GamiPress – BuddyPress integration


Gamify your BuddyPress community thanks to the powerful gamification plugin, GamiPress!

This plugin automatically connects GamiPress with BuddyPress adding new activity events and features.

New Events

  • Account activation: When an user account get activated.
  • Profile updates: When an user changes their profile information (avatar, cover image and/or just the profile information).
  • Send friendship request: When an user request to another to become friends.
  • Accept friendship requests: When an user accepts the friendship request from another one.
  • Send/Reply private messages: When an user sends or replies to private messages.
  • Activity stream messages: When an user publish new activity stream messages.
  • Reply activity stream messages: When an user replies to an activity stream message.
  • Favorite activity stream messages: When an user favorites an activity stream message.
  • Get a favorite on an activity stream item: When an user gets a new favorite on an activity stream message.
  • Group activity stream messages: When a group publish new activity stream messages.
  • Create a group: When an user creates a new group.
  • Join a group: When an user joins a group.
  • Join a specific group: When an user joins a specific group.
  • Get accepted on a private group: When an user gets accepted on a private group.
  • Get accepted on a specific private group: When an user gets accepted on a specific private group.
  • Group invitations: When an user invites someone to join a group.
  • Group promotions: When an user get promoted or promotes another one as group moderator/administrator.

New Features

  • Drag and drop settings to select which points types, achievement types and/or rank types should be displayed on user frontend profiles and in what order.
  • Setting to select which elements should be displayed in activity streams.

There are more add-ons that improves your experience with GamiPress and BuddyPress:

Screenshot (schermate di esempio)

  • Show user points, achievements and ranks on frontend profile


From WordPress backend

  1. Navigate to Plugins -> Add new.
  2. Click the button “Upload Plugin” next to “Add plugins” title.
  3. Upload the downloaded zip file and activate it.

Direct upload

  1. Upload the downloaded zip file into your wp-content/plugins/ folder.
  2. Unzip the uploaded zip file.
  3. Navigate to Plugins menu on your WordPress admin area.
  4. Activate this plugin.


How can I manage the tabs displayed on user profiles?

You will find all the settings to manage the tabs displayed by navigating to GamiPress -> Settings -> Add-ons -> BuddyPress Settings.

How can I display user earnings on BuddyPress activity feed?

On each type edit screen (points type, achievement type and rank type) you will find setting to manage which elements display on BuddyPress activity feed.


21 Settembre 2017
I installed this plugin on my membership site and even though it's still a bit buggy, I am impressed about the fantastic work that is being done here! The support is excellent, the backend of the plugin is easy to understand and the guys behind the scenes are working very hard for getting everything going. The things you can do with this plugin simply are amazing and I hope there is going to be a pro version with a big bundle of extras someday. I highly recommend it!
11 Agosto 2017
This integration is perfect to use in combination with buddypress I love it
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  • Improvements
  • Code cleanup removing debug and old code.


  • Improvements
  • Improved rank activity feed detection.


  • Improvements
  • Avoid to grant access to any event on duplicity checks.


  • Bug Fixes
  • Fixed tab settings default value that forces to get it back to tab when choose to not display.
  • Improvements
  • Moved old changelog to changelog.txt file.