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Formula04 WooCommerce Quick Window


Create’s a pop up that contains the Product information for one product. A You can choose to automatically add a “popup” button to each product on the shop page; or using a shortcode you can control where the button appears and what product will be shown in the popup after said button is clicked. A You also can enable the adding of the product directly to the cart from the pop up. A This prevents your users having to go to the individual product page before adding the product to their cart.

Just a very basic plug not meant to be anything too overcomplicated. IfA you have an ideas or feature requests let me know!


After installing you will need to go to the Formula04 Quick Window Settings page and tweak a few things.

Auto Display Quick View Button – Select this if you want the pop-up button to automatically appear under each product listing. This will apply to most widgets as well.

Formula04 QuickWindow Button Text – What text do you want to be on the pop up button. This will be the universal throughout every Formula04 QuickWindow button on your site.

Formula04 QuickWindow Button Extra Classes AND Formula04 QuickWindow Button ID – Add a CSS Class or ID to a button. This will be the universal throughout every Formula04 QuickWindow button on your site.

Pop Up Window Content Setting – What do you want to appear in the pop-up window? You can choose from either whatever your current single product page template is, or you can use a custom layout.

Use Formula04 CSS? – enables a very tiny bit of css that will be applied to the pop window assuming you are using the formula04default custom template.

Allow Add To Cart from Formula04 Quick Window – do you want to allow your visitors to add a product to their cart directly from the Formula04 QuickWindow?


A Where can I see DEMO with one click?
Right HERE
A How do I use my own template for the pop up window?

There is a file located in the Formula04 Woocommerce Quick Window Plugin Folder named “formula04_quickwindow_template.php”

Typically this will be located in “wp-content/plugins/formula04-woocommerce-quick-window/

Copy this file to your Theme/Child Theme’s directory.

Typically it would looke like this

How can I add a single quickwindow button exactly where I want it

Use the Shortcode it is [form04wooquickwindow]

Attributes are

product_id – if none is specified then the script will look for a product using the current global ID

id – CSS ID

class CSS Classes

button_text – Text that appears on the actual button.


[form04wooquickwindow button_text=”Quick View” product_id=”Product ID HERE” id=”Some_CSS_ID_HERE” class=”SOME CSS CLASS HERE” ]


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