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24 Aprile 2018
Hi, I’ve tried to set up fetch tweets using the “Fetch with ID” rule. But my tweets from Twitter aren’t showing, it just says “Fetch Tweets: No data available for specified ID. Code:8” Thanks
11 Novembre 2016
This has become my favorite Twitter feed plugin. It integrates well with my themes, is highly customizable, and be can configured to display a wide variety of feed options via shortcodes. If the default interface doesn't work out so well on your blog or just doesn't suit your needs, the developer has a few extra templates available at his website which can provide extra functionality such as displaying and rotating single tweets, creating your own unique plugin interface, debugging the plugin, creating hashtag clouds, and displaying tweets from single accounts. If you're looking for a Twitter feed plugin that looks great and gives you full control over the output and the appearance, this is it! Highly recommended!
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