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FormGet is the best form creator that empowers you to create any kind of forms within a few clicks. All you need is to simply drag and drop the required fields on your form and your form is ready to share with your audience. Further, you can embed these forms on your website without any hassle. Now, you can collect messages, payments, feedback, leads, documents and much more.

You do not need any programming knowledge or other skills to use the FormGet Contact Form plugin.

FormGet App

  • FormGet Online Form Builder is a standalone application that integrates with all website platforms including as a WordPress plugin.
  • You must have an FormGet account in order to take advantage of our forms and other incredible features. Click here to learn more about FormGet.

FormGet Video Tutorials

This video will give you a quick demo on how you can create forms and embed it on your WordPress site with the FormGet WordPress plugin.

Full list of Features

  • Drag and Drop Form Builder – You get an effortless form builder wherein you can drag the fields to your interface and create a form of your own choice. Moreover, the form fields are easy to add, remove, edit and reorder anytime.

  • Form Validation – FormGet allows you to setup different types of form validations on fields. This means if the validation on the field does not pass the parameters, an error message is displayed on the form. We have validations for email field, number field, and text fields.

  • Easily Embed and Share The Forms – This form builder allows you to embed forms on your website. You can even share the created forms directly using the URL. With social share option, you can share your forms on Facebook, Twitter, and on just about any other social sites.

  • Team Management / Client & Agent Management / Multi User Forms – FormGet empowers you to give access to your team members and work in a collaborative environment. Similarly, you can even restrict the access of your forms to different agents and team members.

  • Email Notifications For All Forms – This WordPress form builder plugin notifies you via email as and when the user submits the form successfully. The email notification system also notifies the form creator about any new submissions or payments that comes through the form.

  • Add Redirect Links To Forms & Conditional Redirects – You can add a link to the page where you want your users to redirect after successfully submitting the form. With the powerful conditional logic feature, you can set conditions to redirect users to another URL or customized Thankyou page as per their form submission.

  • Logical Forms – Display or hide form fields depending upon different logics. You can setup different types of logic on the forms to make it more functional and intuitive. This means you can setup logics like displaying a specific field depending upon what is selected in the previous form field.

  • Multilingual Forms – You can create a form in any language like Greek, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, French, German, Greek, Spanish, Arabic, Brazilian, Portuguese, Bulgarian, Italian, Hindi and just about in any other language in the World.

  • File Uploads – Define the parameters like the file-type, file-size, & enable users to upload the files. The files are saved on the FormGet servers and with the Dropbox integration you can sync those files on your Dropbox account as well.

  • Image Uploads – You can allow your users to upload images in different image formats like jpegg, png, gif through your form. Image uploading is critical where you are looking to get feedback or portfolio images submitted through the form.

  • PDF Upload – The PDF upload feature makes it so much painless to collect documents from the users. All they need to do is upload their documents and FormGet handles the uploads for you. PDF upload works great for resume type forms or any other document collection form.

  • Shortcode Enabled Form – This ultimate form builder supports WordPress shortcode that helps you in displaying the form at any given place on your website.

  • Responsive Forms – The forms created with the FormGet form builder plugin are completely responsive which completely adjust themselves in any screen size (mobile, desktop, tablets, etc).

  • Payment and Subscription Forms – Collecting payments can’t get easier! You can simply create payment collection forms and collect payments in the contact form itself via PayPal Payment Forms & Stripe Payment Forms. FormGet enables you to collect both one time and recurring payments through PayPal and Stripe payment gateways.

  • Manage Inventory and Quantity – FormGet recently added a new “Product Inventory and Quantity Setting“. This empowers you to set up your available product stock and also limit the quantity of the product that a user can buy in a single purchase.

  • Multi-Page Forms – With FormGet, you can effortlessly create forms that consist of more than one page in no time. Displaying a large form in multiple steps makes it easier for users to fill the form. This increases the conversion rate of the form submission.

  • Form Abandonment – In the case of multi-page forms, any partial submitted entries are automatically saved in the backend. This means even if the form is not filled completely, you still get access to the partially submitted data.

  • Partial Form Submission – If you are using multi-page form then this feature of the contact form builder lets you to save the form at any point of filling it and then resume it later. All you have to do is just click on fill later button and enter your email address on which you want to receive the partially submitted form link. You can use the same link to resume your partial filled form at any time. This feature helps you to save the information entered by the user and provide the option to fill the fields in the future.

  • Form Redirection – Add Redirect Links To Forms i.e. you can add a link to the page where you want your users to land after successfully submitting the form. You can also setup conditional redirects depending upon the data the user has filled in inside the form.

  • Form Scheduling – This great feature allows you to Activate/Deactivate your form on a particular date and time. You can also deactivate your form on the basis of the number of form submissions that are received.

  • Form Templates – This plugin is fully loaded with hundreds of pre-built templates for every occasion that are fully customizable. Just clone them and start using the form as per your requirement.

