  • Customizable cookie law message
  • Sample Cookie Law text included
  • Provides the option to create a page with all the european cookie law information.
  • Define cookie expiration day
  • Select the position of the cookie bar
  • Enables you to choose your preferred color theme
  • Modify the text and bar background transparency
  • Set display mode of the warning box
  • Responsive plugin
  • Translation support


The Cookie Law is a piece of privacy legislation that requires websites to get consent from visitors in order to store or retrieve any information from a computer, smartphone or tablet.
Easy Cookies Policy is the simplest way to comply with legislation regarding the usage of website cookies. It follows the notion of ‘implied consent’.
The plugin does not disable cookies on your site nor does it prevent the user from continuing to browse the site. If a user keeps surfing on your site by clicking on the “accept button” or by visiting another page on you site, the user is accepting the cookie policy.


  • English
  • Spanish

Screenshot (schermate di esempio)

  • Notification bar at the top of the screen
  • Notification bar at the bottom of the screen
  • Responsive notification bar
  • Settings page


How does it work?

When a user enters your website, the plugin checks if it is a first time visit. It does so by checking if there are any cookies stored in the users browser (in compliance with EU cookie law).
If the plugin is not able to detect any cookies, a notice will be shown to the user encouraging him to accept the cookie policy. For that he will have to either click on the accept button or keep surfing on your website.
Next time the user visits your website, this message will not appear.

Where can I see a demo?

Take a look at this website site demo.


10 Gennaio 2018
This was the easiest plugin ever! They have made this easy to install with no issues. Totally recommended over any other plugin.
3 Aprile 2017
Works like a charm. Easy to configure. Extensive options in an understandable user interface. Been using it for years. Very satisfied.
3 Aprile 2017
Fantastic plugin, really easy to setup and customise. I have now used this Easy Cookies Policy on several sites with no problems or even any questions! It is really simple to set up and customize, I love the use of ‘popup themes’ to customize are re-use styles throughout the site.
31 Marzo 2017
fácil de utilizar y muy rápido de configurar, es necesario para tener una web totalmente ajustada a la legalidad sobre todo en Europa, muy recomendable. Utilice otros pluggins parecidos de cookies y este es el que me parece mejor, pero para gustos... colores
31 Marzo 2017
Necesitaba una barra para cumplir con la política de cookies europea en mi web, y este pluggin para wordpress me funciono muy bien, muy sencillo de utilizar y ademas se puede configurar el aspecto visual y la posición donde quieres que aparezca en tu web.
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Changelog (registro delle modifiche)


  • The text of the accept button is now configurable
  • Thinner warning wrapper
  • Warning text style inherits theme style
  • Customizable warning text color


  • Enqueues JS in footer automatically
  • Internet Explorer issues fixed