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Forget About Shortcode (FASC) Buttons are a visual way to add CSS buttons in the rich text editor and to your themes. Instead of adding shortcodes in the post editor, you insert real, styled buttons – making the process of adding buttons to your posts and pages much more natural whilst improving the appearance and usability of the post editor.

FASC Buttons tries to be as clean as possible with the html, only using data attributes for necessary features – the buttons you use in the post editor use the exact same classes as on the front end of your site with no extra or hidden markup to make them behave this way.

  • New – add FASC buttons to widgets in WP 4.8 🙂

  • Editing a button couldn’t be easier – just double click a button and an options panel appears allowing you to completely reconfigure the current button – beats tedious shortcodes and using precise syntax!

  • Utilises the latest CSS properties for styling

  • Includes Dashicons & Font Awesome Icons to add to your buttons and use in your themes.

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This plugin is only compatible with WordPress 4.2 and upwards (download version 1.x for compatibility with WP 3.9 – 4.1)


Screenshot (schermate di esempio)

  • Some of the buttons you can create in the Post Editor
  • Edit button properties popup
  • Add an icon to your button
  • Buttons on the frontend in the WP 2014 theme


  1. Upload the entire forget-about-shortcode-buttons folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.

For basic usage, you can also have a look at the plugin homepage.


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Works OK for me with WP5.0.3

Very handy plugin. I like that it embeds an actual CSS button rather than interpreting a shortcode. Less opportunity for trouble. Seems to work fine on WordPress 5.0.3 as of today (1/28/2019)

Wonderful plugin (the best buttons plugin)

wow, I was using the maxbutton but when I found this one I got impressed really. Amazingly clean and easy interface, and above all the practicality to add the links not having to get into the codes or not seeing the way the button looks on the page (as happens when using maxbuttons. So this is one of the best plugins I have found around here . Well done and all the best to the people involved on their creation.

Fa quello che promette, ma non è più aggiornato

Fa esattamente quello che promette: aggiungere dei pulsanti a pagine e post, senza utilizzare i fastidiosi shortcode. Significa che potremo un giorno disinstallare il plugin senza crear danni ai nostri contenuti. Tolgo una stella perchè, pur funzionando con WP 4.9.x, non è ormai aggiornato da 1 anno. L'autore dichiara però di star lavorando ad una versione compatibile con Gutemberg. Sarà l'occasione per aumentare a 5 stelle il mio voto? 🙂

Highly recommended

In order to have a nice CTA button, I tried various plugins. i also tried to do it without a plugin. None of it worked as I wanted. Until I found Forget About Shortcode Buttons! It's a simple but very effective plugin. I use it every time. Works like a charm! A big Thank You to the developers! BTW I also use UpdraftPlus and both work perfectly.

Very easy plug in, however…

I love this plug-in. Easy to use and very nice results. However I found out that now the plug-in is conflicting with another plug-in because it has an error in its code: "We know a conflict with Forget About Shortcode Buttons which breaks several other plugins because it has an error in its code. A solution was promised months ago by the developers:" I hope for a fast update!

error at editor

when this plugin is active, add media button is not working. please fix it. also i am using tinymce editor.
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Changelog (registro delle modifiche)


  • Fix – JS issues when no TinyMCE instance is loaded on the page
  • Fix – better conditional loading of CSS and JS


  • Fix – various issues with loading & the TinyMCE Editor


  • New – added support for FASC buttons in WP 4.8 widget areas 🙂
  • Fix – an issue with button styles in the admin area, only when they were selected (this is due to some new CSS classes being added in WP 4.8)
  • Fix – some copy / paste issues and buttons losing their styles (WP 4.8 bug)
  • Fix – a compatibility with other TinyMCE related plugins – FASC was extending the view object incorrectly
  • Fix – some issues on the PostProcess TinyMCE event, made sure FASC only handles this when there are FASC buttons to be handled


  • Fix – an issue with the border effect on glossy buttons
  • Fix – remove box-shadow properties from FASC buttons by default, some themes such as twentyseventeen add this to all anchor tags
  • Fix – remove button rollover/hover effects from TinyMCE editor
  • Fix – some issues when using multiple buttons in a post, and their setting not being saved/retrieved correctly


  • Rewritten the core to use WP standards – no more iframes – much quicker to load
  • New – integrated with WP Views – inline toolbars for editing and deleting – more options to come
  • New – UI refresh – should make it easier to edit buttons as you are going through button options – the new UI also paves the way for some upcoming new features 🙂
  • New – Added bold, italic & strikethrough options from within the button editor – these are also saved to your templates
  • New – nofollow option
  • New – Add icons after buttons
  • Fix – a bug where the popup wasn’t loading / showing forbidden
  • Fully backwards compatible with buttons created in 1.x


  • Security Update – XSS patch


  • Fix – “Insert button” icon added for custom post types
  • Tested up to WP 4.4


  • Save buttons!
  • Prevent directory listing of folders by adding blank index.php files to all folders – silence is golden!


  • Bug fix – properly use WP versioning and cache busting methods – upgrading to 1.0.3 caused some layout errors for some users as assets were being loaded from the cache – should be no more problems regarding caching and updating the plugin now


  • Added Font Awesome Icons 🙂
  • Updated Icon Selector UI – no scrolling to find the icon you just used! 🙂


  • Added subtle rollovers to buttons
  • Improved HTML output – removed nearly all cases of using the data- attributes on buttons – much cleaner code
  • Optimized JS functions for performance


  • JS error Fix for IE9
  • prefixed the .rounded css classes


  • Initial Release