  • Multiple Form Fields – You can add multiple form fields to your forms such as name, phone number, email address, radio, checkbox, select, payment fields, ratings fields and much more etc.

  • Conditional Logic Forms – Create conditional logic forms by adding conditional fields to the forms. This will automatically display or hide the form fields as per the user’s response to the previous fields. Hence, your contact or subscription form will look neater and managed.

  • Conversational Forms – You can easily transform your web forms into conversational form with the usage of form logic. Registration and survey forms are the best examples that enable you to collect audience details. This will make your website look more lively and interactive.

  • Surveys and Polls – The best way to know what your audience feel is via surveys and polls and this can be done with the help of FormGet’s survey forms. This will help you in improving your products with customer’s point of view.

  • Spam Protection – FormGet comes with an integrated Google Recaptcha integration. This provides spam protection for your forms. Further to make it simple we have integrated the latest version of captcha, so that your users don’t have to fill in any complex set of characters. They simply click on a button and they are automatically verified.

  • GDPR Compliant – FormGet is GDPR compliant that means all the data entered is safe and secure. It also means that as a user you have complete control on your data and you can safely remove your data at anytime you want.

  • Post Submissions – Do you want your users or visitors to submit posts on your website? Well, you can actually do that with the help of FormGet as it allows you to create forms for collecting posts data include the Title, description and other details.

  • Export/Import – It is plain sailing when it comes to exporting and importing the data of forms. You can go inside your FormGet account and get the entire export of your data in CSV format which can be imported to Excel or Google Sheets. You can also export the leads data to your email marketing service automatically. You can also do selective data export based on any specific date range can be exported.

  • Dropbox Integration – By integrating with Dropbox, you can use FormGet to easily transfer or store the data safely. If your form has a file upload field, you can directly get those files saved into your Dropbox account.

  • Google Analytics Integration – Once you integrate your forms with Google Analytic, you get the detailed analytics of the forms like form submission

  • Webhooks and Zapier Integration – Webhooks integration is facilitated by FormGet. Now you can easily send form submissions to your endpoints. With the help of webhooks, you can transfer any collected data through the form to different applications in real time.

  • Hidden Field – FormGet empowers you to use a hidden field in case you want to receive the information the users did not submit or you want to keep this field concealed from the users. The hidden fields can be prefilled through the URL’s structure. This means the fields will be populated with certain data but that data will not be visible to the form submitter. It will be saved for the form creator who can view the data in the backend.

  • Custom Emails – Now you can send automatic beautifully customized autoresponder emails through FormGet. This emails can be further customized by including dynamic Client Data (Form Submission Summary) from the forms in your email content with a click. Add first name, last name, data from radio fields, etc to the subject lines of the emails that are sent to the users.

  • Auto-Populate Form Fields – Added functionality of “Pre-Populate Fields Via Query String” enabling each input fields to have their unique pre-fill key that can be used to pre-fill the information in the form field

  • Helpdesk – FormGet allows a two way communication between both the form creator and form submitter. For each submitted message, you can start the conversation with the message submitter and contact them directly from within the FormGet forms dashboard itself. Enable complete helpdesk solution by using FormGet.

  • Settings / Customization – It provides a well-managed settings panel wherein you can clone, create and customize every aspect of your forms. For instance – you can add a border, border shadow, and typography etc to the form fields.

  • Managed Submissions – Once you receive the posts submitted by the users, that’s when you need something to manage. FormGet helps you to uncomplicatedly manage all these submissions.

  • Awesome Support – The plugin proffers one of the best support to it’s users & is equipped with an understanding and helpful team.

  • Customizable Emails – You can customize the forms and send them to the users as and when required via emails.

  • Direct Email Marketing Integration – You can integrate the forms with the following popular email marketing software for trouble-free emailing-

    • AWeber
    • Campaign Monitor
    • Constant Contact
    • GetResponse
    • MailChimp

You can always rely on us for support- We’ll be happy to help

Additional Features Of ‘FormGet’ WordPress Contact Form Plugin

  • Allow unlimited contact form entries.
  • Agent alert with an email on every ticket received via the contact form.
  • Contact form branding is possible.
  • Embed contact form on the sidebar, so that the form is visible on the whole website.
  • Get the unique contact form URL and share it across the network.
  • Contact form dashboard implemented with searching and filtering capability.
  • Redirect the user to any page/URL using contact form redirect URL field.
  • Data stored using entries of the contact forms are regularly backed-up and restored on cloud servers.
  • Upload your Custom Background and header image of the form.
  • Color customization can be done by using advanced color customizer in the form builder plugin’s dashboard.

If you have other need via forms that you can choose these articles that will guide you which form company is best for you.

Installation Guide For The FormGet WordPress Form Builder Plugin

This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.

  1. Upload FormGet_Contact_Form folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the contact form plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. Contact form tab will appear on the bottom left of the WordPress dashboard.
  4. Just click on the contact form tab and your online contact form builder will appear.
  5. Now just create your contact form and save it.
  6. Click on the embed button and copy the tabbed button code.
  7. Paste it in the plugin section again.

