Extensions for Elementor


Add more power to your Elementor page building experience with 20+ useful & creative elements.


  1. Anchor Scroll – Create section scroll with icon, text, positions and icon views
  2. A to Z Listing – Design alphabets wise listing as per selected post type and filter with categories
  3. Breadcrumbs – Add breadcrmb to your pages or posts
  4. Button – Quickly add modern buttons with background pulse effect
  5. Copyright Year – Make footer’s copyright year dynamic by just drag & drop with lots of styling & customization options
  6. Custom Field – Use post or page custom field into the elementor
  7. Document Library – Showcase documents like pdf, doc, image etc. into the tablular format with download link
  8. Events – Show events in “Summary”, “Calendar” and “Detail” views. Add events in “Event” custom post type created by the plugin.
  9. Event Slider – Show your events into the slider. Add events in “Event” custom post type created by the plugin. You can also enable or disable the single page from Elementor -> Extensions.
  10. Flipbox – Use flipbox with slider
  11. Google Calendar – Add your google calendar into Elementor
  12. Multi Point Map – Design your multi point map with lots of design options
  13. Imagebox Repeater – Add image, title & description into slider via elementor repeater
  14. Import Templates – Import templates from any site you’ve had already developed
  15. Google Map – Add google map as per Address with pin text override
  16. Member – Add member listing with “Industrial Sector”, “Status”, “Company Name” filtering options
  17. Property Search – Use property search to your main page, it’s provide google autocomplete search functionality.
  18. Properties – Property listing with lots of filtering options. Map view, Listing view & Grid view.
  19. Scroll Navigation – Convert your sections into Scroll Navigations
  20. Table – Insert visually attractive data table anywhere you want
  21. Testimonial Swiper – Add testimonial with slider and different layout options

Extensions Works with Elementor Pro Plugin:

  1. Nav Menu – Add “Megamenu” into elementor by using “Description” field of Menus.
  2. Nav Menu – Add “Hamburger Scroll” after scroll menu converted into the hamburger.

New Extensions:

  1. Elementor Clickable Column
  2. Elementor Stretch Column


  • Plugin Settings
  • Integration Settings
  • Enable/Diabled the widget settings (Note : Disable if you are not using widget to improve website performance)
  • Cookie Notice
  • Megamenu Implementation-1
  • Megamenu Implementation-2


Note : This plugin works with Elementor. Make sure you have Elementor installed.

  1. Upload the plugin folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
  3. You can see plugin settings in Elementor -> Extensions.
  4. Also you can see them under the category “Elementor Extensions” on your element/widget list.


Can I use the plugin without Elementor Page Builder?

No. You cannot use without Elementor..

Does it work with any theme?

Absolutely! It will work with any theme where Elementor works. We recommended “Elementor Hello” theme.

What if I update to Premium version?

Your existing elements/content will work with premium version. So you won’t lose your developed contents.


4 Marzo 2021
A very useful plugin to add a document download manager to Elementor. As I am not using any other feature, it would be great to be able to deactivate some of the functions!
18 Gennaio 2020
I have used this plugin for property management and it does awesome job. This plugin also provide Custom Field widget which is great to use. I know this plugin has some bugs but it's negotiable. I am giving 5 star because it's done my job within an hour.
8 Gennaio 2020
This plugin has some really useful features, particularly an easy to use mega-dropdown designer, and a load of other small and large items that are excellent extensions to Elementor. It is obviously a relatively new development so to be expected that there are some bugs but I can see releases have happened to resolve things so obviously support is good. The previous reviewer seems to have ignored the Christmas period and expected instant replies from support which seems a little unreasonable. From our point of view we use this on a number of sites already and find it most helpful. Suggest focus on the support and keeping up to date on bugs - but all in all easy to use and very helpful.
30 Dicembre 2019 1 risposta
I really like the plugin but it has some debugging that needs to be done. 3 days to at least respond is a reasonable. Haven't heard anything as of yet. Adds extra custom post types that clutters up the admin page. When I try to add posts the admin page is all messed up. I spent probably 2 hours going through each plugin, deactivating, reactivating, and testing after removing this plugin. The results were that ACF fields were not functioning properly when this plugin is active. I think this plugin has lots of potential but the commitment on follow up remains to be seen.
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Contributi e sviluppo

“Extensions for Elementor” รจ un software open source. Le persone che hanno contribuito allo sviluppo di questo plugin sono indicate di seguito.


