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Ingenious – Advertiser Tracking for WooCommerce


Ingenious offers the Ingenious Partner Marketing Platform as a SaaS service to it’s customers. Using this platform, Ingenious customers can use a sophisticated tracking and commissioning solution.

The Ingenious Advertiser Tracking Plugin extension provides our advertisers with a simple tracking code integration option within WooCommerce.


The Ingenious Advertiser Tracking Plugin extension works by automatically integrating Ingenious’s tracking and attributiion technology to your shop website. The extension passes the required transaction information back to Ingenious so that sales driven by your partners are tracked correctly, every time. By using this extension you are assured a quick and seamless integration without needing help from your technical team; simply download and configure to begin tracking sales.

Please note that this extension will only work if you have a Ingenious SaaS platform license. If you do not have a license then please contact our sales team for further information. Additional feeds may apply.

The Ingenious Advertiser Tracking Plugin will not change the appearance of your website.


  • Advanced Sales Tracking Providing advertisers with Ingenious’s advanced Server-to-Server tracking solution, this extension ensures that sales are tracked accurately and reported transparently to partners and advertisers within the Ingenious platform. By using this extension advertisers are able to complete their tracking tag integration within minutes and without needing input from their technical teams.
  • Voucher Code Tracking Voucher/coupon/discount codes are widely used within the partner marketing industry and allow advertisers the ability to provide customers with favourable discounts through their partners. This extension enables advertisers to run exclusive voucher code campaigns and transparently tracks and reports all voucher code usage against tracked sales and within the various Ingenious interfaces.
  • MultiCurrency Support The currency used by your customer at checkout will be automatically handled and converted to your invoicing currency on the Ingenious platform.
  • Product Level Tracking (Basket tracking) This plugin enables an advertiser to produce more in-depth reporting where the performance of individual products can easily be measured and commissioned. Monitor the effectiveness of different product promotions and their impact on consumers’ buying behaviour in the partner channels.
  • Advanced Page Impression Tracking Providing advertisers with Ingenious’s advanced Page Impression Multi-Channel tracking solution, this extension ensures that page impressions and sales are tracked accurately and reported transparently to partners and advertisers within the Ingenious platform.
  • Privacy

    Ingenious will process sales information, including the Transaction ID (order number), for the purpose of recording sales information and reporting it to advertisers and publishers. This data will be sent and processed via Ingenious’s own domains. Please see the Ingenious privacy policy for more information.


    1. Install the plugin from this page
    2. Click on the settings tab under WooCommerce
    3. Click on the Ingeniou Advertiser Tracking Tab and add the values (Advertiser Id and Tracking Domain) provided to you from Ingenious, then click Save changes.
    4. Done


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