Want to know more about this Form Builder?

Visit FormGet Online Form Builder for more information about FormGet Online Form builder.

To learn about FormGet from the beginning, you can visit FormGet Video Tutorial series.

Screenshot (schermate di esempio)

  • Screenshots


Do I need a FormGet account to create a form?

Yes, the FormGet Form plugin is an integration to WordPress. Your forms are all saved in the FormGet account and displayed directly on your website through the integration.

How do you compare with other form building tools in the market?

We have full suite of conversion friendly features like form abandonment, partial submission, multi page forms and much more. FormGet pricing is very competitive compared to it competitors.

FormGet is much more powerful than other form building applications like Wufoo, Formstack, Jotform, Contact Form 7, Ninja Forms, WPForms, Formidable Form and others. We compete with this services both on the pricing front and the customization possibilities that we offer.

The FormGet form builder allows you to customize every single aspect of your form design right from the typography, colors, form fields, backgrounds, button styles, border radius and much much more. It is a real form builder without thousands of possible design customization options.

Will FormGet Contact Form plugin work with my latest WordPress installation ?

Yes, Sure FormGet plugin is tested and created with new version of WordPress.

Will FormGet Contact Form plugin work with my themes?

Of course! FormGet Contact Form plugin works out-of-the-box with every WordPress themes and other plugins. It work with the vast majority of premium and free themes, without requiring any coding.

How can I add a field to my contact form?

To add a new field in the contact form go to your dashboard, click on edit icon of the form that you want to edit. Now you can see the section of form elements and your form. Now you can select elements and add new fields. Once the new form is created, copy the code and replace it with previous code.

Does the FormGet Contact Form plugin save the request in database so that admin can view it?

Because we host everything, when you design a contact form with FormGet it automatically builds database. You can view all your entries from your dashboard of FormGet by making yourself logged in.

How can customer log their Queries?

When you create account in FormGet you automatically get support desk. All the entries submitted from FormGet form that you have embeded on your website, get automatically converted into ticket that you can get working on, from your account. FormGet Contact Form let you collect feedback and queries directly from your website.

What type of forms can I create with FormGet?

There are thousands of different types of forms that you can create with FormGet. We have a library of 500+ ready to use form templates available on You can clone and start to create your own form in no-time. If there are some type of forms that are not covered in the list below, you can contact our team at and someone will help you in setting up your form.

We offer ready to use form templates for following different types of forms:

