Google Analytics Dashboard per WP di ExactMetrics (precedentemente GADWP)


The ExactMetrics Google Analytics for WordPress plugin helps you properly setup all the powerful Google Analytics tracking features without writing any code or hiring a developer.

More importantly, over 1 million users love ExactMetrics because of our signature Google Analytics Dashboard that helps you view key Google Analytics stats right inside your WordPress dashboard.

Our goal at ExactMetrics is to help you grow your business faster with data-driven decisions.

This is why we built the most comprehensive Google Analytics plugin for WordPress, so you can setup all the powerful tracking features that website owners otherwise miss out on when simply pasting the analytics code in WordPress.

We go beyond the simple analytics script and add the advanced event tracking, so you can see all important user behavior in WordPress with just a few clicks (without hiring a developer).

Basically, we made the same advanced Google analytics setup that big enterprise companies used to pay thousands of dollars for, available to every small business owner without the high costs.

This is why even the large companies like Microsoft, Quickbooks, Pizza Hut, Delta, Pepsi, Coldwell Bankers, and many others are using Exact Metrics to properly setup Google Analytics and see the custom analytics reports in WordPress.

ExactMetrics Pro
This plugin is the lite version of ExactMetrics Pro plugin that comes with all the Google analytics tracking features you will ever need including events tracking, ecommerce tracking, custom dimensions tracking, form conversion tracking, affiliate link tracking, and tons more. Click here to purchase the best premium Google Analytics plugin for WordPress now!

We are on a mission to level the playing field for small businesses, so they can grow their business faster with data-driven decisions.

See what one business owner is saying about ExactMetrics:

This is absolutely, positively, one of the TOP plugins to install on your WP site. There is no better way to quickly gauge traffic for spikes, surges, and consistency. I installed this on over a dozen WordPress installations and counting, thank you for an outstanding app!
Daniel Monaghan

Full ExactMetrics Feature List

  • Accurate Tracking – Properly setup all powerful Google Analytics features with just a few clicks (without hiring a developer)
  • Easy Google Analytics Dashboard – See your Google analytics reports right inside your WordPress dashboard with actionable insights.
  • Real-time Stats – See who is viewing your website, what they’re doing, where they’re coming from, how they found your site, and more.
  • Ecommerce Tracking – Setup Google Analytics Enhanced eCommerce tracking for WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, & MemberPress (with 1-click).
  • GDPR / CCPA Compliant – Automatically make Google Analytics compliant with GDPR, CCPA, and other privacy regulations.
  • Affiliate Link Tracking – Automatically track clicks on your affiliate links with our enhanced link attribution.
  • Ad Tracking – Automatically track clicks on Google AdSense banner ads inside Google Analytics.
  • File Download Tracking – Track every file download with just one-click.
  • Outbound link tracking – Track your outbound link clicks inside Google Analytics.
  • Custom Dimensions Tracking – Enable Google analytics custom dimensions tracking for WordPress events.
  • Author Tracking – See author stats and discover who’s the most popular author on your site.
  • Google Analytics for AMP – Add proper Google Analytics tracking for Google AMP.
  • Form Conversion Tracking – Track conversions for your WordPress forms. Works with all popular plugins including WPForms, Contact Form 7, Gravity Forms, Formidable Forms, default WordPress comment form, and more.
  • Performance Addon – Adjust Google Analytics speed & sample rate, along with other advanced performance features.
  • Google Optimize Addon – Enable A/B Testing with Google Optimize and connect it with Google Analytics.
  • Custom Events Tracking – Track custom button, menu links, and banner clicks with Google Analytics.
  • Referral Tracking – See your top traffic referrals so you can unlock new opportunities.
  • Page level insights – Get detailed insights for each post, page, and products, so you can see the most popular areas and sections of your site.
  • Popular post tracking – See which pages, posts, and products are the most popular with Google Analytics.
  • Scroll Depth tracking – See how far users scroll on your website with automatic scroll tracking in Google Analytics.

