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2 Dicembre 2017
Just wonder if it is possible to set up different Min Height / Max height option? It is real important - if we use high resolution images on the desktop full wide and half-screen - there are two problems on mobile: 1. High resolution images are too heavy for mobile where we can use images like 700x400 2. We can not use half-screen-height images on mobile Are there any way to solve it?
26 Ottobre 2017 1 risposta
I think I downloaded over 10 different slideshow plugins and tried them out, but this is by far the best I've used! Thank You!!!!
15 Agosto 2017 1 risposta
This is a good plugin to be fair. But... I have been having an issue for a month now with not being able to add new slides to an existing or new slideshow. I just get a "busy" animation that doesn't progress to the actual "add slide" step. I have posted in the support forum on this and have yet to see a reply after a month. When I checked other posts on the forum, there seem to be lots of other posts that have gone unanswered too.
29 Giugno 2017
This is my go-to plugin when I need a slider. Easy to apply custom CSS styles to get it just how you want it.
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