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Genesis Simple Share è stato creato per essere semplice e facile da usare insieme al tuo Child Theme di Genesis. Ci siamo impegnati per rendere le impostazioni predefinite e le configurazioni iniziali un gioco da ragazzi.

Le impostazioni predefinite abilitano i pulsanti di condivisione solo per i post. Se vuoi modificare queste impostazioni clicca sulla voce ‘Simple Share’ del menu di Genesis.

Puoi scegliere per quali tipologie di post attivare Genesis Simple Share, se deve visualizzare i pulsanti di condivisione anche nelle pagine archivio e con quali icone. Puoi inoltre trascinare le icone per modificare l’ordine di visualizzazione dei pulsanti. Puoi anche scegliere un’immagine predefinita inserendo il suo link. Se hai un account Twitter puoi inserire il tuo User Name in modo da includerlo in automatico dopo il contenuto condiviso.


Scarica l’ultima versione di Genesis Simple Share. Caricala nella cartella dei plugin di WordPress via ftp o tramite la voce ‘Plugin’ del menu e poi attiva il plugin.


Installation Instructions

Scarica l’ultima versione di Genesis Simple Share. Caricala nella cartella dei plugin di WordPress via ftp o tramite la voce ‘Plugin’ del menu e poi attiva il plugin.

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Abbiamo creato un piccolo wiki nel repository di Github per questo plugin con alcuni suggerimenti ed alcuni trucchi. Eccolo:


Can’t Beat Genesis

While I agree that some of the icons aren’t particularly attractive, I choose to use this plug in because I develop exclusively with Genesis themes and when choosing a plug in, quality is always a consideration. So, it was a no brainer for me as I know that both Brian and Nathan wouldn’t let anything out the door unless it was done right.


…but the G+ icon should be updated and there’s a conflict with Genesis Design Palette Pro: if you have changed the link color in Design Palette, it also affects Simple Share.

Everything else is great.

Wish we could disable share counts

I love the simplicity of this plugin…but would LOVE to be able to disable share counts. Right now, I don’t get a lot of shares and it doesn’t look good. Might this be an option coming in the future? Thank you.

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  • Add missing asset files.


  • Added: Setting for hiding the count
  • Added: Post meta option to specify share URL
  • Added: Fix for changing to HTTPS
  • Fixed: Count is now hidden on GooglePlus button because g+ has dropped this feature
  • Fixed: Conflicts when waypoint script is not correctly loaded in some pages
  • Improved: Now uses SASS to build CSS and GULP to minify JS and CSS so files are smaller and load more quickly


  • Fixed: Facebook count continues to work after recent Facebook API changes.


  • Fixed: LinkedIn button works with recent change to LinkedIn API. Note, the button now uses the sharrre.php file to fetch results, which can cause problems accessing share counts with some hosts depending on settings.


  • Fixed: potential xss vector


  • Fixed: styling tweeks for twitter button without count.


  • Fixed: styling issues following removal of tweet count.


  • Include a force to show argument in icon output functions.
  • Disabled Twitter counter for now because twitter is removing the ability to get the counts after 10-2015.


  • Fix error resulting in double icon output.


  • Fix error where icons do not show in archives when showing the excerpt.


  • Fixes potential error where only first post in archive will show share buttons.


  • Initial release.