Questo plugin non è stato testato con le ultime 3 versioni principali (major releases) di WordPress. Potrebbe non essere più mantenuto, o supportato, e potrebbe presentare problemi di compatibilità se utilizzato con versioni più recenti di WordPress.

Enhanced BibliPlug


Enhanced Bibliplug creates a central repository for researchers to organize and display their academic work either individually or in a collaborative environment. This plugin is designed to synchronize with Zotero accounts.

Key features include:

  1. database schema for storing bibliographical references.
  2. administration pages to manage the references.
  3. short code for easy retrieval of references based on author, year, and publication type.
  4. the ability to connect and synchronize with Zotero accounts.
  5. a custom Author page template to display user’s academic title, affiliation, bio, and CV content such as publications and presentations.
  6. short code for listing all users of the site.
  7. the ability to group and retrieve references based on custom categories and tags.

Companion plugin:

Enhanced Publication

Reference short codes

References can be displayed on any post/page using short code bibliplug.

[bibliplug id=2] displays a single reference.
[bibliplug last_name='Smith'] displays references by author/editor last name.
[bibliplug first_name='John'] displays references by author/editor first name.
[bibliplug type='book'] displays all books.
[bibliplug category='chapter7'] displays all references under category chapter7.
[bibliplug tag='biology'] displays all references with tag biology.
[bibliplug year='2008'] displays all references published in 2008.
[bibliplug format='full'] displays references with abstracts. Default is 'normal'.
[bibliplug keywords='biology, genome'] displays references with any given keywords.
[bibliplug order_by='last_name, year-, title'] displays references first ordered by first author's last name, then by publish

year in descending order, then by title. You can also sort by first_name (first author’s first name), date (publication date),
and type (publication type). By default, text fields are sorted alphabatically from A-Z, dates are sorted from oldest to newest,
and numbers are sorted from small to big. To invert the sorting order of a field, add “-” at the end of the field name to indicate
that the field should be sorted in descending order.


You can mix-match any arguments except:

  • If id is used, other arguments are ignored.
  • If category is used, tag is ignored.

Other than types shown in the drop down box when editing a reference, there are two super types you can use.

  • Publication => any type that’s not presentation or conference paper.
  • Presentation => presentation and conference paper.

All references are shown in Chicago Style Author-Date System.

Author profile short codes

Author list can be displayed on any post/page using short code bibliplug_authors.

[bibliplug_authors id=2] display a single user by its user id.
[bibliplug_authors format='profile'] displays all users with user info and bio.
[bibliplug_authors format='list'] displays all users with user info.
[bibliplug_authors format='mini'] displays all users with profile pictures.

You can use id and format in the same short code instance.

Included packages

phpZotero version 0.2 by Jeremy Boggs, Sean Takats.


  • Reference Manager
  • Connect to Zotero
  • Author profile template


  1. Extract files and upload enhanced-bibliplug folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory. Or, you can install the plugin using WordPress “Install Plugins” admin interface.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.

Notes about author template

If you are using thesis 1.8 for your theme, please copy the content of enhanced-bibliplug\template\author-loop.php to Thesis custom_functions.php.

Otherwise, copy the enhanced-bibliplug\template\author.php to your theme folder.

You’re done!


Ask a question / report a bug

Please visit enhanced bibliplug and leave a comment.

Cannot add/sync Zotero connection

To synchronize with Zotero, the server needs to have php curl modules installed and enabled. Please check your php.ini file to make sure curl module is present and enabled.

Will my data be deleted during upgrade?

Deactivating or upgrade the plugin will not delete your bibliographical data.

What is the sort order for references in shortcode display?

Starting in version 1.3, references are sorted by first author’s last name, first author’s first name, publish year, and type.


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Contributi e sviluppo

“Enhanced BibliPlug” è un software open source. Le persone che hanno contribuito allo sviluppo di questo plugin sono indicate di seguito.




  • Fixed add/edit reference bug.
  • Use user full name (with middle name and prefix) as display name on the user profile page.
  • User with edit_others_posts capacity can edit others references as well.
  • Allow setting secondary authors (such as editors of the book for a book chapter). Secondary authors are displayed in the reference, but not used when queried by author.
  • Other minor UI fixes.


  • Fixed php 5.2 compatibility issues (removed usages of php 5.3 anonymous function variable).


  • Fixed bug where authors cannot add new references.
  • New shortcode keywords to show a list of references with given keyword(s).
  • New shortcode order_by to determine the sorting order.
  • Fixed broken icon in the admin menu.


  • Fixed a typo causing bibliplug option not showing up in the menu.


  • Code cleanup under php debug.
  • Better error handling for zotero ajax sync.


  • One more patch to fix zotero import for presentation type.


  • Fixed zotero import for presentation type.


  • Fixed multiple tag bug.
  • Fixed minor javascript bug (cannot toggel meta boxes) for add/edit reference page.
  • Added DOI, presenation link, and video link for all reference types.
  • New links (DOI, presentation, video) are shown next to each reference. This feature can be turned off in bibliplug option page.


  • Fixed creator delete bug on reference editing page.
  • Fixed shortcode argument filter bug.
  • Added category and tag management pages.
  • Added new shortcode attribute “full” to support abstract display.
  • Merged import and export to the same page to reduce the number of submenu items.


  • Added support for blog title.
  • Fixed bug where authors are not editable in the reference form.
  • Disabled rich text editor in the profile page for WP version < 3.3. The feature will automatically show up when upgraded to 3.3.


  • Fixed bug for reference add/edit page. Categories and tags could not be edited due to a missing javascript.
  • Added a confirmation dialog for deleting a zotero connection.


  • Fixed remaining PHP short open tags <? to <?php.


  • Fixed import page url and permission errors.
  • Fixed undefined function wp_editor in profile page with wordpress 3.2.1.


  • Fixed the rich text editor for profile page.


  • Fixed bug for import page.


  • Fixed bug for zotero sync where synchronization stopped after 2 pages (100 items).


  • Fixed bug for zotero sync when collection has more than 50 items.
  • Changed the logic for syncing duplicate entries in zotero connections, allowing the same reference linked to multiple collections.


  • Fixed bug for bibliplug manager search.
  • Fixed bug in 1.2 upgrade code.


  • Fixed unique index issue that prevented bibliography table creation.


  • Bug fix for bibliplug setting page.
  • Added debug option for bibliplug setting page. This is for easy debugging zotero connection issues.
  • Added a generic reference type “Other” to handle types currently not supported by bibliplug.
  • Added support for paging through Zotero API results.


First release.