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GTG Product Feed for Shopping


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GTG Product Feed is a powerful & ease to use WooCommerce Feed for Google Shopping, Facebook Ads, or other channels. With Google Shopping Feed plugin, it’s so quick to create a huge number of products feed in your WooCommerce to meet any Google shopping requirements.

Moreover, insteads of uploading information of products step by step or preparing data files to upload on the shopping merchant ( Google, Facebook, Pinterest, …) manually. The plugin aids you to make WooCommerce Feeds for products to connect to famous shopping providers as Google, Facebook, Pinterest.
You can connect all requirements & recommend fields of WooCommerce Feeds with Google Shopping Feed for WooCommerce. Also, this WooCommerce Google Feed allows to authorize, upload product feeds and get report of Google merchant center, without login Google merchant server.

Equal importance, after you activate the plugin, you can easily create a new WooCommerce product feed, selecting a provider shopping, filter items, and uploading it on those sites. The product feeds can be automatically updated & uploaded according to a given schedule and Sync your product to various shopping engines. No matter the speed of generating feeds, it is completely quick and rapid to save your priceless time. Even though your store contains 10k+ products, it still works smoothly. A piece of cake!

GTG Product Feed – Google Shopping key features:

Non-stop there, this Google Shopping Feed for WooCommerce plugin still covers numerous features inside that will make you surprised:

  • Create unlimited Google Shopping feed from WooCommerce products with so many settings
  • Filter by query
  • Filter by Condition Feed
  • Schedule for regenerate feeds.
  • Manage Product Feeds at ease: Feed Name, Provider (Facebook/Google/Pinterest), Feed Type or Auto Update
  • Manage & Edit WooCommerce Product Feed easily
  • Easily Settings Google Feed on WooCommerce
  • Send Feed to Google Merchant by Google API.
  • Get Instant Report of Google Shopping Errors at WordPress Dashboard, No need to login Google Merchant
  • Conversion Tracking for Google Ads.
  • Dynamic Remarketing for Google Ads.
  • Support Yoast SEO title, meta description.
  • Customize Products Meta for Mapping Product
  • Customize Categories Meta for Mapping Product

Notice: This plugin requires at least WooCommerce version 3.6.

GTG Product Feed – Product Feed WooCommerce for Google Shopping

Create unlimited Google Shopping feed from WooCommerce products with so many settings: By installing the plugin Goolge Shopping Feed, you can create unlimited product feed for Goolge Shopping, Facebook Ads and other channels with 3 feed types as .xml, .txt, .csv

Filter by Query:

Using GTG Product Feed, you can set multiple filter for product, product mapping,… to meet any required of Google Shopping, Facebook Ads or Pinterest, … other chanels

Filter by Condition Feed

It’s flexible to add condition for product feed as product id, condition & value.

Schedule for regenerate feeds

Product feed for Google Shopping can be auto update daily, hours or year or never as you want to ensure the products feed is updated & newest.

Manage/add/edit Product Feeds WooCommerce at ease: Feed Name, Provider (Facebook/Google/Pinterest), Feed Type or Auto Update.

Easily Settings Google Feed on WooCommerce & Send Feed to Google Merchant by Google API
Simple steps to authorize your WooCommerce & Google Merchant. After authorizing sucessfully with Google Shopping, you can generate & upload feed to Google Merchant just 1 click required!

Get Instant Report of Google Shopping Errors at WordPress Dashboard, No need to login Google Merchant.

No more login Goolge Shopping account to check your dashboard, on WooCommerce Dashboard, you can get all notification & report errors of your Google Shopping. It’s amazing?

Conversion Tracking for Google Ads

Dynamic Remarketing for Google Ads.

Support Yoast SEO title, meta description.

Customize Products Meta for Mapping Product

With GTG Product Feed – one of the best Product Feed WooCommerce for Google Shopping – on product info, you can add product meta that is strongly useful for product filter in Feed Mapping.

Customize Categories Meta for Mapping Product

The WooCommerce Product Feed supports to add category meta for each category to better category filter in feed mapping.

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Minimum Requirements

  • PHP 7.2 or greater is recommended
  • MySQL 5.6 or greater is recommended
  • WooCommerce version 3.6.

How to install the plugin and get it working.

  1. Upload the plugin files to the `/wp-content/plugins/gg-woo-feed directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress


Which Shopping WooCommerce did GTG Product Feed supports?

Yes, you can generate product feed for Google Shopping, Facebook Ads & Other Channels

Why GTG Product Feed need for Your WooCommerce Shopping?

GTG Product Feed – Google Shopping Feed Plugin that supports to manage & generate automatically products feeds that combine all required & recommended of Google Shopping. Furthermore, with powerful WooCommerce Google Feed, you can export product feed for not only Google Shopping, but also you can create WooCommerce feed for Facebook, Pinterest,.. It’s possible to auto update Product WooCommerce Feeds daily, hours or never as you want.

How to Setup Google Shopping Feed for WooCommerce?

Yes, it’s so easy with our GTG Product Feed. Just need to install this GTG Product Feed – WooCommerce Google Feed Plugin – you can generate numerous product feed for Google Shopping campaign. View more: How to Set up Google Shopping Feed for WooCommerce with GTG Product Feed

How many feed type supported when Exporting Product to Google Shopping, Google Ads or Other chanels?

As you know, GTG Product Feed is available 3 Feed types: .TXT, .CSV, .XML

Is there any limit for product feed? any shopping?

No, it is unlimited. You can create as many product feeds as you want.

Does this WooCommerce Google Feed support to tracking via Google Analystic?

Yes, GTG Product Feed supports to Google Analytics UTM parameters to the landingpage URL’s that are in your product feed.

How often products feed update?

GTG Product Feed plugin supports to generate feeds daily, twicedaily or every hour. We have settings for this.
. You can export WooCommerce Products Feed to Google Shopping easily, Facebook & other channels also.


25 Settembre 2021
I try many product feed plugins. This is the plugin that works perfectly . 1 small problem is more than 1 year without an update, hope the author doesn't abandon it .
20 Settembre 2021
The only plugin that worked properly for Google Shopping Feed! I tried many plugin and always there were some issues. This plugin was the positive exception. The one star rating below which has been published twice does not have any worth for me.
23 Luglio 2021
I try to use a lot of the Products Feed and this plugin is better them all. Congrats for this and thanks for help our community to have a great plugin to send products for Facebook.
9 Febbraio 2021
After testing a few other plugins, I choose this one. Option to select all additional photos for the facebook feed - great! Best, Fastest Alternative to "Facebook for WooCommerce".
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