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31 Marzo 2018
As advertised.. gets FB Group posts, converts them to WP posts..from there you can do most anything with normal WordPress widgets, page builders and more. It has comments, it lets you set the download frequency and number of posts. To be clear, it creates WP posts, it's not a FB widget. This allowed me to make a more custom look rather than the "off the shelf" looks in the other plugins. Great job and thank you.
24 Giugno 2017
Not sure if the reason why it doesn't work are the recent updates with Facebook API. THIS plugin is actually a very good idea, but has to be re-worked to be functional. I've tried to install it on a couple of websites- using different Facebook APP IDs, but seems it doesn't trigger data from FB at all. Thanks for trying- anyway; if there will be any update, please let me know!
3 Settembre 2016
Hi nice plugin but need to updates with new Facebook API and give more functionalities like listed below. 1) Facebook Feed from Page alos 2) Store data in existing post type like post etc.
3 Settembre 2016
I hope that this will have more development in the future, I'm making some changes myself, take a look: preg_match('/https:\/\/scontent.xx.fbcdn.net\/.*\/\d*_(\d*)_\d*.*.jpg/', $fb_post->picture, $matches); $imageurl = "https://graph.facebook.com/{$matches[1]}/picture?type=normal"; Using this you can get a better image quality. Thanks!
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