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Image4io – Speed Up Your Website with Full Stack Image Manager

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Image4io – Speed Up Your Website with Full Stack Image Manager


Image4io is a full-stack image manager that stores, optimizes and serves images for the web.


Image4io speeds up the images’ load time: optimization, delivery, storage: all-in-one platform

Today, website performance is the key when it comes to increasing traffic in most websites. Image4io helps you optimize your images to boost website performance.

Image4io serves as end-to-end image management for your website. It stores images in the cloud. When your images are requested, they are processed through image processors to optimize images and served via multi-CDN.

Image4io also detects users’ device, browser and geographical location to serve the optimized image to deliver the best end-user web experience.

Benefits of image4io:
* Increases web performance with optimized images.
* Delivers images at highest speed.
* Increases user experience.
* Improves SEO.


  • To use image4io, you will need to register for a (free) Image4io account to use the plugin and start speed up your wordpress website.


  • Increases web performance with optimized images.
  • Manages all images in one platform.
  • Optimizes and manipulates images for your needs.
  • Uses next-generation image formats to boost performance
  • Delivers images at highest speed.
  • Increases user experience.
  • Improves SEO.


  • Jpeg, png, bmp and webp formats are supported formats.
  • Upload directly from your desktop via image4io storage console
  • Remote fetching from public URLs


You can use image4io dynamic URL structure and manuplate images. See How it works

  • Image quality – change encoding quality of an image.
  • Image format – change format of an image. Also you can use auto image format so that it automatically changes for user browser.
  • Image transformation – scale, fit, crop can be used.
  • Image effects – sharpen and blur can be used for creating visual design.


  • All your images are stored in a highly-available image4io storages.
  • You can manage your images in image4io storage console


  • Your images are optimized via image process servers to improve image performance.
  • You can chance format,quality and transform images for your needs.
  • You can serve in next-generation image format to boost performance


  • All your images are delivered via highly available and lightning fast multiple Content Delivery Network(CDN)

Management and Reports

  • Image4io offers online management console to manage your images.
  • Browse all your images and organize your images.
  • View your transformation, CDN and storage usages in dashboard.
  • You can utilize API to manage your images.


Read more about the Cloudinary service:

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  • Image4io Storage Console
  • Usage Statistics and Dashboard
  • Powerful live image manipulation
  • Media Library View-1
  • Media Library View-2
  • Simple setup


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  • Image4io


  1. Search and install the plugin through the Install Plugins page of your WordPress dashboard. Alternatively, upload the image4io folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory of your wordpress site.
  2. Activate the Image4io plugin through the Plugins page of your WordPress dashboard.
  3. Configure the plugin by selecting `Image4io’ on the left menu of your WordPress dashboard.
  4. Enter API Key, API Secret, Cloudname and folder that you will find in Image4io Console.




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Contributi e sviluppo

“Image4io – Speed Up Your Website with Full Stack Image Manager” è un software open source. Le persone che hanno contribuito allo sviluppo di questo plugin sono indicate di seguito.




  • First release


  • Fully integrated with Media Library
  • Added Image4io upload button to upload images from Media Library
  • Added Bulk Upload button to Media Library


  • Added an option of “Auto Loading”: When you upload new images to Media Library, it will automatically upload to image4io servers if it’s checked.
  • Fixed a bug when uploading images to image4io server.


  • Fixed a bug when hosting server activated ssl.


  • Fixed a bug when uploading images to image4io servers.


  • Fixed a bug when uploading images to image4io servers.
  • Added an option of “Target Folder”. It will configure your target folder of the image4io Storage.


  • Fixed a bug when uploading images to image4io servers.


  • Added migration section to settings page for quick integration with image4io.


  • Fixed a bug when showing images from Media Library and Post Edit screens.