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12 Agosto 2022
One star off simply because the images aren’t showing, otherwise working well. I wish there was more options, perhaps consider a pro version with features such as alt api’s for gold prices, more display options, customization of the image used and styles and the ability to have multiple widgets of differing styles and ticker.
15 Marzo 2022 2 risposte
Simple programmatically so it is not any load on WP at all. Using rather old API for settings but that is just a sign that WP is working well in backwards compatibility, still. This plugin uses an xml [feed] that is hosted on a secure site, so I hope it will work for a very long time as the author has “Moved On” to other things.
7 Novembre 2017
Seems not to work, the prices are all 0, even in demo:
15 Luglio 2017
This Is What i needed and Its fast too doesn’t increase page size like other widget on the internet Prices are Quite Accurate Love The Plugin
28 Febbraio 2017
It was perfect for a long time, but apparently stopped working a while back. I see that it has been updated, but there are unanswered requests about zero prices on the forum. I’ll be glad to return this to 5 stars when it’s resolved.
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