Custom Analytics Reports

  • Overview Report – See the most important Google Analytics data in an easy to understand report, right inside your WordPress dashboard (Save 5 minutes each day).
  • Publisher Report – See exactly which content gets the most visit, which affiliate links are performing the best, what new partnership opportunities you should pursue, and more.
  • Ecommerce Report – See all your important online store metrics in one place such as total revenue, conversion rate, average order value, top products, top conversion sources, and more.
  • Search Console Report – See how well your website is ranking in Google, so you can optimize your SEO to grow your traffic.
  • Forms Report – See your conversion stats for various contact forms and lead forms on your website to improve conversions.
  • Custom Dimensions Report – See useful stats like most popular authors, best publication times, popular categories, tags, Yoast focus keywords, SEO score, etc.
  • Real Time Report – see who is online on your website in real-time, right inside your WordPress dashboard.
  • Customizable Google Analytics Dashboard Widget – Our dashboard widget allows you to have quick access to your most important stats at the moment you login to your WordPress dashboard.
  • Page Insights in Admin Bar – Easily view analytics for each individual page and post from the ExactMetrics menu in WordPress admin bar while browsing your website.
  • Email Summaries – Get the most important metrics delivered to you and/or your client’s email inboxes weekly with our brandable Email Summaries, allowing you to keep up to date on your website’s Google Analytics results even without needing to login to the Google Analytics dashboard.
  • PDF Exports – Easily take your ExactMetrics reports with you or send them to clients or colleagues by exporting all ExactMetrics reports as a brandable PDF.


  • WooCommerce Google Analytics – Automatically setup Google analytics enhanced eCommerce tracking for WooCommerce.
  • Easy Digital Downloads Google Analytics – Automatically setup Google analytics enhanced eCommerce tracking for EDD.
  • MemberPress Google Analytics – Automatically setup Google analytics enhanced eCommerce tracking for MemberPress.
  • WPForms Google Analytics – Automatically setup form conversion tracking for WPForms.
  • Formidable Forms Google Analytics – Automatically setup form conversion tracking for Formidable Forms.
  • Gravity Forms Google Analytics – Automatically setup form conversion tracking for Gravity Forms.
  • Contact Form 7 Google Analytics – Automatically setup form conversion tracking for Contact Form 7.
  • Yoast Google Analytics – Automatically setup SEO score tracking for Yoast SEO with custom dimensions.
  • Pretty Links Google Analytics – Automatically setup affiliate link tracking for Pretty Links.
  • Thirsty Affiliates Google Analytics – Automatically setup affiliate link tracking for Thirsty Affiliates.
  • Google AdSense + Google Analytics – Automatically setup banner ads tracking for Google AdSense.
  • Google Optimize + Google Analytics – Easily enable A/B testing in WordPress with Google Optimize and Google Analytics.

After reading this comprehensive feature list, you can probably imagine why over 1 million websites use ExactMetrics as their preferred Google Analytics plugin for WordPress.

Give ExactMetrics a try.

Want to unlock more features? Upgrade to our Pro version.

Love this plugin! It’s got powerful customization options, it’s easy to use, there’s good documentation, and if all that’s not enough, ExactMetrics is quick to provide support. Thanks for this wonderful plugin!
Julie Dupuis

Note for Beginners

Like all WordPress plugins, Google Analytics Dashboard for WordPress by ExactMetrics is only available for self-hosted WordPress sites. This means you will need to switch from to if you want to use this plugin on your WordPress site.

For more details, see this infographic on self hosted vs free


This plugin is created by Chris Christoff and Syed Balkhi with sponsorship from WPBeginner.

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You can translate Google Analytics Dashboard for WP by ExactMetrics on

Screenshot (schermate di esempio)

  • Google Analytics Dashboard for WP Dashboard Widget (shown in small mode, can be configured to full size or hidden; can also customize reports shown)
  • Google Analytics Dashboard for WP Overview Report
  • Google Analytics Dashboard for WP eCommerce Report
  • Google Analytics Dashboard for WP Settings Page (super simple to use and configure as needed)


  1. Install Google Analytics Dashboard for WordPress by ExactMetrics either via the plugin repository or by uploading the files to your server. (See instructions on how to install a WordPress plugin)
  2. Activate Google Analytics for WordPress by ExactMetrics.
  3. Navigate to the Insights tab in your WordPress admin menu and configure the plugin.
  4. Want more features? Purchase ExactMetrics Pro!


Where can I find lite support?

Lite support is provided exclusively on our website.

Come posso suggerire una nuova funzione, contribuire o segnalare un bug?

