Inline Image Upload for BBPress


This plugin enables the TinyMCE WYSIWYG editor for BBPress forum topics and replies and adds a button to the editor’s “Insert/edit image” dialog that allows forum users to upload images from their computer and insert them inline into their posts.

A pro version with the following additional features is also available:

  • Change the directory where uploaded images are stored.
  • Limit which user roles are permitted to upload images.
  • Limit the number of uploaded images allowed per post.
  • Automatically downsize images to fit specified maximum dimensions.
  • Convert all uploaded images to the same image format, if desired.
  • Set PNG and JPEG compression levels so images take up less disk space.
  • Allow users to view enlarged images in a lightbox by clicking on them within the post.
  • View total image count and file size statistics.
  • Use Amazon S3โ„ข to store and serve uploaded images in submitted forum posts (optional; requires add-on plugin purchase).

Amazon Web Services, the “Powered by Amazon Web Services” logo, AWS, Amazon Simple Storage Service, and Amazon S3 are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates in the United States and/or other countries. Potent Plugins is not affiliated with, Inc. or Amazon Web Services.


  • The Image toolbar icon in the TinyMCE editor for forum topics and replies.
  • The Browse button in the Image dialog, which allows the user to select and upload an image from their computer for inline insertion into their forum topic or reply.


  1. Click “Plugins” > “Add New” in the WordPress admin menu.
  2. Search for “Image Upload for BBPress”.
  3. Click “Install Now”.
  4. Click “Activate Plugin”.

Alternatively, you can manually upload the plugin to your wp-content/plugins directory.


18 Ottobre 2022 1 risposta
Be advised this company will hang on to your money even if you email them as soon as your subscription renews. We decided not to use bbPress and thus did not have a need for their plugin. We forgot to cancel the subscription, received no notice of the upcoming renewal, and despite emailing them as soon as the renewal went through, they refused to issue a refund. Most honest businesses I know would extend this courtesy, but not Aspen Grove. Worse, instead of giving an honest answer as to why (even "we choose not to make any exceptions" would have been acceptable), they gave a B.S. line about it being due to the digital nature of their product. Let's be serious - no money apart from a credit card fee was spent by Aspen Grove because my subscription renewed, and I would have happily taken a partial refund if this was a concern. I have no idea how well their plugin works, but I can tell how their customer service works!
3 Marzo 2022 1 risposta
This is a useful tool to upload images. However, all images go into bbpress database and I would not find them in the main image gallery in WP. It would be nice if we have them accessible in the main image gallery and control the image upload limits (I got to know that this has to be set up somewhere in WP PHP file for upload limit).
2 Giugno 2021 3 risposte
Its really easy and does the job for the Wordpress admin to allow image upload. And the image upload in the bbpress form is easy and familiar, if you're a Wordpress admin. But if you're a regular user just trying to comment on a bbpress forum, its not at all user friendly. My user base simply haven't worked it out how to upload an image, i don't know how i can fix this.
22 Febbraio 2021
Very happy with adding the upload image button to tiny MCE. At first I had an issue with the add image button not showing on a mobile phone but rotating the phone to horizontal view was a temporary fix. The real fix was changing to a more bbpress compatible template though.. Well done. ๐Ÿ™‚
20 Gennaio 2021
I instaled this plugin to allow my users to upload images on my bbpress. It works perfect. I am very grateful this plugin exist!
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  • Updated links, author, changed branding to WP Zone
  • Updated tested up to
  • Removed donation links
  • Added aspengrovestudios as contributor
  • Updated banner and icon


  • Fix: incompatibility with jQuery 3


  • Fix: forum reply editor crashes after clicking the Reply link on a forum topic or reply in recent version(s) of bbPress
  • Change license to GPLv3+


  • Fixed duplicate BuddyPress activity entries


  • Fixed unnecessary creation of revision when saving forum post


  • Improved compatibility with other plugins and themes that activate the visual editor in bbPress


  • Added image button to full TinyMCE editor
  • Fixed tabbing issue in image dialog


  • Fixed problem with reply threading in IE


  • Added support for rotations based on EXIF orientation data in JPEG images
  • Added cleanup feature to remove unnecessary files
  • Added plain text conversion when pasting formatted text into the WYSIWYG editor
  • Added attempt to increase PHP memory limit before image processing


  • Fixed bug affecting multi-domain sites


  • Fixed bug with non-root-URL WordPress installations


  • Hide image caption field


  • Fixed bug with uploads by anonymous users


  • Release iniziale