24 Hour Prayer Vigil Sign Up Form
30 Day Employee Review Form
360 Degree Feedback Form
360 Review Form
42 Cfr Part 2 Patient Consent Form
5K Race Registration Form
5K Registration Form
Absence Form
Abstract Form
Abuse Report Form
Accident Report Form
Accountability Form
Acknowledgement Form
Acquisition Plan Form
Activity Consent Form
Acupuncture Forms
Address List Form
Admission Form
Advertisement Form
Advertising Survey Form
Affiliate Signup Form
Ages And Stages Forms
Agile Maturity Assessment Form
Airport Pick Up Sign Form
Alumni Donation Request Form
Alumni Form
Alumni Membership Form
Ambassador Application Form
Amcom Wireless Form
American Bible University Form
Animal Rescue Volunteer Application Form
Annual Employee Review Form
Anonymous Suggestion Box Online Form
Apartment Guest Card Form
Apartment Inquiry Form
Apparel Forms
Applicant Form For Job
Application For Appointment Form
Application For Employment Form
Application For Models Form
Application Form
Application Form Example For Students
Application Forms
Application Incubator Form
Apply For A Position Form
Appointment Form
Appointment Request Form
Appraisal Form
Appraisal Request Form
Appreciation Form
Approval Form
Architectural Request Form
Area Calculator Triangle Form
Art Commission Form
Artist Application Form
Artist Binder Form
Artist Booking Contract Form
Artist Registration Form
Asq 42 Months Form
Asq 54 Months Form
Asq 60 Months Form
Asq-3 48 Month Questionnaire Form
Athlete Recruitment Form
Athletic Questionnaire Recruitment Form
Attendance Form
Attendance Tracking Form
Auction Form
Auction Forms
Auction Item Donation Form
Audit Form
Audit Forms
Auditions Form
Authorization For Automatic Payment Form
Authorization Form
Authorize Net Donate Form
Auto Detailing Forms Pdf
Automobile Accident Reporting Forms
Automotive Repair Order Form
Availability Form
Availability Schedule Form
Awana Registration Form Word Document
Award Application Form
Award Entry Form
Award Form
Award Nomination Form
Baby Predictions Form
Baby Registry Form
Baby Sleep Log Form
Baby Wishes Form
Babysitter Application Form
Background Check Authorization Form
Backstage With The Bible Form
Bakery Order Form
Baldwin Forms
Band Application Form
Bank Form
Bankruptcy Intake Forms
Banner Creation Form
Bar Inventory Form
Baseball Registration Form
Baseball Sponsorship Form
Baseball Tryout Forms
Basic Advertising Form
Basic Contact Information Form
Basic Order Form
Basic Photo Release Form
Basketball Camp Registration Form
Basketball Registration Form
Basketball Tryout Form
Beauty Pageant Entry Form
Become A Freelancer Application Page Form
Bed Form
Beginning Of The Year Student Questionnaire Form
Bigtextbox Form
Bike Cups Form
Bill Form
Birth Photography Contract Form
Birthday Party Forms
Birthday Register Form
Bjs Job Application Pdf Form
Blackjack Animal Rescue Form
Blog Forms
Blog Strategy Form
Blood Donation Form
Blood Drive Consent Form
Blood Drive Sign Up Form Form
Board Membership Application Form
Bojong Form
Book Box Club Form
Book Club Sign Up Form
Book Order Form
Book Order Forms
Book A Limo Form
Booking Form
Booking Inquiry Form
Booking Request Form
Boot Camp Application Form
Bootstrap Form
Borang Form
Boutique Application Form
Boxing Waiver Form
Boy Scout Popcorn Order Form 2015
Branding Questionnaire Form
Breakfast Form
Breakout Session Form
Brfhs Form
Bridal Show Vendor Registration Form
Bridesmaid Questionnaire Form
Brief Form
Briefing Form
Bug Form
Bug Tracker Form
Business Card Order Form
Business Contact Form
Business Credit Application Form
Business Demographic Survey Form
Business Forms
Business Loan Application Form
Business Survey Form
Buy Form
Buyer Consultation Checklist Form
Buyers Order Form
Buying Form
Cake Order Form
Cake Order Forms
Cake Quote Form
Calculate Form
Calibration Form
Call Back Form
Call Back Forms
Call Center Script Form
Call For Artists Form
Call Log Form
Call Monitoring Evaluation Form
Camp Elohim Form
Camp Evaluation Form
Camp Form
Camp Registration Form
Camp Scholarship Application Form
Campaign Volunteer Sign Up Form
Campground Reservation Form
Cancellation Form
Cancellation Policy Form
Cancellation Survey Form
Candidate Application Form
Candidate Experience Survey Form
Candidate Interview Evaluation Form
Candidate Tracker Form
Candle Order Form
Car Offer Form
Car Rental Form
Caregiver Application Form
Case Studies Forms
Cash Advance Form
Casting Form Form
Catering Form
Catering Order Form
Central Regional School District Form
Certificate Of Insurance Request Form
Change Order Form
Change Request Form
Character Evaluation Form
Character Form
Charitable Donation Form
Charity Form
Check Authorization Form
Check Request Form
Checklist Form
Checkout Form
Cheerleading Registration Form
Chex Grill Form
Chicken Form
Child Care Enrollment Form
Child Registration Form
Childcare Registration Form
Children Evaluation Forms
Children’S Church Sign In Form Form
Chiropractic Forms
Chiropractic Intake Form
Christmas Story Contest Form
Christmas Theme Form
Church Camp Registration Form
Church Contact Form
Church Contribution Forms
Church Directory Form
Church Donation Form
Church Event Request Form
Church Forms
Church Information Card Form
Church Membership Form
Church Offering Counting Form
Church Questionnaire For Visitors Form
Church Registration Form
Church Volunteer Application Form
Claim Form
Clan Application Form
Class Cancellation Email Sample Form
Class Feedback Form
Class Registration Form