You can submit pull requests, feature requests and bug reports on our GitHub repository.

Documentazione, Tutorials, Domande e Risposte Frequenti

For documentation, tutorials, FAQ and videos check out: Google Analytics Dashboard for WP by ExactMetrics documentation.


4 Luglio 2020
The free trier gives basic info about the visit stats, which is good enough for me. Not sure about the Pro tier.
3 Luglio 2020
Integra a la perfección con el servicio de Google y me ha sido muy útil para llevar las estadísticas de mis diferentes sitios.
30 Giugno 2020
What else do you need ? Nothing...A perfect tool that is Average Rating. It will the job perfectly !! Don´t hesitate and go for it !!
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Contributi e sviluppo

“Google Analytics Dashboard per WP di ExactMetrics (precedentemente GADWP)” è un software open source. Le persone che hanno contribuito allo sviluppo di questo plugin sono indicate di seguito.


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Ti interessa lo sviluppo?

Esplora il Codice segui il Repository SVN iscriviti al Log delle Modifiche. Puoi farlo tramite RSS con un lettore di feed.

Changelog (registro delle modifiche)

6.1.0: June 24, 2020

  • New: On our UTM builder in our Tools submenu page, we’ve integrated with PrettyLinks to enable conversion of generated URLs into PrettyLinks.
  • Tweak: The multisite setup process has been streamlined for users who network activate ExactMetrics. We’ve introduced a new setup wizard for those users, and worked on ironing out the experience.
  • Tweak: Our integration with WordPress’s Site Health feature now handles detection of Coming Soon plugins to reduce false positives for the automatic check of the tracking code output.
  • Tweak: The “Tracking code not output” error will no longer appear for users who have the PHP constant in use to disable tracking on testing and staging sites.
  • Fixed: A bug that caused the enhanced link attribution code to not output for some users has been fixed.

6.0.2: February 25, 2020

  • New: We added a new “classic” mode to the dashboard based on user feedback. This new mode allows for a more compact, compressed widget to see all the most important information at a glance..
  • Tweak: We disabled the eCommerce settings and reports for users that are not using any eCommerce plugin.
  • Tweak: We updated the caching interval for reports data to avoid confusion due to timezone settings in Google Analytics.
  • Tweak: We updated the administrator not tracking notice to dismiss permanently on first view or button click in addition to the existing “x” icon

6.0.1: February 14, 2020

  • New: The dashboard widget now shows the reports chart.
  • Fixed: We changed animation timing as that was preventing certain Safari users from accessing the onboarding wizard.
  • Fixed: We fixed a bug with the dashboard widget settings layout for mobile in full-width mode.
  • Tweak: We simplified the migration wizard based on previous settings.

6.0.0: February 12, 2020

  • New: Welcome to the new ExactMetrics. Redesigned from the ground up, the new ExactMetrics is easier to use than ever before featuring a clean slate design, a new ultra fast Javascript based settings panel, helpful wizards, and thorough documentation, backed by new (and complimentary) lite support for all users.
  • New: Settings panel has been completely redesigned to make it easier than ever to use. We got rid of the multiple settings pages with multiple subpages of the old version and introduced a new settings panel with all of the settings all in a single location. We’ve updated the settings we offer based on data from our opt-in usage tracking feature, eliminating cumbersome settings that weren’t being used, and introducing long demanded new options. We’ve added helpful new descriptions, tooltips, and validation to make it easier than ever.
  • New: The reporting system has been re-invisioned to make it more intuitive and easy to use with a new discrete reports area. The dashboard widget has been updated to add configurable options for report items to show, and now has a full screen mode that you can turn on if desired. We’ve also added simple ways to enable/disable the reporting areas based on your preferences.
  • New: The ExactMetrics tracking system has been redeveloped to be more accurate and easier to use than ever before. With a new well-documented custom actions API available both as a JS function and a simple HTML markup, tracking custom events has never been easier. Our tracking also integrates with many new plugins to ensure compatibility with all of your favorite WordPress tools.
  • New: We’ve worked on dramatically improving performance, and aggressively eliminating bugs reported in previous versions.


  • Miglioramenti:

    • Aggiunge la possibilità per gli utenti di fare domanda per essere i primi a provare nuove funzionalità
  • Correzione bug:

    • Correzioni di compatibilità per la versione 7.4 di PHP appena rilasciata.


