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Easy BXSlider


Taking the BXSlider to the next level for WordPress! Easy to update and maintain slides, as simple as adding and removing pages to your WordPress site – that is it! This plugin is layered on top of (read as they are required) two separate plugin’s, plus the ability to join them together and make that all work as a simple system… The best thing is that you are not limited to the number of sliders per page, you can have as many as you want!

The plugin is based on the premise that you create a hierarchy of pages, and the plugin will read the pages BELOW (has Parent of) the referenced page in the “ref” tag. The plugin will get the pages and dynamically add them to the slider for you, no counting pages or needing to manually adjust the slider when you want to change content.

Why should I use this plugin?

  • Single shortcode – fast implementation time
  • Powerful, yet simplistic in use
  • No learning curve to use of this plugin – just use it to enhance/simplify your usage of BXSlider

Example of usage:

[ez_slide parent=”1043″] -> optional shortcode-> [/ez_slide]

This insertion would take all pages below (has Parent of) page 1043 (found at the end of your Permalink when editing pages):

— Main Page

—— Slider Reference Page (1043 above)

——— Slide 1

——— Slide 2

——— Slide 3

——— Slide X

The above is the structure I use in order to keep track of things cleanly, your reference can be anything that has sub-pages – even the main page. It is up to you.


The plugin, by default, inserts slides according to the name they hold, in ASC order. I use Slide_1, Slide_2, etc in order to make sure I know what slide come next.

Shortcode parameters:

ref: The referecne to the page that is the Parent (ex: 1043 above) {default = 1000}

sorting: “ASC|DESC”. The sort type you want {default = ASC}

sort_column: “column name”. Sort the column you want to have the slides sorted on. {default = title}

EX: [ez_slide parent=”1043″ sorting=”ASC” sort_column=”ID”]

Plese see the Insert Pages plugin page for the specs on what each options means. Pass them in this manor:

Insert Pages Options (optional): Send as: display=”title|link|content|all|{custom-template.php}” {default = content}

EX: [ez_slide parent=”1043″ display=”title”]


If you do not install them, I can not call them 🙂

1. BXSlider Integration for WordPress –

2. Insert Pages –

If you download, please rate the plugin. This is one of the few feedback methods available. If you have a low opinion, please allow me to try to fix it first before leaving a bad review.


  • The structure I use to create my slideshows.


1A. Install the plugin from within WordPress
1B. Download the file from WordPress.Org, then upload the file into your WordPress site using the upload feature
2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in the WordPress dashboard.
3. Install the “bxSlider integration for WordPress” plugin per their guidance
3. Install the “Insert Pages” plugin per their guidance


Is it really unlimited slider pages?

Well, I have not literally tried, I have gone to 15 slides. After that the performance on my server started to slip – so I did not go any farther. I am not on a high end box, so feel free to test your own limits. In theory, there is not a limit.

I placed a page under my “ref” page (set the Parent as) and the content does not show up?
  1. The page must be published – the slider does not read un-published content.

    2: Did you install the “bxSlider integration for WordPress” plugin? It is not included with the installation of this plugin at this time

    3: Did you install the “Insert Pages” plugin? It is not included with the installation of this plugin at this time

    4: Does the page work when you view the page? If not, start there…
Why do I have to install other plugin’s for this to work?
  1. I figure if they make improvements it is easier to let them make the update and then you update that, rather than waiting for me to implement a hacked changed into this plugin. Best is to let each of us support our own plugin’s as needed…


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Contributi e sviluppo

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Version 1.0, July 28, 2014 – Initial Release
Version 1.1, Aug 2, 2014 – Added variable ref rather than hard coding