Class Reunion Registration Form
Classroom Observation Form
Classroom Walkthrough Form
Cleaning Quote Form
Cleaning Service Forms
Client Agreement Form
Client Consultation Form
Client Feedback Survey Form
Client Ination Form Form
Client Information Form
Client Intake Form
Client Intake Form Law Firm Pdf
Client Onboarding Checklist Form
Client Registration Form
Client Satisfaction Survey Form
Client Survey Form
Clientsurvey Form
Clothes Order Forms
Clothing Order Form
Clothing Order Forms
Club Officer Application Form
Club Survey Questions Form
Cni Sales Form
Co Op Application Form
Coach Evaluation Form For Parents
Coaching Form
Collection Form
College Application Form
College Transcript Request Form
Commercial Confidentiality Agreement Form
Commercial Lease Application Form
Commission Statement Form
Commitment Form
Communication Request Form
Community Service Form
Company Directory Form
Company Vehicle Inspection Checklist Form
Competition Forms
Complaint Form
Complaints Forms
Compliance Form
Complimentary Passes Form
Compute Age Form
Computer Repair Form
Concept Testing Questionnaire Form
Concepts Of Print Assessment Form
Concierge Request Form
Conference Call For Proposals Form
Conference Forms
Conference Registration Form
Confidential Morbidity Report Form
Consent Form
Construction Change Order Form
Construction Phase Plan Form
Construction Scope Of Work Form
Construction Site Safety Checklist Form
Consultation Form
Contact Directory Form
Contact Form
Contact Form Service
Contact In German Form
Contact Information Form
Contact Us Form
Contactez-Nous Form
Contest Entry Form
Contest Entry Form Free
Contest Entry Forms
Contest Registration Form
Contractor Form
Contribution Form
Cookie Order Form
Cool Form Design
Cos Form
Counseling Intake Form
Counseling Progress Notes Form
Counseling Referral Form
Counselling Form
Coupon Form
Courier Form
Course Evaluation Form
Cpr Card Forms
Cps Text Form
Craft Fair Application Form
Create Order Form
Creative Request Form
Credit Application Form
Credit Card Authorization Form
Credit Card Order Form
Credit Card Payment Form
Cub Scout Recruitment Flyer Form
Cupcake Order Form
Curriculos Form
Custom Order Form
Custom Request Form
Customer Application Form
Customer Claim Form
Customer Complaint Form
Customer Experience Survey Form
Customer Feedback Form
Customer Incident Report Form
Customer Injury Incident Report Form
Customer Questionnaire Form
Customer Registration Form
Customer Satisfaction Survey Form
Customer Service Evaluation Form
Customer Service Form
Customer Service Request Form
Customer Service Survey Form
Customer Survey Form
Customer Testimonial Form
Daily Activity Log Form
Daily Deal Form
Daily Food Log Form
Daily Job Report Form
Daily Report Form
Daily Safety Inspection Checklist Form
Daily Salesman Report Form
Daily Tracker Form
Dance Audition Form
Dance Registration Form
Dance Studio Registration Form
Dante Survey Form
Dass 21 Online Form
Data Collection Form
Dating Application Form
Dcps Form
Dealer Application Form
Dealer Test Drive Form
Dedication Form
Defect Report Form
Delivery Driver Independent Contractor Agreement Form
Delivery Form
Demo Form
Demografik Form
Demographic Forms
Demographic Table Form
Dental Health History Form
Dental Lab Slip Forms
Dental Narrative Form
Dental Patient Ination Form
Dental Payment Plan Agreement Form
Dental Peeps Jobs Form
Dental Records Release Form
Dental Web Form
Deposit Contract Form
Deposit Slip Form
Deposition Form
Descargar Formulario I-94 Gratis
Design Proof Form
Design Request Forms
Detailed Menu Form
Diabetes Form
Dietitian Referral Form
Digital Order Form
Direct Deposit Form
Direct Support Professional Progress Notes Form
Directivos Form
Disciplinary Action Form
Disclaimer Form
Discord Form
Discount Card Form
Disney Form
Dj Contract Forms
Dj Forms
Doctor Appointment Form
Doctor Appointment Forms
Doctor Forms
Doctor Referral Form
Dog Adoption Form
Dog Boarding Form
Dog Form
Dog Foster Application Form
Dog Temperament Test Form
Dog Training Form
Domain Lease Agreement Form
Don’T Starve Custom Character Form
Donation Check Form
Donation Form
Donation Forms
Dot Annual Inspection Form
Doula Client Intake Form
Drawing Entry Form
Drawing Slips Form
Drink Ordering Form
Driver Application Form
Driver Application Forms
Driver Evaluation Form
Driver Record Request Form
Duty Log Form
Dyog Form
E Number Calculator Form
E-Okul Form
Easy Job Applications Form
Ecommerce Forms
Education Form
Eeyev Form
Ejemplo De Formulario
Electrical Inspection Checklist Form
Electrical Inspection Report Form
Email Forms
Email List Form
Email Sign Up Form
Embroidery Order Form
Emergency Contact Form
Employee 90-Day Review Form
Employee Accident Report Form
Employee Benefits Survey Form
Employee Complaint Form
Employee Contact Information Form
Employee Equipment Checkout Form
Employee Evaluation Forms Free
Employee Exit Interview Form
Employee Exit Survey Form
Employee Favorites List Form
Employee Incident Report Form
Employee Information Form
Employee Nomination Form
Employee Of The Month Form
Employee Of The Month Voting Form
Employee Pay Increase Form
Employee Performance Evaluation Form
Employee Performance Log Form
Employee Referral Form
Employee Referral Forms
Employee Reimbursement Forms
Employee Relations Tracking Form
Employee Satisfaction Survey Form
Employee Self Evaluation Form
Employee Termination Checklist Form
Employee Termination Form
Employee Transfer Request Form
Employees Contract Form
Employees Registration Form
