GDPR Helper using CSP


Easily conform to the EU GDPR by blocking all 3rd party requests.

The aim is to block all unwanted requests as simply as possible. This is made possible by setting the general content security policy.

This plugin also supports some Elementor blocks:
– block the Google Maps block until visitor excplicitly allows it
– block the OpenStreetMap block until visitor excplicitly allows it


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Contributi e sviluppo

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Changelog (registro delle modifiche)


  • forgot to set plugin version correctly


  • add custom Elementor widget: 2-click shortcode (Requires consent from users before showing the shortcode)


  • fix bug that prevented the plugin to be uninstalled


  • add option to block Elementor Google Maps widget and Elementor OpenStreetMap widget (3rd party plugin)


  • add option to disable the CSP when logged in


  • add code to make the plugin translateable


  • Working MVP