Icon List Block – Use icons instead of bullets in the list.


Create a list with an icon with this block plugin. If you want to make a list with icons this plugin is for you. It comes up with many options to fulfill your needs.



  • Fully Customizable: All the options you need to arrange the showcase to your liking are available here.

How to use

  • First, Install the Icon List Block plugin
  • Add the Icon List block from the block category called “Widgets” in the Gutenberg editor.
  • You can change block settings from the right-side settings sidebar.
  • Enjoy!

  • For installation help click on Installation Tab


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  • Settings
  • Icon List


Questo plugin fornisce 1 blocco.

  • Icon List Use icons instead of bullets of list.


From Gutenberg Editor:

  1. Go to the WordPress Block/Gutenberg Editor
  2. Search For Icon List Block
  3. Click on the Icon List to add the block

Download & Upload:

  1. Download the Icon List- Block plugin (.zip file)
  2. In your admin area, go to the Plugins menu and click on Add New
  3. Click on Upload Plugin and choose the icon-list-block.zip file and click on Install Now
  4. Activate the plugin and Enjoy!


  1. Download and upload the Icon List Block plugin to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress


Is Icon List block free?

Yes, Icon List block is a free Gutenberg block plugin.

Does it work with any WordPress theme?

Yes, it will work with any standard WordPress theme.

Can I change block settings?

Yes, you can change block settings from the Gutenberg block editor’s right sidebar.

How many times can I reuse a block?

You can use unlimited times as you want.

Where can I get support?

You can post your questions on the support forum here


5 Aprile 2023 1 risposta
The icon list block works fine and adds a useful functionality to Gutenberg. Big thumbs up to the developers for providing this! Lots of custom features and possibilities for configuration of style and behaviour. Regarding potential improvements: I find the handling of list items a bit complicated and wish they could be edited directly within Gutenberg, also allowing for stuff like formatting parts of list items in bold/italics, etc.
4 Giugno 2022
I've tried alternatives - but nothing beats the simplicity of this plugin, ** especially ** now that it supports links ๐Ÿ”— Nice!
2 Giugno 2022 1 risposta
This was a great find. Can make nice lists with big text and icons, changing a lot of nice style options. The only thing I wish is that I could easily turn the icon/text into a link. If I had that option, it would be 5/5 as I'm looking for something to make a simple webpage for kids to know what to click on for a project list.
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Contributi e sviluppo

“Icon List Block – Use icons instead of bullets in the list.” รจ un software open source. Le persone che hanno contribuito allo sviluppo di questo plugin sono indicate di seguito.


Changelog (registro delle modifiche)


  • Change list item message from the editor


  • Add link tab option


  • Add translate feature


  • Add the link to the list item


  • Fix Width


  • Fix HTML Render


  • Fix CSS issue


  • Initial Release