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G Meta Keywords


G Meta Keywords (GMK) is a simple but useful WordPress add-on that allows you to easily add the keyword insertion field removed from many Search Engine Optimization (SEO) enhancements for WordPress to all your content again.


  • An image from the setting panel of the "G Meta Keywords" plug-in.
  • An image showing where to enter keywords.


Automatic Installation

Once you have entered the WordPress panel, you can automatically install the plugin by searching for “G Meta Keywords” in the “Install Add-ons” page.

Manual Installation

  1. Load the “g-meta-keywords” folder in the ZIP file you downloaded into the “wp-content/plugins” folder in the directory of your WordPress installation.
  2. From your WordPress panel, go to the “Plugins” page and activate the “G Meta Keywords” plugin.

It’s that easy! Now when you enter the edit page of any of your content, you can see the “G Meta Keywords” box at the bottom of your page.


Is there a setting panel?

Yes there is.

Do you add any files to the web page (CSS, JS etc)?

No. It only adds meta key words.

I do not see GMK plugin under some content?

This is normal, as there may be different “Post Types” depending on the theme you are using. If you add these Post Types by entering the GMK plugin’s settings panel, the plugin box will appear.


7 Giugno 2020
Thank you for developing this plugin, some times my customers want to add keywords web pages. This plugin realy simple easy. Works on wp 5.4.1 🙂
23 Giugno 2019
Im really happy i found your G Meta Keywords plugin, since yoast seo removed meta keywords your plugin is perfect for my sites! All of my clients ask me to have meta keywords. Thank you for your plugin! And i hope you can keep it updated. Thanks!
2 Maggio 2019
Nice work, thanks for your time dedicated to develop a simple and excellent plugin.
1 Febbraio 2019
Hello my friend. Good Job! Can you please to add custom taxonomy support in the next release?
12 Dicembre 2018
Всем привет! Как все знают, щас очень много плагинов с огромными функционаломи по SEO в которых больше половины функционала не нужно, а иногда всё есть даже с лихвой, а самого нужного нету. Я себе на сайт ставил много всяких SEO плагинов и во многих meta тег Keywords бел не доступен, а во многих эта функция платная. Приведу пример: Я использую плагин для оптимизации и индексации Yoast SEO и в этом плагине meta тег Keywords это платное удовольствие вот тут как раз и приходит нам на помощь плагин G Meta Keywords который добавляет эту функцию, при том она доступна при создании каждой записи, а это значит, что Вы под каждую странице можете сделать свои ключевые слова. Огромное спасибо за разработку такого хорошего и нужного плагина.
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Changelog (registro delle modifiche)


  • Keyword entering feature was brought to categories.
  • Some variable names have been edited.
  • Improvements were made.


  • The unnecessary lines of code in the plugin have been cleared and the code has become more stable.
  • Improvements were made.


  • Plug-in support for “Post Type” definitions, which vary according to the theme, has been introduced.
  • Improvements were made.


  • Panel added.
  • Improvements were made.


  • Some of the problems with URL structure of the plug-in has been fixed.