Employment Application Form
Employment Health Form
Employment Ination Form
Employment Offer Letter Form
Employment Verification Form
Engineering Notebook Form
Enrollment Forms
Enter To Win Form
Entertainment Forms
Entry Form
Entry Forms
Eod Report Form
Eod Reports Form
Equipment Maintenance Log Form
Equipment Order Form
Equipment Receipt Form
Equipment Rental Form
Erc Forms
Escort Application Form
Estimate Form
Estimate Form Forms
Estimate Request Form
Estimation Forms
Evaluation Form
Evaluation Survey Form
Evan Paul English Form
Evans Halmshaws Form
Event Booking Form
Event Feedback Form
Event Inquiry Form
Event Invitation Form
Event Management Form
Event Photography Contract Form
Event Planner Consultation Form
Event Planning Form
Event Proposal Form
Event Questionnaire Form
Event Registration Form
Event Report Form
Event Request Form
Event Rsvp Form
Event Satisfaction Survey Form
Event Survey Form
Event Vendor Application Form
Evernote Forms
Exam Form
Executive Director Evaluation Forms
Exhibition Form
Exhibitor Registration Form
Exhibitor Survey Form
Exit Interview Form
Expense Report Form
Expense Request Form
Expense Statement Form
Expense Tracking Form
Fatayat Form
Facial Consultation Form
Facial Intake Form
Facility Request Form
Fake Car Registration Generator Form
Fake Flight Confirmation Email Form
Fake Hotel Reservation Form
Family Law Intake Form
Family Therapy Progress Notes Form
Fancy Envelope Form
Faq Form
Farmer Registration Form
Fashion Model Form
Favorite Things Survey Form
Fbisd Website Form
Feedback Form
Feedback Form Design
Feedback Gif Form
Feedback Report Form
Festival Vendor Application Form
Festival Volunteer Application Form
Fiberlux Form
Ficha Cadastral Form
Ficha De Anamnese Form
Field Service Report Form
Field Trip Form
Field Trip Permission Form
Field Trip Request Form
File Download Form
File Upload Form
Filipino Quiz Form
Film Festival Form
Finance Forms
Financial Assessment Forms
Financial Assistance Application Form
Fire Alarm Inspection Form
Fire Alarm Inspection Form Excel
Fire Department Incident Report Forms
Fire Inspection Checklist Form
First Aid Program Form
Fitness Flyer Form
Fitness Measurements Form
Flat River Wrestling Form
Fleet Inspection Form
Flower Shop Order Forms
Focus Form
Focus Group Forms
Follow Up Survey Form
Food Order Form
Football Registration Form
For Online Quizzes Form
Forklift Inspection Checklist Form
Form Applications
Form Emailer
Form En Espanol
Form Fashion
Form Gallery
Form Hair Salon
Form Hosting
Form Images
Form Of Advertisement
Form Salon
Form Spanish
Formato De Orden De Trabajo
Forms Contact
Forms Equipment
Forms Photo
Formulario De Contacto
Formulario De Inscripción
Formulir Cv
Formulir Online
Franchise Form
Free After School Registration Form
Free Basketball Registration Form
Free Bid Proposal Form
Free Children’S Church Registration Form
Free Employment Application Forms
Free Forms
Free Minecraft Forms
Free Printable Vehicle Inspection Form
Free Samples Us Form Fields
Freight Quote Form
Free Form
Friend Form
Functional Analysis Screening Tool Word Document Form
Functional Behavior Assessment Form
Funding Request Form
Fundraiser Form
Fundraisers Forms
Fundraising Order Forms
Furniture Order Form
Game Application Form
Gaming Form
Gaming Sponsorships Applications Form
Gasoline Expense Calculator Form
Gbcf Form
Gdpr Compliant Contact Form
Gdpr Compliant Personal Data Processing And Data Subject Rights Request Form
General Home Inspection Form
General Scholarship Application Form
Generic Dog Adoption Application Form
Generic Registration Form
Gentox Form
Getting To Know You Form
Giant Paw Prints Rescue Form
Girl Scout Cookie Order Form
Glow Theme Form
Golden Rule Award Form
Golf Outing Form
Golf Registration Form
Google Map Contact Page Form
Grant Application Form
Graphic Design Job Application Form
Graphic Form
Graphic Request Form
Group Evaluation Form
Group Proposal Form
Group Registration Form
Gssc Mm Form
Guest Form
Guest Registration Form
Guest Registry Form
Guest Satisfaction Survey Form
Guest Speaker Form
Gym Application Form
Gym Membership Form
Gym Survey Form
Hackathon Registration Form
Halloween Form
Halloween Sign Up Form
Handicap Parking Permit Form
Handout Form
Hbwt Form
Head-To-Toe Nursing Assessment Form
Health Evaluation Form
Health History Form
Health Questionnaire Form
Health Screening Form
Hearing And Vision Screening Forms
Heather Nan Form
Hedgehog Adoption Form
Help Desk Request Forms
Helping Hands Orphanage Form
Herbalife Belly Buster Form
Herbalife Forms
High School Scholarship Application Form
High School Transcript Request Form
Hipaa Medical Release Form
Hipaa Consent Form
Hire Form
Home Evaluation Form
Home Health Aide Visit Record Form
Home Health Care Customer Satisfaction Survey Form
Home Health Care Safety Checklist Form
Home Health Referral Form
Home Health Skilled Nursing Visit Form
Home Inspection Contract Form
Home Loan Form
Home Visit Forms
Homeowners Insurance Quote Form Form
Horoscope Form
Hospital Discharge Form
Hospital Form
Hospital Marketing Plan Form
Hostess Facebook Form
Hotel Booking Form
Hotel Request For Proposal Form
Hotel Reservation Form
House Hunting Checklist Form
Housekeeping Application Form
Houseseller Form
How To Register A Car Club Form
Html Code For Online Shopping Website Form
Html Employment Application Form
Html Job Application Form
Html Survey Form
Human Resources Forms
Human Resources Surveys Form
Husky Form
Hussmann Rl 5 Form