  • Miglioramenti:
    • Risolve il conflitto con WordFence


  • Miglioramenti:

    • Aggiorna dipendenze delle librerie.
    • Conferma la compatibilità con WordPress 5.1 e 5.2.
  • Miglioramenti:

    • Aggiorna dipendenze delle librerie.
    • Confermata la compatibilità con WordPress 5.0.
    • Sostituzione “Cheating Huh?”” con “Non hai l’autorizzazione per fare questo” per allineare il messaggio di errore con i recenti cambiamenti del core di WP. (


  • Correzione errori:
    • Re-tagging del rilascio per risolvere un problema di distribuzione.


  • Miglioramenti:
    • Aggiunge impostazioni più robuste per controllare vari avvisi di configurazione di ExactMetrics.
    • Aggiunge la possibilità di abilitare il monitoraggio dell’utilizzo.


  • Correzione errori:
    • Endpoint aggiornato per l’autenticazione di GA per utilizzare il sistema aggiornato.
    • Risolto un bug in cui le opzioni DNT Opt-Out erano elencate due volte.


  • Bug Fixes:
    • fixes for user opt-out feature
  • Enhancements:
    • use gadwp_useroptout shortcode to easily generate opt-out buttons and links, more details
    • aggiunta dei ganci gadwp_gtag_commands e gadwp_gtag_script_path per consentire ulteriori personalizzazioni del codice gtag (Global Site Tag)
    • adds opt-out and DNT support for Google Tag Manager

  • Bug Fixes:
    • avoid tracking issues by not clearing the profiles list on automatic token resets


  • Bug Fixes:
    • frontend_item_reports PHP notice when upgrading from a version lower than v4.8.0.1


  • Enhancements:
    • adds full support for Global Site Tag (gtag.js)
    • rimozione della funzionalità Profondità di scorrimento, poiché ora è disponibile come attivatore su Google Tag Manager
    • aggiunto il supporto personalizzato per le dimensioni delle pagine AMP con il monitoraggio di Google Tag Manager
    • aggiunge il supporto per i pulsanti di invio
  • Bug Fixes:
    • form submit events were not following the non-interaction settings

  • Bug Fixes:
    • fixing a small reporting issue


  • Miglioramenti:
    • aggiunto il supporto per l’opt-out utente di Google Analytics
    • aggiunta di un’opzione per escludere il monitoraggio degli utenti che inviano l’intestazione Non tenere traccia
    • aggiunta della scheda Sistema nella schermata errori di debug
    • controllo per evitare l’uso di un codice di accesso già utilizzato
  • Bug Fixes:
    • remove a debugging message
    • cURL options were overwritten during regular API calls


  • Enhancements:
    • more informative alerts and suggestions on the authorization screen
    • disabilita il completamento automatico per il campo di immissione del codice di accesso per evitare il riutilizzo dello stesso codice di autorizzazione univoco
    • Miglioramenti dell’endpoint GADWP
    • Errore durante la segnalazione dei miglioramenti
    • introduzione del filtro gadwp_maps_api_key
  • Bug Fixes:
    • use the theme color palette for the frontend widget


  • Enhancements:
    • avoid submitting empty error reports
  • Bug Fixes:
    • fixes a bug for custom PHP cURL options


  • Enhancements:
    • improvements on exponential backoff system
    • introduce un nuovo metodo di autenticazione con endpoints
    • più aggiornamenti delle opzioni del plugin
    • pulizia del codice
    • miglioramenti sul sistema di segnalazione degli errori
    • opzione per segnalare errori allo sviluppatore
    • sposta la notifica di aggiornamento dalla Dashboard alla pagina delle impostazioni del plugin
    • abilita il supporto del proxy cURL PHP utilizzando le impostazioni di WordPress, proposto da Joe Hobson
    • hide unusable options based on plugin’s settings
  • Bug Fixes:
    • some thrown errors were not displayed on Errors & Debug screen
    • l’icona di analytics scompare dall’elenco dei post dopo la modifica rapida, proposto da karex
    • correzione per collegamenti SVG in linea, proposto da Andrew Minion
    • corregge un bug sul monitoraggio degli eventi affiliati