Featured Image from URL (FIFU)


WordPress plugin for external featured images, videos, audios and more

FIFU plugin has helped thousands of websites worldwide save money on storage, processing, and copyright since 2015.

If you are tired of wasting time and resources with thumbnail regeneration, image optimization, and never-ending imports, this plugin is for you.

Immagine in evidenza

Use an external image as featured image of your post, page or custom post type.

  • Immagine in evidenza esterna
  • Image search (Unsplash)
  • Immagine in evidenza predefinita
  • Nascondi media in evidenza
  • Immagine in evidenza nel contenuto
  • Imposta automaticamente il titolo dell’immagine
  • Salva dimensioni immagine
  • Colonna per immagine in evidenza
  • [PRO] Image search (search engine)
  • [PRO] Disabilita clic destro
  • [PRO] Save in the media library
  • [PRO] Stessa altezza
  • [PRO] Replace not found image
  • [PRO] Custom popup
  • [PRO] Page redirection

Automatic featured media

  • Auto set featured media from post content
  • [PRO] Auto set featured image using post title and a search engine
  • [PRO] Auto set featured media using web page address
  • [PRO] Auto set featured image from custom field
  • [PRO] Auto set featured image using ISBN and books API
  • [PRO] Auto set screenshot as featured image
  • [PRO] Auto set featured image from Unsplash using tags


  • CDN + miniature ottimizzate
  • Lazy load


  • Meta tags
  • [PRO] Media RSS tags
  • [PRO] BuddyBoss Platform and bbPress


  • Integrazione di WP-CLI
  • [PRO] Add-on per WP All Import
  • [PRO] WooCommerce import
  • [PRO] WooCommerce REST API
  • [PRO] Schedule metadata generation


  • Immagine esterna del prodotto
  • Lightbox and zoom
  • [PRO] Galleria per immagini esterne
  • [PRO] Galleria per video esterni
  • [PRO] Category images auto set
  • [PRO] Prodotto variabile
  • [PRO] Variation image
  • [PRO] Gallery for variation image
  • [PRO] Save in the media library
  • [PRO] FIFU product gallery
  • [PRO] Quick Buy
  • [PRO] Add image to order email

Video in evidenza

Supports URLs from YouTube, Vimeo, Twitter, 9GAG, Cloudinary, Tumblr, Publitio, JW Player, VideoPress, Sprout, Odysee, Rumble, Dailymotion, Cloudflare Stream, Bunny Stream, Amazon, BitChute, Brighteon, Google Drive, Spotify and SoundCloud. External and local video files are supported as well.

  • [PRO] Video in evidenza
  • [PRO] Guarda più tardi
  • [PRO] Miniatura del video
  • [PRO] Play button
  • [PRO] Larghezza minima
  • [PRO] Controlli video
  • [PRO] Autoplay on mouseover
  • [PRO] Autoplay
  • [PRO] Playback loop
  • [PRO] Mute
  • [PRO] Privacy enhanced mode
  • [PRO] Video di sfondo

Widget per Elementor

  • Immagine in evidenza
  • [PRO] Video in evidenza

Widget per WordPress

  • [PRO] Featured media
  • [PRO] Featured grid
  • [PRO] Product gallery

Campi per Gravity Forms

  • Immagine in evidenza
  • [PRO] Video in evidenza
  • [PRO] Slider in evidenza

Campi per Dokan

  • Immagine in evidenza
  • [PRO] Product gallery


  • [PRO] Modifica rapida
  • [PRO] Audio in evidenza
  • [PRO] Slider in evidenza
  • [PRO] Shortcode

Funzioni per sviluppatori

  • fifu_dev_set_image($post_id, $image_url)
  • [PRO] fifu_dev_set_video($post_id, $video_url)
  • [PRO] fifu_dev_set_slider($post_id, $url_list, $alt_list)
  • [PRO] fifu_dev_set_image_list($post_id, $image_url_list)
  • [PRO] fifu_dev_set_video_list($post_id, $video_url_list)
  • [PRO] fifu_dev_set_category_image($term_id, $image_url)
  • [PRO] fifu_dev_set_category_video($term_id, $video_url)

