EZOptimize Image Optimizer


Speed up your website by cutting down image sizes without losing quality. No server dependencies required, all optimizations are done by the EZOptimize systems and thus require a free registration at https://ezoptimize.com/register/.
Single handedly remove the “Optimize images” notification from Google PageSpeed Insights.
Not happy with the result, you can revert every image.


EZOptimize optimizes your images remotely on our servers. Your images are sent to EZOptimized servers optimized and returned to your server by this plugin. We do not store, share or use your data for anything beyond image optimization.
By using this plugin you agree to out terms outlined at https://ezoptimize.com/terms

How to use EZOptimize

Because EZOptimize does all the optimizations externally on our server, you have to register for an API key. The registration is free and you get a monthly Quota of 100MB. If you are happy with the plugin you can extend your quota by signing up for paid membership.

Why we did it

We made EZOptimize out of necessity, we do Pagespeed Optimization for a lot of sites, and manually optimizing each and every image was a pain. So we automated the process and are happy to release it in the wild.


WordPress Admin Method

  1. Go to you administration area in WordPress Plugins > Add
  2. Look for EZOptimize (use search form)
  3. Click on Install and activate the plugin
  4. Register in https://ezoptimize.com/ and obtain an API key

FTP Method

  1. Upload the complete EZOptimize folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the \’Plugins\’ menu in WordPress

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