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Changelog (registro delle modifiche)

2.0.13 – 17/11/22

  • Minor bug fixing

2.0.12 – 12/10/22

  • Minor bug fixing

2.0.11 – 25/08/22

  • Minor bug fixing

2.0.10 – 19/07/22

  • Mega menu – Bug fixed
  • ACF dependencies conflicted in frontend fixed

2.0.9 – 27/06/22

  • Minor bug fixing

2.0.8 – 09/06/22

  • Minor bug fixing
  • TEC – Custom taxonomy added

2.0.7 – 20/05/22

  • Minor bug fixing and new functionalities
  • New WordPress version testing

2.0.6 – 24/02/22

*Fix : Stretch column extension glitch
*Fix : Clickable column extension glitch

2.0.5 – 18/01/21

*Fix : Hover color glitche in shrink menu
*Fix : TEC – Removed time text shown in calendar events
*Fix : TEC – Added support to add no event message

2.0.4 – 21/12/21

*Fix : Click glitches in The Event Calendar widget
*Fix : Megamenu – Removed deprecated methods to support new Elementor version
*Fix : Updated lastest dependencies

2.0.3 – 29/09/21

*Fix : Click glitches in The Event Calendar widget
*Fix : Load map api script only Map or Google map widget enabled

2.0.2 – 26/07/21

*Fix : Table widget A-Z sorting
*Fix : ACF plugin dependency assets loading issue
*New : Megamenu elementor tabs support added

2.0.1 – 22/07/21

*Fix : Table widget bugs
*Fix : Stretch column not working in Megamenu
*Fix : Megamenu with sticky menu
*Fix : The Event Calendar – Some styling not working
*Fix : Document Library filename change with title

2.0.0 – 17/06/21

*New : Clickable column extension added
*New : Stretch column extension added
*Fix : ACF & ACF photo dependency updated
*New : The Event Calendar – New calendar styling options added

1.0.22 – 14/06/21

*Fix : Compatibilty issue resolved with Elementor Pro

1.0.21 – 02/06/21

*Fix : The Event Calendar – Limit issue has been fixed
*Fix : The Event Calendar – Changed Or to And condition

1.0.20 – 03/05/21

*Fix : The Event Calendar – Comma issue has been fixed

1.0.19 – 19/04/21

*New : Nav Menu – Menu icon functionality has been added
*Fix : Megamenu – Blank space in footer has resolved

1.0.18 – 07/04/21

*Fix : Cookie – Cookie bar not working due to jQuery error
*Fix : Megamenu – Megamenu top spacing issue with cookie bar, admin bar and other sections

1.0.17 – 06/04/21

*Fix : A To Z widget – Removed special characters from slug
*Fix : The Event Calendar Widget – Summary detail view content line break issue

1.0.16 – 26/03/21

*Fix : Megamenu – Top spacing issue
*Fix : The Event Calendar – Query control limit with sorting issue
*New : The Event Calendar – Content support added in Detail view
*Fix : The Event Calendar – Next available month issue

1.0.15 – 19/03/21

  • New : The Event Calendar Widget – Query controls added for all the views
  • Fix : Nav Menu – Megamenu fixed for all the views
  • New : Cookie – Cookies settings added to accept and deny with overlay cookie information
  • Fix : Property – Fixed issues
  • New : Property – Agent Styling options added

1.0.14 – 13/01/2020

  • Fix : The Event Calendar Widget – Time format issue corrected
  • Fix : BreadCrumb – Google search console index issue resolved
  • Fix : Nav Menu – Megamenu fixed for both desktop and mobile
  • New : Nav Menu – New slideout mobile menu added

1.0.13 – 01/12/2020

  • Fix : The Event Calendar Widget – Equal height issue

1.0.12 – 27/11/2020

  • New : The Event Calendar Widget – New widget with list view capability has added

1.0.11 – 09/11/2020

  • Fix : Property single style conflicts with other styles

1.0.10 – 28/10/2020

  • Fix : Style Fix – Property single css override the other style

1.0.9 – 28/10/2020

  • New : Property Single – Property agent widget added
  • New : Property Single – Property location map widget added
  • New : Property Single – Property school checker widget added
  • New : Property Single – Property slider widget added
  • Fix : Megamenu – Mobile view menu not working properly

1.0.8 – 08/10/2020

  • Fix : Megamenu – Inner Nav Menu styling fixed

1.0.7 – 16/09/2020

  • New : Property – Property search page will be removed if you diabled the widget
  • Fix : ACF – Dependency updated to latest ACF version

1.0.6 – 22/04/2020

  • Fix : Event Summary View – Bug fixes
  • Fix : Event Calendar View – Style control not working issue resolved
  • Fix : Property – Single proerpty link added in Agent Mail
  • Fix : Mega Menu – Responsive view improvement

1.0.5 – 05/02/2020

  • Fix : Event detail view – Added more styling elements for content
  • Fix : Event detail view – Improve responsive view
  • Fix : Slideout Menu – Added close button for slideout
  • Fix : ACF – Fields button not working when ACF pro plugin exist on site.

1.0.4 – 16/01/2020

  • Fix : Content support has added into Event single page template
  • Fix : Events Calendar & Google Calendar jqueris updated to the latest version.
  • Fix : Custom Field – widget’s content editor not printing the <p> tag

1.0.3 – 06/01/2020

  • Fix : Resolving different notices, warnings and bugs

1.0.2 – 02/01/2020

  • Fix : Menu – Sticky menu z-index issue

1.0.1 – 24/12/2019

  • Fix : Megamenu – Submenu inherit text-transform automatically from the parent
  • Fix : Megamenu – Moves with the scroll issue
  • Fix : Property Search – Array decode warning resolved.

1.0.0 – 23/11/2019

  • Initial stable realese