FIFU Cloud

  • Cloud storage (never lose an image again)
  • Global CDN (images loaded much faster)
  • Optimized thumbnails (processed in the cloud)
  • Usage-based billing (per stored image)
  • Smart cropping (detects people and objects before cropping)
  • Hotlink protection (sites can’t embed your images)



  • Immagine in evidenza

  • Image search

  • Video in evidenza

  • Image gallery for WooCommerce products

  • Image gallery for WooCommerce product variations

  • Modifica rapida

  • Widget per Elementor

  • Impostazioni → Immagine in evidenza

  • Impostazioni → Video in evidenza

  • Impostazioni → Slider in evidenza

  • Settings → Featured audio

  • Impostazioni → Shortcode

  • Settings → Automatic

  • Impostazioni → Social

  • Settings → Performance

  • Impostazioni → WooCommerce

  • Impostazioni → WP All Import

  • Impostazioni → REST API

  • Settings → Admin

  • Impostazioni → Metadati

  • Developers

  • FIFU Cloud


Installa FIFU da dentro WordPress

  1. Visit the plugins page within your dashboard and select ‘Add New’;
  2. Search for ‘FIFU’;
  3. Activate FIFU from your Plugins page;

Installa FIFU manualmente

  1. Upload the ‘featured-image-from-url’ folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory;
  2. Attiva il plugin FIFU attraverso il menu ‘Plugin’ di WordPress;


Why isn’t preview button working?

  • Your image URL is invalid. Take a look at Settings → Getting started.

Does FIFU save the images in the media library?

  • No. Only the PRO version is capable of doing this, but it is optional. The plugin was designed to work with external images.

Why the featured image is being displayed twice?

  • You enabled “Featured Image in Content” option unnecessarily.

Perché l’immagine in evidenza non viene visualizzata?

  • Please check if “Hide Featured Media” option is unduly enabled.

Perché non ci sono cambiamenti dopo l’aggiornamento delle impostazioni?

  • Try to clear your cache.

Is any action necessary before removing FIFU?

  • Access settings and clear the metadata.

What’s the metadata created by FIFU?

  • Database registers that help WordPress components to work with external images. This plugin can generate the metadata of ~50,000 image URLs per minute.

What are the disadvantages of external images?

  • No image optimization or thumbnails by default. You can fix that with CDN + Optimized Thumbnails feature (performance settings).

What are the advantages of external images?

  • You save money on storage, processing and copyright. And you can have extremely fast import processes.

È legale incorporare immagini senza autorizzazione?

  • Yes, it is. Click here to know more.

Do external images affect SEO?

  • No, external images don’t affect SEO. Click here to know more.


6 Settembre 2023
Very good support and easy to get up and running. The plugin works perfectly, the support is super attentive and they help you with everything, it's worth paying for the license, I have done it and I am very happy with it!!!!
25 Agosto 2023 2 risposte
Does the simple thing it needs to do, but is way too present in the admin area. The developer was quick to respond and fix it though, but I already moved to a better alternative.
17 Agosto 2023
I purchased the plugin for the ability to play local hosted mp4 videos as the featured product image. There was a slight issue with the autoplay which was solved quickly by the first class support on hand to help. The support for the plugin really is exceptional and worthy of 5 stars. Thank you FIFU!
2 Febbraio 2023
FIFU is a real life saver, especially if you work with a ton of products and can't host every image locally. It works flawlessly out of the box (with documentation info and compatibility for other plugins such as WP All Import) and it's crafted to pure perfection. Also, mad respect for its developer, Marcel, as not only did he create a truly unique plugin, but is also super kind and helpful whenever you need any help!
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  • Note: about FIFU Cloud 2; fix: conflict between Lazy Load and Bricks theme (and possibly others).


  • Compatibility with the latest WordPress and WooCommerce versions.


  • Fix: quick editor (not displaying gallery fields after filtering the product); fix: Remove external image link (moving the scroll on mobile).