Hvac Invoice Form
Identity Verification Form
Iklan Gratis Form
Immunization Exemption Form
Impressos Form
Income Driven Repayment Plan Request Form
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Job Safety Analysis Form
Job Seeker Application Form
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John Adams Yabc Form
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Salon Application Form
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Sample Political Survey Form
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Sandy Sansing Mazda Pensacola Form
Satin Alma Form
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Scholarship Apply Form
Scholarship Profile Form
Scholarship Request Form
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School Climate Survey Form
School Fundraiser Form
School Incident Report Form
School Open House Form
School Register Form
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Security Officer Daily Activity Report Sample Form
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Simple Job Application Form Free
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Taxi Form
Taxi Moto Form
Tb Risk Questionnaire Form
Tb Screening Form
Teacher Evaluation For Students In High School Form
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Teacher Mentoring Forms
Teacher Self-Evaluation Form
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Teaching Evaluation Form
Teaching Jobs Application Form
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Training Evaluation Form
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Training Room Hire Form
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Translation Request Form
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Transport Request Form
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Travel Agent Client Profile Form
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Truck Rental Agreement Form
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Tutor Form
Tutor Request Form
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Uni Residential Appraisal Report Form
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Usborne Books Party Form
Usborne Cards For A Cause 2018 Form
Usborne Thank You Form
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Usta Southern 2016 Form
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Vaccination Record Form
Vaccine Administration Form
Vaccine Exemption Form
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Vbs Registration Form
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Vehicle Maintenance Request Form
Vendor Application Form
Vendor Contact Form
Vendor Contract Form
Vendor Log Form
Vendor Registration Form
Vendors Application Form
Veterinary Employee Evaluation Form
Veterinary Form
Veterinary Physical Exam Form
Veterinary Prescription Form
Veterinary Referral Form
Veterinary Treatment Form Form
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Video Request Form
Video Submit Form
Vip Ticket Form
Visiting Teaching Report Form
Visitor Request Form
Vistorias Form
Vital Signs Form
Vocabulary Quiz Form
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Volunteer Background Check Authorization Form
Volunteer Form
Volunteer Information Form
Volunteer Recruitment Form
Volunteer Registration Form
Volunteer Sign Up Form Form
Voting Form
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Walk Through Observation Form
Walkathon Forms
Warranty Claims Form
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Waxing Consent Form
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Webinar Registration Form
Webmaster Form
Website Design Client Questionnaire Form
Website Design Form
Website Design Questionnaire Form
Website Design Quotation Form
Website Design Quotations Form
Website Development Forms
Website Evaluation Form
Website Feedback Form
Website Form Submission
Website Request Form
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Wedding Announcements Form
Wedding Attendance Form
Wedding Cake Order Form
Wedding Certificate Forms
Wedding Consultation Form
Wedding Contract Form
Wedding Decor Rental Agreement Form
Wedding Flower Order Form
Wedding Form
Wedding Forms
Wedding Inquiry Form
Wedding Invitation Contract Form
Wedding Officiant Contract Form
Wedding Package Form
Wedding Payment Form
Wedding Photography Cancellation Contract Form
Wedding Photography Contract Form
Wedding Photography Forms
Wedding Photography Timeline Form
Wedding Planner Questionnaire Form
Wedding Questionnaire Form
Wedding Reception Planner Form
Wedding Rsvp Form
Wedding Shot List Form
Wedding Videography Contract Form
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Weekly Availability Form
Weekly Evaluation Form
Weekly Progress Report Forms
Weekly Report Forms
Weight And Measurement Tracker Form
Weight Loss Challenge Sign Up Form
Wellness Evaluation Form
White Paper Download Form
Wholesale Application Form
Wholesale Order Form
Will Questionnaire Form
Win A Dream Wedding 2019 Form
Wine Order Form
Woohoo Forms
Woozworld Sign Up Form
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Work Order Log Form
Work Order Request Form
Work Permit Application Form
Work Sampling Form
Workplace Safety Survey Form
Workshop Registration Form
Worship Team Application Form
Wreath Form
Write Up Form
Www Kolej Komuniti Com Form
Yaz Kampı Form
Youth Camp Registration Form
Youth Ministry Volunteer Application Form
Zara Job Application Form


