Questo plugin non è stato testato con le ultime 3 versioni principali (major releases) di WordPress. Potrebbe non essere più mantenuto, o supportato, e potrebbe presentare problemi di compatibilità se utilizzato con versioni più recenti di WordPress.



Glossy provides an easy way to insert predefined text for use throughout your site. If Tippy is installed, definitions can show via a tooltip. Provides an easy way to specify if tooltips should show in a tooltip or inline by default. Also provides a shortcode attribute for changing the inline setting on a per-term basis.

Glossy adds the shortcodes gs and glossy. For example:

[gs NYSE] – this is the quick way.
[glossy term=”NYSE”] – a longer form, does the same as [gs NYSE]

You can also specify the inline attribute:

[glossy term=”NYSE” inline=”false”] – show the definition in a tooltip
[glossy term=”NYSE” inline=”true”] – show the definition in the body of your post content.
[gs inline=”true” nyse] – Same as above.

Terms are defined in the WordPress dashboard and can be used throughout your site.

The tooltip is created by the Tippy plugin, so showing definitions in a tooltip requires Tippy in order to work.

If you want to create a page that shows visitors an index of all your Glossy entries, use the [glossyindex] shortcode. Just insert [glossyindex] into any post or page and it will take care of the rest. By default, it shows a header with an index of first characters. You can turn it off by using [glossyindex header=”off”]


  • Visiting the Glossy entries list for the first time.
  • Adding a new Glossy entry
  • Data filled in for a Glossy entry
  • Visiting the Glossy entries list with an entry
  • Setting up a post using the Glossy shortcode [gs NYSE]
  • Viewing the tooltip generated by Glossy + Tippy


Upload the plugin into your wp-content/plugins directory
Activate the plugin through the dashboard
Make sure you have Tippy installed and activated
Visit the Glossy settings in the Dashboard sidebar and configure as desired


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Contributi e sviluppo

“Glossy” è un software open source. Le persone che hanno contribuito allo sviluppo di questo plugin sono indicate di seguito.




  • Fixed an issue setting the width and height


  • Fixed how the options are passed to Tippy.


  • Updated to work with the latest version of Tippy.


  • Fixed some errors with CSV import/export


  • Tweak so processed shortcodes won’t be recognized if wrapped in double brackets – ie, [[glossy]] – often used for demonstration purposes.


  • Added a new option to use Tippy’s experimental content method. Will allow users to display content that otherwise might not work.


  • Fixed an issue with UTF8 characters in the glossyindex


  • Shortcode once again works when passed through the do_shortcode() function.


  • Fixed glitch when glossy entries contain a $ sign.


  • New import/export option
  • New access option – choose which user role has access to manage entries
  • Glossy can now receive any attribute available for Tippy
  • New attributes useful with inline glossyindex: showTerm, beforeDef, afterDef, beforeTerm, afterTerm
  • Improvements to admin loading


  • Fix issue causing extra output when plugin activated
  • New checks to ensure Tippy is installed
  • New checks for the Glossy db table when plugin activated
  • Improved handling of gs, glossy, and glossyindex shortcodes – gs and glossy can be used interchangeably
  • Can specify header=”on/off” for each Glossy term.
  • Global setting for header on/off in the Glossy dashboard settings page.
  • New options for glossyindex – these are not yet finished, pushing out version 2 early to address some bugs
  • Glossy is now OOP.
  • Upcoming: export/import of terms. Easily backup terms, load into a new site, or even load new terms from a csv file.
  • Upcoming: additional access control options, allow more of your users access to Glossy terms.


  • Fix issue with plugin crashing install when Tippy is not installed


  • Fix glossyindex


  • Additional shortcode work. [gs] and [glossy] are now processed the same way so both support full attributes and title swap (ie: [glossy term=”myterm”]show this title[/glossy])


  • Fix issue with gs shortcode. Note this reverts gs to its previous behavior – attributes cannot be passed to it at this time.


  • Additional tweaks to inline terms
  • Fix to restore tooltip previews in the admin Manage Glossy area


  • Added the inline attribute to glossyindex


  • Tweak to fix inline settings for [glossyindex] and admin display


  • Added a new option to turn on wpautop() formatting for glossy content.


  • Improved the gs shortcode so it can be used with optional term and inline attributes.


  • Added new Inline option under Manage entries
  • Added inline attribute for the shortcode; inline=”true” or inline=”false” specifies whether to show the definition inline or in a tooltip.


  • Glossy tables are now created with utf8 character set (thanks to DonySuXX for the suggestion)


  • Fixed a bug introduced with 1.2.6
  • Fixed a compatibility issue with the latest version of Tippy


  • $wpdb->prepare tweaks


  • Fixes the issue where extra content was being sent to WordPress.


  • Fixed bug when the same entry is used more than once in a post
  • Tweaks for custom title text; it replaces the Tippy anchor, not the Tippy title.


  • Fixed bug when trying to use an entry name that does not exist
  • Fixed bug when using gs with an entry name that has two or more words
  • Fixed bug when gs was not used as a self-closing tag (ie: [gs myName /])
  • Added the ability to use custom title text: [gs myName]Display this text[/gs]


  • Tweak to entry search method


  • Fixed bug on dashboard page when no entries are in the system
  • Fixed index page bug when entry title contains an apostraphe


  • Improved management of entries


  • Should fix sorting issue with entries on a glossary page. Please let me know if you see additional sorting problems.


  • Fixed an issue when showing an index of entries that don’t have a title specified.


  • Added a new glossyindex shortcode to allow the creation of an index page
  • Added the WYSIWYG editor for adding Glossy content (Note that WP 3.3 is required because of this addition)
  • Added the glossy shortcode as an alternative to the gs shortcode
  • Glossy should now handle any shortcodes included in the entry


  • Fixed tagging glitch


  • Initial release