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EverQuest Next Raid Planner Plugin


Because there wasn’t a raid planner for EQNext, I developed one to use as a WordPress plugin. See it in action at:

Based on SW:TOR Raid Planner Plugin with permission from the author.


  • Simple character organization: The raider will add several fields to the WordPress user profiles to enable management of the different character profiles for the user/player.
  • Waitlist: A user can add himself on a waitlist to be an atlernate raider or to the raidlist if he wants to raid.
  • Simple raid management: The raid leader can manage the kind of user entries. They can set the amount of needed players. Additionaly they can define that the user can only set him/her self to a waitlist or directly to the raidlist.
  • Simple raidmanagement II: The raid leader can simple copy older raids, edit the date and store it as a new one.
  • Raidpoints: Each time the user will be set to a raidlist (by him/her self or the raidlead) they get one raidpoint. This shows how much he/she is raiding for DKP calculation purposes. KDP can then be manually updated later on by an officer / admin / editor.
  • Widget: Show the next raids within your widget.
  • Raid Leader Management: Access the backend as admin or editor. Will be fixed *
  • s2Members compatible: If s2Members-Plugin is installed you can allow guests to be part of a raid. In this case subscribers would be marked as guests and s2Members of level 1 or higher would be shown normal within the raidlists. This is able to be set on the options page. Calender is currently broken, this issue will be resolved soon
    Event calendar compatible: If EventCalendar-Plugin is installed the Raider will show the big calendar in front of the Raidlists and enter the raid to the calendar, also shown within the event calendar widget.
  • Lowbie support: By defining the level range of the members of a raid the raidplanner can also be used to plan e.g. flashpoints at lower levels or other events. Detailed raid planning features are planned and will be added. Suggestions are welcome.
  • Archive: The raids in the past are stored within the archive. Copy them, copy and edit to clone them for a new raid, etc.
  • Options: Class type for raid can be set, but this is really a placeholder for factions or any other mechanics if there are any in EQN that will affect grouping and raiding or classes (Good vs Evil, etc).
  • Raid Type: Raids can be set to Guild Only, Guild and Others and Pick Up.

Note: No option is set in stone and they will change as soon as we have more information about EverQuest Next, especially it’s classes and factions.

  • How To Use?

First of all each player how wants to raid has to edit his/her user profile. By doing this they have to edit the several fields at the end of the profile to enter his/her EQNext characters.

After this is done, another user with editor privileges (or higher) adds a raid within the raidplanner backend. The first users can then add one of the profile-entered characters to the raid.

  • Known Bugs

Event Calendar integration is broken. Some of the text is off, especially capitaliztion and other ideal formatting. Sorry, I translated this plugin’s text from a combination of dutch and broken English to English the best I could in the time that I’ve had.

  • Patches Incoming

Fixing classes, factions and other features after 8/2/2013 – 8/6/2013 when we learn about EverQuest Next from the SOE Live release of information and NDA lifting for many of the MMO community sites that’ve seen the game (, /, etc).

Responsive Designs!

Detailed raid planning features are planned and will be added. Suggestions welcome.

A customizable theme that includes the plugin internally! – Currently one can edit plugins/eqnext-raidplanner/css/eqnr-style.css to modify the plugin’s own stylesheet. Customizations incoming from the front-end, both for beginner and advanced users will be coming soon.

Exportable Information! Rosters and Raids, CSVs, TXTs and More Oh My!

The ability for the plugin to be customized by the user as well, that way one can insert the classes, class icons and other game information on their own so it can be used for any MMO and maybe even for Clan Matches in FPS, MOBA and other types of games.

A WordPress theme with these functions!

  • Example Output On Page / Widget

Widget “Next Raids” example is on the front page of this site.



  1. Upload plugin-name.php to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Place [ raidplanner ] (without the spaces) in a site of your homepage
  4. (Optionally) Place the “Next Raids” widget in your sidebar widget or a homepage widget (or anywhere really, including inside themes) space.

NOTE: If you can’t add raids, deactivate, then reactivate the plugin – it’s just a bug where some of the database field tables don’t populate the first time.


How do I use the guest member / raider option?

If you are using s2Member-Plugin you can allow guests to raid with you. While normal guild members are minimal s2Memeber of Level 1 and Guests are normal wordpress subscribers The raidplanner will show all raiders which are subscribers as ‘Guest’.

How do I get the calendar (widget and overview)?

If you install the ‘event calendar’-Plugin the raids will also be shown within the calendar. (Note, currently not working)

The tag [ raidplanner ] (without the spaces) will also show the calendar in front of the raidlist. (Note, currently not working.)

Useful Complimentary Plugins

Exclude Pages – Hide the page you use the shortcode in from your site’s navigation, give it to only guildies if you want. It’s still findable via search engines and what have you unless you specify to exempt it in robots.txt and your sitemaps.

WordPress Admin Bar Improved – Give your users easy login to access their profiles and functions by enabling the bar to be static on all the pages so that they can login anywhere, not just from /wp-admin/ or /wp-login.php.

Who can I ask if I found a bug or have a question?
Just write! I accept paypal donations at this address as well!


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