Luglio 27, 2018
What has happened to the free version ??????? when you offer a free lite version this should be on going not just STOP IT so from now on please cancel all contacts with me and stop sending me more CRAP from your website. GOOD DAY and Good Bye I will find another plugin and that goes for your INK THEMES as well !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Settembre 3, 2016
A free plugin which demands our phone number and e-mail address, and when we try to connect, that doesn't even walk...
Febbraio 8, 2017
Used this plugin for my website ( and I must say I just loved it. Simple and beautiful. Very happy. 🙂 Anshul Sukhwal..
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Version 5.5.3

  • Replace the iframe embed with the script.

Version 5.5.2

  • Updated Login URLs.

Version 5.5.1

  • Updated the urls of sliding panels.

Version 5.5.0

  • Updated the FormGet plugin page description with the latest details.

Version 5.4.8

  • Changed Scrolling functionality in iframe.

Version 5.4.7

  • Changed plugin interface.

Version 5.4.4

  • Fixed HTTPS links.

Version 5.4.2

  • Tested Plugin with new version of WordPress 4.9.2

Version 5.4.1

  • Added a admin notice for providing discount.

Version 5.4.0

  • Added sanitization and escaping of data.

Version 5.3.9

  • Powered by FormGet removed.

Version 5.3.8

  • Added new feature link inside extension menu.
  • Help link added for getting sliding form code.
  • Login tab included for logging to FormGet Account easily.

Version 5.3.7

  • FormGet Setting panel area extended.

Version 5.3.6

  • Fixed dashboard css conflict issue.

Version 5.3.5

  • Fixed css conflict issue.

Version 5.3.4

  • Added Subscription Form.
  • Added Email Marketing Module.

Version 5.3.3

  • Add action updated.

Version 5.3.2

  • Extension links updated.

Version 5.3.1

  • Persistent XSS issue fixed.

Version 5.3

  • Easy to use formget extension links added.

Version 5.2

  • Error ocurring on debug mode removed.

Version 5.1

  • Formget widget related bug fixed.

Version 5.0

  • Admin panel bug fixed.

Version 4.9

  • Added option in order to hide the tab from Home page.

Version 4.8

  • Allowing blank embed code value for hiding the sliding form.

Version 4.7

  • Security Issue Patched. Thanks to James H from

Version 4.6

  • Contact us link added in Help page.

Version 4.5

  • WordPress shortcode improve.

Version 4.4

  • Stylesheet updated.

Version 4.3

  • Made some improvement in ssl.
  • More secure.

Version 4.2

  • CSS bug fixed.

Version 4.1

  • Sidebar widget CSS bug fixed.

Version 4.0

  • Sidebar widget made responsive.
  • jQuery conflict issues resolved.

Version 3.9

  • Login tab added.

Version 3.8

  • FormGet widget added, now forms can be visible on sidebar and footer section of website.

Version 3.7

  • Some changes made in css.

Version 3.6

  • Upgrade to pro banner removed.

Version 3.5

  • Embed section issues resolve.

Version 3.4

  • Improvement in FormGet User Interface design.

Version 3.3

  • Improvement in FormGet User Interface. Faster and smooth user experience.

Version 3.2

  • Improvement in User guide.

Version 3.1

  • Improvement in CSS.

Version 3.0

  • Stylesheet Updated.

Version 2.9

  • Video tutorials added.

Version 2.8

  • “Contact Us” tab visible on selected page only.

Version 2.7

  • CSS bug fixed.

Version 2.6

  • Login page

Version 2.5

  • CSS bug fixed.
  • Payment with stripe added.
  • Login interface changed.

Version 2.4

  • Made some improvement in video explanation.

Version 2.3

  • Implemented Logic in Contact Form
  • Upload your Custom Background and header image in contact form.
  • Color customization can be done by using advance color customizer in Contact Form.
  • Share your Contact forms on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus go generate leads.

Version 2.2

  • Video added in Plugin.

Version 2.1

  • Video added in readme.txt

Version 2.0

  • Iframe bug fixed.

Version 1.9

  • CSS bug fixed.

Version 1.8

  • Fixed issue for overriding other’s style.

Version 1.7

  • New improved architects.
  • CSS bug fixed.
  • Help text improved.

Version 1.6

  • Admin-panel CSS bug fixed.

Version 1.5

  • CSS bug fixed.

Version 1.4

  • Admin notice will only be appear on when FormGet contact form installed or reactivated. Once user activate the dismiss admin notice, Notice disappear permanently.
  • Admin notice bar bug fixed.

Version 1.3

  • Support tab added to handle query related to plugin
  • Admin notice bar added to show notice until form is created

Version 1.2

  • Minor improvement on help section
  • Small css bug fixed.

Version 1.1

  • Added Contact Form shortcode for page/post.
  • css improved
  • help section added
  • Bug fix: iframe.

Version 1.0

  • Initial release